Monday, December 18, 2017

"Thank God for PrEP.”

Northern Indiana---November, 2017

My last hook up in my hotel room while I was working in the area happened at the top of the week before I left for home.  I had been talking to this man online for a couple of weeks.  He lived on the east coast—but also had a home in the biggest city here.  He was coming to town just before I left.  Would I be interested in a fairly vanilla hook up with a sling virgin?  I told him I really enjoyed giving men their first sling ride—and that I had the rimseat with me too.

“I can only guess what that is—but I love the sound of it,” he answered.

I looked at his profile again asked if I needed to go buy Magnums.  He answered that he was now on PrEP and couldn’t wait to feel a bare cock in him again after all these years of latex.

We set the date and time.

The knock on the door is to the minute of the agreed upon time.  Clive is a good looking, late 50-ish man (though his profile suggests he’s a little younger).  He has found the gym since his early retirement and is very well toned.  He’s about 6’ 1”.  His hair is blond and, as he sheds his clothes, I find that he is naturally hairless.  As we step into a kiss, there is no furry ass crack to slide my fingers through, but there is no stubble either.  Arms and legs are smooth—a few wisps of hair grow in his pits and there are severely groomed pubes over his above average cock.  It thickens as we kiss.

He falls to his knees and takes me into his mouth. He has to fight to cover his teeth—but he finds the way to do it.  His tongue is active.  I pull my cock out of his mouth and push my balls onto his tongue.  This feels great.  He licks them ravenously, leaving them wet and dripping.

“Up on the bed.”

He gets up on the bed I’ve stripped down to the top sheet.  I never tire of seeing a man on all fours—thrusting his ass towards me.  Clive pants a little with the anticipation.  I kneel.  My tongue touching his hole is electric.  He jumps, pants and grinds back on me.  My tongue slides past his tight pucker.

“Wow, you know how to eat ass,” he tells me, his voice a bit muffled as his head is cradled in his arms.

I concentrate on getting him as wet as possible.  It’s a tight hole and I’m going to need a lot of lube.  He groans again. I spit one last time and stand up.  My wet cock head rests against him—poised for entry.

“Stick that raw cock in me,” he whispers.  The words make him shiver.  I push.  His hole resists for the first two attempts.  On the third he relaxes and my cock head pops in.  “Whoa, that’s thick,” he says—but he’s not complaining.  His cock has only gotten harder each time I poke at him.  I pull all the way out so he can feel that pop once again.  His ass lets me in on the first try this time.  I add another two inches.  “Wow, that’s the biggest cock I’ve had in ages.”

I pull out again.  I re-enter.  This time he takes over half of me.  Once more and I’m balls deep.  He’s panting and telling me how good it feels.  I hold for a nanosecond and begin a slow, sensual fuck rhythm.  Clive grabs a pillow and begins twisting it.  He stuffs his face into it as I begin to accelerate the fuck.  Without thinking I slap his right cheek.  His head flies up with a grunt.  But he’s loving it.  “Fuck me!” he grates out.  “Fuck me hard!!”  I increase the speed of my drilling once more.  Clive sticks the pillow into his mouth and babbles incoherently.  I slow down.  I finally stop but keep my dick in him.  I pull out in one swift movement.  Clive flattens out on the bed, exhaling all his air.  He rolls over.  “That was great.”

I grin and suggest the sling.  He agrees and we go to where it stands in the corner.  He figures out how to get in like a pro.  I suggest the stirrups and it takes a moment to get them around his ankles.  I kneel and tongue his freshly fucked hole.  It is so much looser after the pummeling I just gave it.  He is also a great self luber.  He concentrates on the feelings my tongue is giving his hole.   He groans again.  I hand him the bottle of poppers the old man gave me after I blew him.  He tries them.  I stand and enter him at the height of his buzz.  “Whew!  Fuck that’s good.”  He turns into a babbler, just like I do, as the blood vessels open.  “I can feel every inch of you.  Damn.  Fuck me…”  On and on he prattles. 

I fuck him.  He takes another hit and starts chanting the word ‘Fuck’ again and again.  Suddenly his voice drops.  “Do you have people next door?”

I tell him I don’t care if I do.  I fuck him hard enough to make the chains rattle.  We pause as he takes another hit.   I build from a slow fuck until I am suddenly slamming into him, with the smack of my hips against his upturned ass, on every stroke.

We pause.  I have a sip of water.   I offer Clive some, too.


I get under. I tell him to bring the poppers.  He sits, gingerly.  My tongue goes deep into him on the first thrust.  “Oh, my God….”  He takes the poppers…and is in total bliss.  He tells me I am a pig.  He tells me how good he feels.  He tells me he has never felt like this. For my part, I love how his frothy ass lube is dripping into my mouth.  I tongue him as actively as I know how.  I want him to remember this moment.

Finally, my jaw is tired.  I have to stop.  We get up and move back to the sling.  I give him another pounding.  He is actively beating his cock this time.  I do one more tonguing of his ass—and I’m ready.

“You want me to breed you?”

“I want to feel you shoot in my ass.  Do it.”

I push into his puffy lipped hole.  Three, four, maybe five strokes and I convulse.  I grab the sling stand above me and hang on as I shoot rope after rope of cum into him.  When I recover enough to focus, I know to stay in place and let my dick marinate.  Clive is now rock hard, beating it and on the edge of explosion.  He lets go and showers his chest and abs with his cum.  I lean down and lick some of it up.

“That was terrific,” he tells me.  “So good to have it in me raw after all those years of condoms.  Thank God for PrEP.”

I can only agree.


  1. Seems to me honest enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things goes a long way in making for a very enjoyable encounter.