Friday, December 28, 2012

FP on the Road

I had such grandiose plans.  After all, I was alone in my Dad’s house for five days over Christmas.  I could do a post every day.  Ok, every other day.  That would almost finish up my time in Tennessee. 

And the result?  I got one post done the day I arrived. 
And the one play session I'd arranged fizzled.  Happy Holidays, indeed.
Christmas with my family is exhausting.  I had not been able to do much to get ready for it before the 22nd due to work.  When I got to town, I found my Dad had forgotten it was December.  So I needed to do it all for both of us. 

I am just now recovering from it all.
So I’ll take this opportunity to thank my readers for their patience. 

I will also say that, if the weather is good, I will be going to Chicago for my traditional New Year’s Eve fuckfest.
Also--my work takes me to upstate New York for most of the month of January.  Are there readers in the area of Binghamton that need to get fucked?

And Happy New Year.  I hope all my readers have a great 2013.


  1. Happy New Years to you man! Hope the year brings you the best and looking forward to playing with you again soon!

    1. Thanks, man. Have a great 2013. We will have lots of fun together in the new year, I'm sure.

  2. Happy New Years! Sorry your holiday was fraught with disappointment. I ended up with the mother of all head colds, so no fun time for me at all, and ended up spening Xmas day all alone. My one joy? Visiting great blogs like this one. Enjoy Chicago. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Now your Christmas sounds far worse than my petty annoyances. But thanks for your kind words.....