Friday, October 27, 2017

A Visiting Pig in a Cheap Motel

West Michigan—September, 2017

A traveler to my area hit me up on BBRT.  I am always intrigued with out-of-town men, but also a little leery.  So many want a pump and dump experience.  My readers know that that is something that I rarely have an interest in doing.  But this man was different.  He had actually read my profile.  He loved many if not all of my fetishes.  He wrote that he particularly wanted me to felch and snowball him the load once I had unloaded in his ass.

He was good looking.  His profile said mid-40’s.  His dark brown hair was buzzed tight to the scalp on the sides and left longer on top.  His beard was full, but shaped towards a Van Dyke.  He was just a little shorter than me and had a trim build.  And he was tatted.  Heavily, it turned out—but I didn’t know that until he’d answered the door and he got on all fours to present his ass to me…

Cody is in a designer jock that perfectly frames his bubble butt.  I stop unbuttoning my pants and fall to my knees.  It’s truly irresistible.  I push my tongue up him.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he moans into the pillow he’s cradling.  “Eat my fuck hole.”

I waste no time in giving him what he wants.  I lick and slobber and chew on his slightly puffy pucker. 

He groans again.  I push my index finger into his hole—then lean across his back and stick the finger in his mouth.  Cody sucks it hungrily.  This is when I really see the amazingly intricate tattoo on his back.  There are serpents and vines and rope entwined into a sort of frame—what is to go in the middle is not yet done.  I compliment him on it as I quickly remove the rest of my clothes and pull my boots back on.  I stand up, my erection bouncing.

Cody spins around and slips off the bed into a kneeling position on the floor in front of me.  He gives excellent head, taking me to the root, with his tongue paying particular attention to my piss slit.  He finally pulls off it, and looks at the cock he’s just had in his mouth.  “I can’t wait to taste my ass on this monster.”

“Then get back up on the bed.”

He does.  On all fours.  Eagerly.  His butt twitches.

“Get your ass right to the edge.”  I tell him.  He adjusts.  I spit on his hole and push my flared head into his wet pucker.  I hold as I hear the popper bottle open.  He inhales.  I wait and begin pushing into him.  One long, slow and steady shove. 

“Oh, yeah.  I wanted this from the moment I saw your picture.”  Cody inhales again.  “Fuck me.  Rip me up with that thing.”

I begin to fuck.  Slowly.  The sound of my hips hitting those mounds of flesh fills the small motel room.  It’s our own private porn soundtrack.  He groans, loudly, not caring if the neighbors know he is taking cock like a whore in the middle of the afternoon.

I pull out.  I taste his hole.  I lean down and kiss him with my tongue flavored with his ass juices.  He writhes happily as we kiss. I go back up him.  Roughly.  I fuck for a very long time.  After a series of ‘almost all the way out and all the way in’ strokes, I pull out and lay down on the bed next to him.

“Clean my dick.   Every drop.” 

He crawls happily between my legs.  Cody savors the taste of his ass on my cock.  Without my asking, he tongues my balls, relishing the sweat and juices on those hairy orbs.  He takes one and then the other delicately into his mouth. He works his tongue between my balls and my cockring without being told that that is my sweet spot.  He groans.  He leaves my balls and begins his tongue working down my perineum.  He is a fraction away from my hole—and he goes back up to my balls.  He does it again—licking within a millimeter of my asshole.

“You want to lick my hole?  Do it!”  I don’t shove him down—but my hand doesn’t give him much choice.

He groans into my ass.  His tongue lashes out and it’s electric.  Shit.  He loves to eat hole as much as I do.  He’s is leaving massive amounts of spit behind.  My ass crack is awash with his spittle. 

“Let’s do this right,” I tell him.  “Lie on your back.” 

He does without question.    I stand on the bed, astride his chest.  Slowly I lower myself to Cody’s open mouth.  I grind down on his hardened tongue.  He goes into me as if he were Derrick.  I bounce on his face and reach for his poppers.  I take a hit.  They make me talk.  Unfiltered.

“Eat me…Fuck that feels good…Come on, I know you love it…Eat my shit hole…Deeper, man.  Get in there…Oh, fuck yeah…Just like that.  Yeah.  Yeah!  Fuck that’s it….I want to fuckin’ kiss you…”
I pull off his face and it’s my turn to taste my ass on his tongue.  We grind against each other.

“I need to fuck.  Ride me.”  I lie flat.  He spits on my dick and slowly sits on it.  Cody bounces—taking the full length every time.  His legs seem to be tireless.  He rides me much longer than what I’m used to.  I really love how it seems to free his ass muscles to squeeze my cock repeatedly. 

“I need to taste your ass again.”  He gets off me.  I don’t move.  “Stand on the floor and sit on my face.”  He gets off the bed and does just what I tell him.  He is now super wet.  It’s like I’ve shot a load and I know I haven’t.  When I have eaten my fill, I ask him if he was pre-loaded for me.

“I wanted to be, but I couldn’t work out the timing.”

I thank him for trying. 

I take him to the full length mirror, near the motel sink.  I fuck him there, bent over, so he can see my dick going into his ass.  His eyes are riveted to the mirror—and the sight of my cock looking like it is splitting him in two.

We go back to the bed and to our original positions—him on all fours and me standing.  I tease his hole with my tongue for a bit.  Still sloppy.  I stand up and fuck him.  The smell of poppers fills the whole room.

He tells me that a guy is coming soon—in 30 or 45 minutes.

I say that’s fine with me, but am told that the man will not fuck and breed in front of others.

I sigh and work on cumming.  I stop.  “Will he fuck you with cum in your ass?”

“Oh, yeah—that’s fine.  He just doesn’t like other men to know he fucks raw.”

I shake my head, sigh and re-enter his now puffy hole.  After a few strokes, I’m pretty sure I can get a load and get out of here before that man arrives.  To facilitate that, I kneel and bury my face in Cody’s wet ass. 

He groans and poppers up.  I taste his massive amounts of ass lube and the juices I’ve left behind with each fuck.  I come up, insert, and let all that goodness roll off my tongue and onto my dick.  I fuck it back into place. 

Cody knows just what I have done—he groans again and pushes back against me.  “Fill me up.  Cum in my ass.  Give it to me!”  The litany goes on—and it’s working.  I can feel my balls churning.  In seconds I will be spewing out my load.

And I’m there.  Now.   I hold on to his hips and buck into him.  Cody milks me.  He’s determined to get every drop.  I collapse on his back and stay there.

I’m not sure how much time passes, before I slowly pull out and slip to my knees.  I bury my face in the slick hole.  Cody is whimpering.  “I want to taste it, too,” he whispers.  “Feed me.”

My tongue is busy.  My big flared cock head has dragged out the mother lode of cum.  I lap it up.  My tongue pokes deeper.  I get still more of our combined juices.  I tap his ass cheek.  He turns over and I get on top of him.  I am six inches from his open mouth when I start drizzling the load into it…


  1. Finding a man that's so sexually compatible. It's what makes it all worthwhile.

    1. Yes. I am hoping his travels will bring him back in my direction. I think they will.

  2. I sure hope so, FP. He sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. I think he will. We've talked once since.

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t offer to wait around to then fuck in the other guy’s cum!

    1. My orgasm was so intense, I don't think I could have gotten it up again so fast.