Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Work it up my hole...."

My all consuming weeks of work are almost over.  I have now gone for over two weeks without getting off---a century for me.  I did some more old email searching as I was waiting for dinner to come out of the oven.  This is from May, 2007.  Before I was fucking bare....

I remember this scene well.  It was the first time I had had this request.

If I wouldn't seed his hole, he asked that I shoot on it.  Then finger it into his ass....

I was more than happy to work it up his chute.  He jerked and shot as I fingered my load into him....and his Boy Friend happily snapped the pics....

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Thank You to My Readers

Knowing how busy my life gets in June, July and August is what almost prevented me from starting to blog.  I hate not having new posts available.  I feel like I let faithful readers down.  Yet during this dry spell of content,  I got a note from a reader in one of the least populated states in the American West.  He loves piss play, but cannot find men who will do it.  Reading my blog gives him hope, he wrote.  Then he thanked me for writing and being adventurous...

And within the same morning I found a message of thanks posted on a wall of a sex pig forum...

Now it's my turn to thank my readers for sticking with me through this long absence.  I am not going anywhere.  I just have no time to write.  Literally.  And frankly, little time for sex.  But the sex I have managed to squeeze in, is worth writing about....

I'll be back....I promise.

(The picture is another from some of my oldest digital images.....)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Deeper, Papi"

I was going to write a post about my last hook-up in May, but I have decided not to dwell on the bad. 

Well, perhaps just a few words about it... 

It was back to one of my problematic May experiences.  An absolutely gorgeous man from quite a distance away wrote me, telling me I had the perfect cock for his ass.  His pictures showed him to have a beautifully gym built body.  His ancestry looked to be somewhere Mediterranean--dark curly hair with olive skin and the pronounced Roman nose I am so fond of...  He wanted to be used anyway I wanted.  Since we were a quite a distance apart and had agreed to meet halfway, I took the precaution of calling him to talk about just what he wanted. We agreed on all things sexually:  limited kink, but good, long butt fucking.  One of the things I mentioned was how I loved to rim before, during and after fucking.  He thought that sounded incredibly hot.

I arrived.  He was even better looking in person.  And  totally insecure.  He immediately climbed under the covers saying he was ashamed of how his body currently looked.  We talked.  And talked.  I held him.  Eventually we got naked.  I rimmed.  I inserted.  He panicked.  I slowed, calmed him and fucked for quite awhile.  He seemed totally bored.  I pulled out.  I tasted his hole again to taste my pre-cum.  He flipped out.  I reminded him of what I'd said on the phone. 

 "I'm dirty now." 

 "No, you aren't--My mouth would not have lingered there if you were." 

He offered to just suck me off.  I put on my clothes and ended up having a great time in the dirty bookstores of Toledo.  I hope his 100 mile drive home was as uneventful as mine--though I'm fairly sure he didn't feel as totally sated as I finally did when I left the city. 

Enough about May.

In June, the clouds surrounding my sex life lifted.  I have had great sessions.  Only my crazy work load has slowed me down.  The first sex of June was back up in the bay area of Michigan.  I'd gone up for a family matter, but found time time to go to the dirty bookstore there.  This is the store mentioned here, where one admission gets you into two theatres and a series of booths....

It's early.  Dead.  Maybe two or three guys around.  I have my fly open and am slowly stroking in the straight porn theatre.  Watching three men on a girl is just fine by me--especially as they rotate through all three holes...

I get some head.

It's from an older guy--the kind you know has the experience to do it right.  I idly wonder how many dicks have been in his mouth over the 60 plus years...

Things pick up.  (I've disappointed my cock sucker by not cumming.  He was good, but not that good.)  The next time I walk the halls there are a dozen men--roaming, cruising, sniffing around each other.  Guys step into booths.  Others follow.  There is a mini  daisy chain of sucking in the gay theatre as guys lean from their chair into the lap of the man on their left.

