Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two Sex Driven Bloggers Hit the Road

On the Road to Chicago—December, 2012

 I haven’t been writing much lately.  Well, I have actually.  And that’s the problem.  My job occasionally requires me to write.  It’s something that I enjoy, but fret over.  It mostly just takes up all the time that I would normally use to record my sex adventures.  After all, I was going to come right home from my time in Tennessee (which was problematic) and get all my hookups down there written up in no time.  Instead, I wrote for work and it sapped all my creative energy.
I have also been going through something of a sexual slump since I got home last week.    I had booked four days for a major weekend of sex.  Well, Thursday’s piss boy cancelled with food poisoning, Friday’s straight fuck evaporated off line and still won’t talk to me, Saturday’s bondage guy had the flu, and his hasty, vanilla replacement, suddenly had to go pick up his sister’s kid when it was actually time to meet.  An interesting guy did arrive at his scheduled time on Sunday—but could not stay clean—no matter how many times he tried.  I complained to Mikey, the Breeder’s older brother, who wrote me a long astrological reason about why it should be happening.  I think Mercury was in retrograde while it was in Scorpio, which rules the sexual organs…and I don’t remember the rest.  I just know I am blueballed and had no time to play this week.

That should change today.  By the time you read this, Ryan (my fuck bud who writes the “Spreading My Legs” blog) and I are headed to Chicago.  I am taking him to his first piss party.  So---two sexually driven men are off to have some wet, sloppy fun.  I can’t wait for us to both write about the same experience and see how the other remembers it….and you’ll get to read all the sordid details, too…


  1. I am really looking forward to spending the day (and night) with you. In a few hours we should be having a hot, sloppy and wet time!!

    1. What a hot time---with great company...