Saturday, December 22, 2012

Serving (and Servicing) His Country

Nashville—November, 2012

After I’d arrived in town, I contented myself with a little cruising in the park.   And I was fine with that.  The same bottom who had hosted a sex party upon my arrival in town last year was doing so again at the end of my first week there.  I took my sling and rimseat and set them up in the cluttered living room of his one story bungalow on the east side of town.  He had another sling set up in the bedroom.  The bed looked ready for guys.  The couch in the living room had been covered with old sheets and pillows which spilled onto the floor, creating an inviting sex pit.
I stripped to my jock and boots.  My naked host sank to his knees.  And the doorbell rang.  It was quite a diverse group of daddies who kept trouping through the door:  A big bear of a versatile fist pig; a leatherman who remained fully clothed for the entire event—just baring his cock at the right moment; a hot muscle daddy who loved to eat ass—but tended to take that literally by chewing on it, not licking; a nicely muscled top; a shaved headed versatile who was at home with his cock in one guy and my cock in his ass. We all played well with each other.  The fist pig loaded the host almost instantly—so we could all fuck in his load while he went on to getting a hand up his own ass.  Men were on the bed, on the couch, in my sling.  In the first 30 minutes, everyone sucked cock, fucked a willing ass, ate hole or stroked while watching the sling. 

Then it all changed when the final guest arrived.  I don’t remember who opened the door—I know it wasn’t me, for I was driving my cock into my host when he came in.  He was maybe 28.  Everyone had seen his profile on BBRT.  He used the branch of the service in which he was serving as part of his screen name, leaving no doubt to what he did.  His main picture showed his bubble butt emerging from his regulation camouflage…

 I look up from the ass I’m pummeling.
“Hi,” says the new arrival. “I’m here for Daddy cock.  I want to go back to base dripping.”

The leatherman moves to him instantly and gets him out of his clothes.  The boy is on his back on the couch, holding his ankles.  He has a magnificent ass.  The rest of him is worked out but certainly not ripped.  The leatherman undoes his cod piece as he kneels, tastes the hole in front of him and enters him roughly.  My host signals me to stop.  He wants to watch this.  The leatherman lasts about five strokes before he cums noisily. He pulls out, wanting to kiss the boy, who will have none of it.
The muscle top is there.  He dives in to taste the load left by the leatherman.  He enters him, He fucks his big cock into him— hard.  He’s frothing the hole.  I see him reach down and twist his own balls so he won’t cum too fast.  He pulls out reluctantly.

The ass chewer is in him next.  He ignores the frothing hole and just shoves his cock in.  “Shit!” he crows.  He fucks and bucks against the upturned ass.  He loads him in no time.

The host takes a turn.  He takes longer, but he loads him, too.  Then goes off with the muscle top into the bed room to get loaded himself.
The fist pig takes a turn, but I don’t think he can cum again so fast.

Then the shaved headed versatile.  He slips his big cock in.  He knows how to fuck.  I have the fist pig in the sling, but I’m watching the action on the couch, too .  I enter my man, as the versatile guy asks the bottom to get on his knees.  He does, holding onto the back of the couch.  I see that shaved head bury itself in that mound of ass.  I am slamming my guy hard, twisting his nipples, yet we are both watching the young one beg for cock.  And he gets it.  The vers slides into him.  His strokes are deep and powerful.  The sound of his pelvis slapping against the serviceman’s ass fills the small room.  Shaved Head begins grunting loudly.  It’s all over.  I pull out of my man.  He nods.  He knows my screen name.  “Go clean him up,” he tells me.
The cum from his ass is dripping onto the sheet.  The leatherman holds him in place as I kneel and taste the combined loads in that military ass.  It’s my turn to make some sort of incoherent noise in the back of my throat.  It’s an amazing mixture.  I slip in.

“Oh, God.  Fuck me Daddy.”
I do.  I pound him.  He has amazing muscles back there.  He’s milking me.  I have to work hard not to cum myself.  I slow for a moment---then surprise him with a redoubled attack.  I fuck until he finally asks for a break.  He goes into the bedroom—where we can all hear the host riding the muscle top.  I get the shaved head guy into the sling and begin a lengthy rim and fuck of his hairy ass.

A good thirty minutes go by.  The versatile guy asks for a break.
The military boy is dressed.  I catch his arm as he passes.  “You leaving?”  I ask.

He nods.  “Early day tomorrow.”
“You don’t have my load.”

His clothes are back off in no time.  I get him into the sling.  The guys ring it.  Some playing with his nips, some stroking his chest.  The versatile guy with the shaved head gets under the sling to lick my balls as I fuck.  The host buckles those military wrists into the restraints on the chains above his head.
I stick my cock in the open mouth under the sling.  “Get me wet.”  He does.  I take it out of his mouth and guide it into the perfect ass in front of me.

“Yes,” he moans around the cock of the Ass Chewer, which all but fills his mouth.
I fuck and fuck.  I pull it out and let the man under me taste the froth of cum I’ve pulled out of his ass.  I push it back in.  I fuck more, pull out, push Shaved Heads’ upturned face into my nuts.  “Clean those off,” I bark.  He does.  He wiggles around and spits the juice back into the military butt.  Then reaches up and guides my dick into the dripping hole. 

I thrust deep. 

“Breed him,” hisses Shaved Head. 
“You want one last load, boy?”

“Yes.  Breed me.”

“Breed me, sir.  Fuckin’ breed me, Sir!”
I look down at him—this young man serving his country and serving every man in the room. 

I shoot.  A three day load goes up him.  I hold in his milking ass cunt for a long time.  Shaking.  Then I pull out, knowing Shaved Head will clean me up.  He does, though I can barely let him do it, I’m so sensitive.  I tap his head, and He turns away from me and into the dripping hole.  I let him lap at it.  I kneel next to him.  He kisses me wetly, working some of the combined loads into my mouth.
We rise. 

“Now,” I say, slapping his ass, “Take that back to your Sergeant.” 
His handsome face breaks into a grin. 

And, for all I know, he does.


  1. Hot story. Hot post. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had an excellent time. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. He was hot...and even hotter for how determined he was to get it from every man in the room.

  2. No better way to support our troops!