And then there's this boy.  No, of course, he's a young man.  But he looks 16.  I know the owner.  I have seen him check ID's, I'm sure the boy is legal.  As he walks into the arcade, the temperature of the entire place rises.  All eyes look at him.  The lust is palpable.  With good reason.  He's tall and thin.  You can see the definition through his tight, slightly off-white wife beater.  It makes the deep tan of his skin show up that much deeper.  His jet black hair is slightly long.  His cowboy boots are noisy on the linoleum.  The gold cross around his neck flashes as it catches the light.

And he has eyes only for the bulge in my Levi's.

He makes the tour of all the booths.  I go sit in the now deserted gay theatre.  He finds me.  I have my cock out.  Stroking.  I barely look at him as he comes through the door.  But I know it's him.  I glance up, keeping my face impassive.  He sits next to me.  We both feign interest in the rogue cop porn on the screen.  He kneads his crotch.  Soon he unzips.  We stroke.  Silent--except for my slightly lubed hand on my cock.  He's working his foreskin over the head of his cock, making no sound at all.

Guys come in and sit.  They stay for a bit watching but get bored quickly when they see that we aren't playing.  Soon we are left alone.

"You have a big dick, Papi."  The sound of his voice feels loud in the stillness.


"You fuck me."  It's not a question.  It's a statement. 

I turn to him.  "Yeah.  Sure.  Stand up."  He does.  "Show me your ass."

Without question he shoves his jeans down farther and turns around.  I am instantly kneeling on the floor, my face buried in this lightly furred bubble butt.  It's hot and sweaty--all in the good way.  He instantly leans forward so my tongue can get into his hole.

"Lick me, Papi."  I do.  Deep.  And forever.  I don't want to get up.  But eventually I stand.  My cock brushes his wet ass crack as I rise.

He fumbles in his pocket.  "Here."  It's a Magnum.  I make a a quick decision.  I'm too turned on to say "no."

I pour massive amounts of lube on my latexed cock.  I slip in easily after all the rimming--and with his out right need.  He pushes back to meet me. 

"Fuck me, Papi."  I hold for just a moment then begin working my cock up his ass.

Almost instantly he explodes all over the floor.

"Please...."  He wants me out.  I slip out of him, then the condom, as he mops himself up.

But he doesn't leave.  He watches regular television, some porn.

I play with at least three other guys, but I can't get off....

Hours later.

It's approaching midnight.  It's midweek, so everyone has gone home. 

Except me.  And my Hispanic friend.

I am back in the gay theatre, stroking--but knowing I'm not going to get off tonight.  I've played too long.

The door creaks open.

It's the boy.

"Fuck me, Papi."

I smile, but shake my head.  "It's late."  I point to my half hard penis.

"Fuck me up my ass.  Raw."

My cock instantly erects.  He's dropping his pants and bending over the same chair.

I spit on his hole and my cock glides home.  Dear Christ.  The heat.  The moistness of his hairy hole.  I can feel every muscle now as he clamps down on my invading dick.

"Deeper, Papi."

I fuck.  But not for long.

"Where do you want my load?'  I choke out.

"Up me."

I shoot the moment it registers in my brain.  I hold on to his thin hips--his hips bucking back onto Daddy's cock as it seeds him.  Deep.

I hold him for just a heart beat.  Or two.

He's gonna cum again.  I slip my cock out and fall to my knees.  He releases a torrent of cum.  It's huge for a second load.  It lands on my face.  My shaved head.  My beard.  My Army shirt.

I reach up and pry his fingers away from his cock, and lovingly slip the still drooling foreskin into my mouth.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!

Yes, it's me.

I have a fuck bud with too much time on his hands and photoshop expertise.

This is a companion picture to the leather flag I posted last year.

