Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Piss Party Rutting

Chicago—December, 2012

Ryan loved the piss play he and I had with Bill.  It was almost inevitable that he would come along to the big Chicago piss party.  I was pleased that it was sooner, rather than later.
We were among the first to be let into the back bar.  We stripped and bagged our clothes.  We each gulped at our water as I pointed out various guys I knew…

I sink to my knees and work Ryan’s cock out of his jock.  As he begins to swell in my mouth, Ryan pulls out and pulls me up.  We kiss.  He goes down on me.  A guy I often see at the party, who whores his boy out to the room, approaches.  He and I make small talk as Ryan goes to town on my cock.  Eventually I reach down and re-direct his mouth onto my friend’s hardening dick.  He sighs.  “Hell, he’s good,” he tells the room. Ryan grunts. I piss on my friend’s cock for Ryan to lick clean.  He picks up speed and slurps noisily. I kneel and share it with him.  The cock slips from his mouth to mine and back again.  We face each other and let my friend fuck between our two sets of lips and our two ever moving tongues.  A guy arrives from the pool to piss on Ryan.  My friend stops thrusting, telling us it’s “way too early to get off.”  I rise and put my cock back in Ryan’s mouth—the new man directs his piss onto my dick.  Again, Ryan slurps it down greedily.

We refill our water bottles at the bar.  The space is filling up with horny pigs—men of all possible types.  I go off to fuck the partner of the man we just sucked.  He’s hanging out in the back corner, where he can bend over a stool to show off his ass.  He sucks me for a moment before he stands and presents his perfectly proportioned ass to me.  I rim.  He has already had two cocks up him in the first 30 minutes.  I can taste it, though I’m pretty sure there is no load in there yet.  I work my cock into his hole.  It’s one long smooth glide until my pubes grind against his beautiful ass.  He grunts:  “You’re always bigger than I remember.”  That makes me fuck him even harder.  Remember my cock, dammit….
I glance to where I left Ryan sitting and jerking.  A man is bouncing on his cock, gruntingly loudly. I fuck harder yet, and swat his ass.  “Clean my cock.”  I pull out of his ass.  My boy swivels around and lovingly tastes his ass, my precum, and conceivably the precum from the previous two guys.  He stands up.  I kiss him and send him back to his partner, who’s fucking in the opposite dark corner.

I sit against the side wall and stroke, watching all the wet action.  The perfect bear walks over.  An old friend.  We smile.  We say hello. He spits on my cock and settles his wide, furry ass down on it.  I reach around and find his nipples in a forest of salt and pepper fur.  His ass squeezes my cock in time with my twists of his nips.  Ryan is a couple of guys away, watching, idly playing with himself and the guy between us.  The guy from the pool again makes a bee line to Ryan and hoses him down without asking.  Ryan just beats his meat harder as the piss splashes on his cock.

Hours later. 
I kneeling, drinking piss. Straight from the tap.  It’s hot and endless.  As my feeder finishes, he pulls out and another guy pushes into my mouth.  Someone else lets fly on my chest and my super hard cock. When the hoser stops, another guy starts up—aiming for the cock in my mouth.  I close my eyes.  And luxuriate in the sensory overload.

Later yet. 
I watch a young man in a rubber singlet fuck---and then obviously piss fuck—the handsomest man in the room.  The drop dead gorgeous guy is dressed in an ass-less neoprene wet suit.  His olive skin looks even darker in the dim light. His Hebraic profile and dark curly hair and beard make my cock drool.  And I know him.  It has to be.  I get up and go over.  Yup, it’s David who I met at MAL in DC and then played with in a fabulously endless night at Steamworks here in Chicago.  David pulls off the guy fucking him, and comes to meet me. 

We kiss.  “Fuck my piss filled ass.”  I don’t need another word.  He bends over, grabbing the partition to steady himself.  My cock slips up him.  His canal is so fucking hot.  A young guy comes over to watch.  He steps up onto the side bench and showers David’s back.  It runs down the crack of his ass and over my pistoning cock.  I fuck his piss into David.  The young man finally winds down his piss, jumps off the bench and squirms under us on the wet, sloppy floor.  Suddenly his tongue is on my ball sack.  Then on my shaft as it goes in and out of David’s ass.  He is grunting, as he slurps the piss and the ass juice off my cock.  Suddenly he grunts even louder.  He’s shooting, I’m sure of it.  I drive home again and David shoots on the man below us.  He pulls off me—his ass tender.  We kiss, but I don’t get off.
In the last half hour I fuck a favorite bottom on his back, as he balances on a saw horse.  But I can’t get off. 

I fuck a hot guy that Ryan has been playing with for a long time.  But I can’t get off.
I bend Ryan over.  But his unused hole will not let me in. 

Dammit, I need to shoot.

So I do.  All over Ryan’s ass.

And push the hot guy’s face into Ryan’s cum covered hole.

To read Ryan’s take on the piss party, here is a link to his blog, Spreading MyLegs.  I will get back to my tales of Nashville this week.


  1. So glad I got to experience this with you! David is a hot guy and it was hot watching you fuck him with the other guy was underneath you. Can't wait till we can do this scene again!

    1. Well, it looks like March will be the earliest I can get back to the the piss party. MAL was taking out the January gathering for me--but then I had to cancel that trip for I picked up a gig in NY for most of January. And I know I'm in Memphis for the Feb party. I will be REALLY thirsty by March...

  2. March it is then! ;) I am sure I will be thirsty again by then as well. Can't wait until our next adventure!

  3. Wow... what a hot scene. How does one become a part of this? I would really like to participate. Sounds like the actualization of some major fantasies of mine. Thanks for the great post. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I would love to connect you to the group. It's open to all, you just need to ask for an invite at the website: chgowaterbuddies.com (and thanks!)