Sunday, January 14, 2018

Derrick Takes It All

West Michigan—December, 2017

One of the things I love about playing with Derrick and Jacob is that we have no agenda of what has to happen in any given session.  We do what we feel like doing—and for as long as we feel like doing it.  We know a lot about each other and our individual sexual triggers.  This post will be illustrated, for the camera came out.  They have graciously let me post them. 

We started play, as we often do, up in their study.  I was treated to some expert cocksucking.  Both these men have taken it on themselves to become better cocksuckers for bigger cock. They have succeeded.  First Jacob took a turn as he woke up my dick by going back and forth between mine and his partner’s cock.  Then Derrick spent long, wonderful moments kneeling between my splayed legs as he repeatedly took me to the root.

It was here that the camera first came out.  Jacob grabbed my balls when it was his turn again and snapped these two pictures.  I posted one of them the day after (here).  You might want to click back for just today Jacob posted his thoughts about that moment in the comments.

Once my dick was super wet, I fucked Jacob balanced on the narrow bench he grabbed.  We spit roasted him, Derrick and I moving from his mouth to his ass and back again.

Derrick got on the bench, too.  Jacob and I took turns opening him up.

We went to the playroom.  Jacob was first in the sling.  I fucked him.   Derrick fucked him.  I went back up his hole as Derrick watched.  I fisted him until he shot.  He got out of the sling, looking totally wrung out.

Derrick got in and Jacob grabbed his phone.

I begin eating his hole.  He is still wet from the fucking upstairs.  I lick and spit and leave his ass still wetter for my dick.  I stand up and fuck.   Derrick scoops out a huge amount of Elbow Grease and jerks himself as I fuck.   Jacob smothers Derrick’s nose and mouth with his savory armpit.  The other hand works Derrick’s nipple.

I slam into him.  I always love to really slap my hips against his upturned ass.  When I need to catch my breath, I go down and sample the ass juices running from his ass.  My cock spews out precum with every lick.  I fuck some more.

I know Derrick can take a hand.  And has for years.  But for some reason, I only fist him on occasion.  I want to give him more stretch tonight.  I grease up my hands.  I work my left in easily after all the fucking. 

My cock always loses some of its hardness when I concentrate on fist.  But not particularly tonight.  I suddenly know what I need to do.  I grease my cock and slide it in right along my fist up his guts.

My fingers close around the thickness of my cock. The feeling of my cock in my fist inside him is unreal.  I move my hand. I am jerking off inside him.   Derrick’s hand is now a blur on his own cock. 

I pull my dick out and my hand.  I fuck him until he shoots a load that leaves him weak.

And if those pictures aren’t enough—we have it on video, too.


  1. Wow! My hat is off to Derrick. I can't even comprehend how incredible that must have felt, for both of you.

    1. It is a feeling like none other--the perfect combination of actual feeling in dick/hand/ass and mind fuck.

  2. Pictures and everything! But what got me hardest is thinking about your cock taken to the base while getting blown...just because it’s good memories. What made me shoot was you jacking off inside him. Lucky men!

  3. so hot to see you jerking off inside of the hole. more videos, please!!!

    1. I will try to make that happen--as long as it doesn't get in the way of the play.

  4. The one thing that’s on my sexual bucket list that I haven’t quite done yet: jerking off inside someone! Nice! And thanks for the visuals!

    1. It takes the right man--but it's great. Not everyone who takes a fist could take a cock, too.