Monday, July 2, 2012

"Come Rape Me, Daddy"

Out of the blue I got an email from a man I first spoke with over two years ago.  He used to travel with his truck driver boyfriend and look for hook-ups where ever they did a layover.  We'd talked back then about a meet, but schedules had never worked out.  He wrote me at the very end of May.  He was driving truck by himself now.  He'd be in the town just north of me for the night, and needed some relief.  "Come rape me, Daddy," he wrote.  "I need to be used.  Be brutal with that big dick of yours.  No mercy..."

The place is packed.  It feels like every semi crisscrossing the state has parked here for the night.  I am behind a truck stop--greasy food and grimy showers inside, a huge parking lot behind outside.  His truck is easy to spot--it has very distinctive designs on the fenders of the cab.  I park in the area for cars quite some distance away.  I walk through the valley of the big rigs parked for the night.  It's not quite dark yet. I feel very exposed making my way back to his cab.  A trucker with a massive beard stares down on me from his seat high above.  His eyes follow me.  He knows just what I'm doing here, dressed in my camos and combat boots.  I wonder if he wants some, too...

I am suddenly at the rig.  The driver side door is ajar.  Just as he told me it would be.  I step up and swing into the driver's seat.  I pull the blackout curtain the rest of the way shut.  I've blacked out the last few rays of the setting sun and leaving us in gloom.  I turn around.  He has a weak lamped light burning over the bed. It makes more flickering shadows than real light.

And he's there. As he said.  On all fours.  Ass in the air.  White fabric stretched over a full, round ass.  His head is buried under his arms.  Without a word, my hand connects a solid smack on his ass.  It reverberates in the closeness of the cab.  He grunts.

"I told you a jock."  I am whispering.  Making him strain to hear me.

"I'm sorry, Sir.  I don't have one," he manages to gulp out before my hand comes down on his ass again.  Hard.

He whimpers.

I kneel, still full dressed, and peel the underwear slowly off his ass.  I bury my face in his hairy crack...just for a second.  He tastes of soap from his shower.  He moans now.  Contented.  I stand up and back hand his left ass cheek.  I proceed to undo the buttons on the camos.

"Turn around, Faggot.  You need to get my cock wet."

I am hard.  And my cock head drooling.

He raises his head.  I grab the bandanna out of my pocket and get it over his eyes before he can see me.  He starts to make a slight vocal protest, but thinks better of it.  He squirms around to suck my cock.  I guide it in.  It's a  terrible angle for both of us--he's all teeth.

"Spit on it."

He does.  Blindly.  It lands on my cock head, looking a little like cum.

I pull him around. His legs are now on the floor, his chest pressed to the mattress.  I pull his arms to the small of his back and hold them there.  My cock is brushing his furry hole.  He has to feel it waiting there.  With no lube but my precum and his spit I press forward.

He howls.  He stops himself as my left hand smacks his head.

"Yes, Sir.  Fuck me, Sir."

And I do.  I fuck him hard.  Long strokes.  I pull all the way out.  And back in.  He whimpers and whines a little less every time I re-enter.

I slowly accelerate the tempo.  I am banging his ass hard.  My hips sound terrific as they slam against his up turned fleshy cheeks.

"Get on all fours."  He does just what I tell him.

I slip in easily now.  His ass has lubed itself in protection from the invader.

"Where do you want my load?" 

"Where ever you want to put it, Sir." 

I grunt--well pleased.

"You are going to keep my load in your ass all night."

He makes no response.  My hand connects on his meaty butt cheek again.

"You hear me?"

"Yes, Sir.  All night, Sir."

"You want it?"

"Yes, Sir."  I am actually close already.  "Breed me now."  I can feel the cum start to churn in my balls.  "Cum in my ass!" 

"FUCK."  I slam forward, shooting the first spasm as deep as I can send it.  His head goes into the wall.  He grunts.  I do too, with each successive blast from my cock.  His ass is grasping me tightly.

"Thank you, Sir," he mumbles.

"Good boy..."


There's an email waiting for me when I get home.

"Thank you SIR  it was the best  you made me cum twice"