Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fukd (Part One)

Toronto—August, 2017

After I got off at Cum-Union, I slept for the remainder of my allotted time at Steamworks.  At 4:00am I trudged back to my car and slept there for a bit, too.  A good breakfast (with Canadian sausage!!) at my favorite Toronto diner—and I got out of town with a minimum amount of traffic.  I wanted to find a motel on the outskirts of the city which was cheap. And, frankly, I knew if I stayed in town I would do something else sexually that night and I really wanted to be fresh and very well rested for Sunday.  For you see, I was headed back into Toronto for another major sex party.

I had read about Fukd online. It is more of a bareback sex party than Cum-Union can be.  It is held in a club that I did not know which sounded like a great playspace.  It is hosted by porn stars who give performances. So I stayed out of town, slept, wrote a blog entry, read and came back into Toronto early Sunday afternoon with plenty of time to find Club 120.

I go upstairs.  I pay my admission.  I think I’m the third in the door.  It is an intriguing space to play.  It is the floor you come in on and one more floor above—but the middle sections of that second floor have been cut away.  You go up stairs forming a Y on the side wall.   If you stand on the second floor to the right, where a pair of slings is located, you can look across at the other side where more slings are set up—including some booths, and the bathrooms and a coat check.  You can also look down and see the entrance, a bar and a dance floor.   (There is a raised area next to the dance floor with a couch—I assume this will be the performance space.)  The wall on one side of the dance floor has three large holes cut in them where a man can lie with just his ass exposed for anonymous fucking.

I change into my leathers.  I begin hydrating.  I go downstairs and up again to the other side.  I check my bag and explore.  I start in the bathroom.  A very attractive man in a red harness is just getting his dick back in a jock.  I piss and continue my rounds.  More people have arrived.  No one is on the side where I started, with just the two slings.  I check out the booths that are behind the slings on this side of the divide.  In one of them I find a man bent over getting fucked by the man with the red harness.  I watch a little.  I even get to clean his cock when he pulls out.  While I’m doing that, three Latino friends fuck the bottom.  They are so turned on by watching each other fuck, they each load the man.  Fuck!

“I bet you want to taste my hole,” the bottom tells me as the last Latino squeezes out of the cramped room.  I am instantly on my knees.  I slurp noisily at his hole.  He pushes out a dollop of the combined sperm.  I swallow hungrily, stand up and push my cock into his slick ass.  “Fuck, yeah!”  the bottom all but crows.  “Fuck me.”  I do.  Hard and fast.

“Clean my dick,” I tell him, as I pull out.  He spins and gets all the stray strands of semen off my meat.

“I’d love for you to piss either in my mouth or up my ass,” he tells me.

I agree to find him later when I have some piss. 

I am stoked—all that in my first 20 minutes.


It’s the last time I’m not out in the open for the rest of the four hours.   The crowd has doubled.  It’s up to 40 now or so.

I go down and up to the other side.  I watch a man get fucked in the sling by the guy in the red harness, stroking my own meat.  Only after he pulls out, do I realize he’s Andrew Hardy—part of the porn star entertainment. 

“Well, hello.”  A cute, tatted, bearded and furry Ginger is beside me.  It’s Zack Acland come to find Andrew.  

But he kneels and gives me great head.  He’s in no hurry and I let him lick me for as long as he wants.  When he finally stands up, I return the favor.  I spend a few minutes on his hefty dick.  Then I push at his hips, so he turns.  My tongue sinks into his extremely hairy ass crack.  He bends—letting me tongue the ass that is going to get fucked repeatedly by Andrew as part of the entertainment later that night.  “I’d let you fuck me—but not now,” he tells me.  “We need to get downstairs.”

They take off.  A man who’s been watching us comes forward.  He is a nicely toned, hairy, Asian bottom I have spoken to on BBRT for the last two years or so.  Last night we agreed to meet here.  We kiss.  Lingeringly.  We christen the other sling.  I get him into it.  I am incredibly turned on by the long, silky hair in his ass crack.  My tongue finds his hole in this forest of hair.  It opens easily under my pressure.  He groans.  I eat noisily.   When I come up for air, I see another Daddy and his boy are watching us intently—the boy’s hole being fingered as they stroke to our play.  I insert.  I have to go in slowly.  Really slowly.  But once I’m in, it’s incredible. My man is really adept at stroking my cock with his inner muscles.  I can stand stock still and still feel like my cock is moving thanks to his squeezing of his ass around my dick.

I eat him again.  I let the other Daddy fuck him.  I go back up him again before we break.

“You want to fuck others, don’t you?”  he asks.

