Friday, October 6, 2017

Fukd (The Conclusion)

Toronto—August, 2017

(This post picks up immediately after the last.)

I get up.  Zack Acland is leaning on the bar, talking to the bartender.  His bare ass is pointed right at me.  I walk up behind him.  I drop to my knees and stick my tongue into his hole—the hole that has been so thoroughly fucked by Andrew Hardy.  It is wet and even more inviting.  Zack keeps right on talking, but arches his back to give me better access.    The bartender moves away.  Zack sighs.  He presses his ass farther onto my tongue.   Has he even looked to see who it is?  Part of me hopes that he remembers me from my earlier tonguing.

I finally rock back on my heels.  “I really wanted to taste you after you got fucked.”

“Nice,” he murmurs. 

“Did you want to try my dick out?”

“I want to—but I think I need to be opened up more.”

My answer to that is to bury my face in his furry butt once again.  When I stand up, I let my cock head touch his sopping ass crack.  He shivers.  And says to find him later. He goes off to do the third and last performance.  He’s all top this time.


I go and find my new Japanese friend.  We use the other sling on the far side.  I find that his hole is well used and wet to the touch of my tongue.  We fuck, but the sling is way too low—I am doing deep knee bends to line up properly.  We end up doing much better with him bent over the railing, which means we can fuck and watch Zack fuck some young otter-ish boy down below.


I find the top who I’ve shared hole with on and off all evening working over a young, dark haired man.  The young man is good looking and in a blue Nasty Pig jock.

“You need to get up this one,” the top tells me.  “He’s loaded.”  To show me, he pulls out of the young guy’s ass.  The top’s cock is covered.  “Well, clean me up, fucker,” he tells me.  I don’t have to be told twice.  I’m there—licking all the cum clinging to his uncut dick.  I use my tongue to dig under his foreskin, too.  Once again, he reaches down and guides my face into the hole he’s been fucking.  It’s as frothy as his dick.  “Lick up all that cum I’ve churned.” 

I groan.  And lick.  And swallow.

“Fuck him,” the top commands.  Only then does he let go of the back of my head.  I stand up—my lips and beard are totally coated with the loads oozing from this young guy’s ass.  I stick my dick into him and begin churning what’s left.  He feels incredibly silky.

“Let me taste your dick,” the top orders.  I pull out.  He bends over and cleans me.  I fuck some more.  This time I pull out and feed the boy some of the remnants of the loads he’s collected.  While I’m doing that, the top goes back into him.  He fucks him far harder than I have.  I lean over and kiss him, tasting the loads I’ve fed him.  I move to his very hairy nipples.  This makes the boy knead his cock in the pouch of his jock.  I can’t wait to get back up him.

We trade off on him until he begs for a break.


I cruise the bathroom again.  I have not been in the right place at the right time all night.  It’s still empty.

I go down to the bar.  I find Zack at the bar.  We chat.  I eat his hole as he hangs onto the shoulders of a friend.  “Go slow,” he asks.  I stand up and slowly insert. I can see Zack telling himself to relax.  I hold for another moment.  I begin to fuck.  Slowly and deliberately. 

“Fuck,” he tells me.  “Not today.” 

I pull out, disappointed but glad I even got to do that much.

And suddenly Zack’s boyfriend, Chase Acland arrives.  Just as cute, just as tatted and just as much of a ginger.

Zack tells me Chase was camping and wasn’t supposed to be here at all.  They embrace.  And organize an impromptu performance.  Chase wants to top.  He seems to know the loaded boy in the blue Nasty Pig jock.  Zack and I are to feed the boy our cocks as Chase drills him.  We go down to the performance space.  The boy gets on the couch, on all fours.  He takes me in his mouth as Chase begins a spirited fuck.   I pull out and let Zack take my place.

“Let me suck that,” Chase grunts out, never missing a stroke.  I move so I can straddle the boy’s back and feed Chase my dick. 

“I couldn’t take him,” Zack tells Chase.

“I can,” Chase says.  “Fuck me.”

We re-position on a flat surface.  Chase is still fucking the blue jocked boy on all fours—but on his back stroke he is impaling himself on me.  He takes me deep into his ass with the merest grunt.  He drives into the boy and back on me with equal abandon.  I look up to the play areas.  Men are certainly enjoying the show.

I take control for just a moment.  I take over the fucking with enough force that Chase is still driven into the boy.  They both grunt out their appreciation.   I slow and let Chase reclaim the fuck.

A member of the crowd comes to feed his dick to the bottom.  I think he uses him merely to get off and go home.  We keep right on fucking…


I would love to tell you that’s how I shot.   But I didn’t. 

I did a couple of other things—a goodbye fuck with my Japanese bud and a man who later told me he was a visitor from Michigan, too. 

In the end, it didn’t matter if I blew a load.  It was all about the incredible men—and the kind of play I love.

Zack sucks Chase.  


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    1. My thoughts exactly. It has made me know I need to get back to Toronto before my usual summer trip.

  2. This is sure going to be a tough act to follow!!!!!

    1. Things do go back to "normal" pretty fast after this night, though I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve, my jock...

  3. That settles it—gonna have to coordinate a Toronto visit with you, FP!

    1. You know I'm game. We can split our time between the slings and the urinals...

  4. I sure would like to see if I can take it, too. It has been too long. A Toronto visit could be nice if some like a daddy.

    1. I saw all ages having fun at this event!

  5. This is something I need to add to my calendar next year... You set one hell of a scene!