Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jayson's MAL Barebang--another review

I don’t watch porn online.  Maybe that’s why I missed it.  I didn’t know anyone had reviewed the porn I made with Jayson Park—Jayson’s MAL Barebang.  Fortunately a reader sent me a copy.  Not that I’m named…but I’m fine with being part of “four erect, aggressive men.”  I like being told that “it’s hard not to lose your load too early….”  And anyone who’s looked at these pages knows, I agree with the assessment that Jayson is “a perfect power bottom and we can never get enough of him!”

Here it is:

Reviewer: Marc Sylvian                                  

Date: 5/07/2012
Source: Aebn

Jayson Park is already pretty rare because he's an Asian gay porn star. His frequent appearances and his enduring popularity as a bareback bottom performer make him not only rare, but also downright precious. Bad Seed Media and Chris Neal Media present Jayson taking on a half dozen other men in Jayson's MAL Barebang, a raw group fuck for those with a taste for lightly kinky amateur porn.

Wearing a cut-off t-shirt that says "Full Service Filling Station" on the back, Jayson Park entertains a row of four erect, aggressive men with his throat. They toss Jayson on the bed, where he has his delicious, firm, well-shaped ass eaten while sucking off another guy. Jayson is soon being fucked in the ass and spit-roasted.

It's hard not to lose your load too early as you enjoy the sights and especially the lusty sounds of the top studs taking turns passing Jayson around to eat and fuck his greedy ass and mouth. Jayson often has a cock up his ass and then the same one in his mouth, the dirty boy. He's a perfect power bottom and we can never get enough of him!

PS:  Oh, and my nom de porn is Charles Wolfe

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