I tell him I do—and that he better share that hot ass with others, too.  We both agree to look for each other again in an hour or so.  The crowd is now big—close to a 100.

The Daddy has gotten his boy into the sling we’ve vacated.  He is instantly buried in his boy—a dark haired gym rat.  He politely asks me if I’d like to fuck his boy.  I do, after a moment of rimming.  I don’t go long—returning the boy wetter than I found him. 

The performance has started on the couch below us.  Zack is taking Andrew’s long dick all over that couch.  I don’t stand and watch it all below me.  But I am very conscious of it as I let a number of men suck my dick—all types and body sizes.

I find the first guy.  He’s still in the same cubicle.  He tells me he has ten loads in him now.  I bend and taste his ass.  I don’t think he’s exaggerating.  I ask him if he really wants some piss— that might wash all those away.  He does.  “I can always get more,” he tells me confidently.  

We go to the bathroom.  I fuck him a little, bent over the toilet seat.  It feels incredibly sleazy and hot.  I love the squelching sound we make as I fuck in the loads deposited in him.  “You want my piss?” I ask—a little more loudly than I meant to. 

“Give it to me!”

I start pissing.  And I can’t stop.  I can’t just let some out and give it to him in small spurts. The tap is open and I can’t shut it down.  I just empty my bladder into his cummy ass. 

“Holy fuck…” he hisses as he feels the weight of it all.  “Shit!”  I finally run out of piss.  I am rock hard the moment I stop.  I fuck in his ass.  Some piss splashes out of him on the back stroke, coating the toilet seat.  His piss filled ass is even hotter, literally, now.  I fuck and pull out.  He cleans my dick and I leave him on the toilet seat—deciding if he’s going to expel it all…


I find the same leather daddy at the same sling.  It’s a different boy of the moment.   This one is maybe 38, not as fit, but still in good shape.  “He’s a toilet pig,” the daddy tells me.  “Got any piss for him?” 

I tell him I have just emptied my bladder.  But I take a swig from my water bottle.  We share the man’s hole.  First the Daddy, then me.  Back to the Daddy.  This time he announces he’s going to piss the hole.  He holds stock still as he pisses.  I kneel.  I lick at his balls.  He finishes his flow—then slowly pulls out.  He pushes my face right into his boy’s piss filled ass.  He holds me in place.

“Push,” he commands the boy.

I get a squirt of his piss blasted into my mouth. 


And another.

I’m achingly hard.  I twist free, stand up and fuck in the remains of the flooded ass.


I fuck a lot of random hole.  Often in the sling.  Sometimes leaning on the handrail looking out over the rest of the club.

I watch another performance—Andrew fucking a different young man—maybe someone pulled from the audience.

I go down—my cock flopping out of my jock—thinking to see if anyone is using the fuck wall.  A drop dead gorgeous young man in leather is sitting on a bench on the landing of the stairway.  Our eyes meet.  He beckons me to him.  He stands.  We kiss.  He leads me off the landing, where we have stopped traffic.  We go to a vacant bench in the bar area.

“I need to sit on that cock of yours.” 

I sit down.  He kneels—only when he looks up at me from the floor do I recognize him from his pictures online.  He’s a high-end sex worker.  He gives me great head.  Then sits his perfectly shaped butt carefully on my cock.  He’s in control.  Fucking himself with long strokes…

Then he rests his legs.  I get his cock in my mouth for a moment.  Then he sits again—facing me this time.  It’s a harder position—so he can’t go as long—but we both want to kiss.  Deeply and passionately.  He jerks himself—but it’s not about getting off for either of us.  His legs are soon tired.  He wanders off after one last kiss.

I get up.  Zack Acland is leaning on the bar, talking to the bartender.  His bare ass is pointed right at me…

(to be continued…)

The Fukd Webpage is here


  1. Holy fuck, this is hot. Well done, Sir.

    1. It gets better with the next part! I lucked out!!

  2. Oh, my. Would have loved to be there.

    1. Make a point of taking a trip to Toronto during a scheduled party. I will now always time my trips around Fuk'd.

  3. ~groans while stroking~

    1. That post pushes so many of your buttons...

    2. It absolutely does! Clearly, I’m gonna have to get to Toronto.

    3. And if we could meet up again there...H'mmmm....

    4. ~groans while stroking more~ ;) I would absolutely love that!

  4. Can't imagine how it could possibly get even better then what you've already experienced at this party. But I know you...the best is yet to cum!!!!

    1. The post is up. You'll have to judge for yourself.

  5. OMG FP ... just starting to read these... that’s a pilgrimage I gotta make ... on to the next post

    1. And it's in our backyard! I will be going a couple of times of year, now.