Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mr. 10.5

Nashville—November, 2012

I had any number of college men talk to me when I was online in Nashville.  And they talked.  And talked.  And never quite got around to meet for sex.  I thought I had one, though, for sure.  His main profile pic was a creamy, rounded ass.  It was arched and inviting.  It was not one of those shots where it’s too graphic or clinical.  It invited you in.  His ass was pure white, never having seen the sun.  Almost hairless.  Oh, yeah, he had a great face pic too.  Horn-rimmed glasses that made him look incredibly studious.  And young.  Though he was late 20’s and in grad school.  A Daniel Radcliffe-eske boy wanting my big raw cock.
We talked.  I did the kind of sex he said he needed.  We proceeded to talk on the phone to make sure we were in sync.  We were.  And then some.  We made a date.  And he cancelled two hours before he was due in my sling.  But he did it right.  He called and apologized—school work had gotten in the way.  I sighed, sat home that night and on the next night, went and fucked the military guy.

Then out of the blue he called me.  He was going to play with another guy in my neighborhood.  But he was petrified.  “He’s bigger than you.  Can you join us and help me take him?”   The host was fine with it he assured me.  He gave me an address and I got in the car.

 It is one of those motels for long term stays.  I find the room, having parked on the wrong side of the complex.  I knock.  The host opens the door a crack, standing behind it.  He grunts when he sees me and opens it just enough for me to slip in.  The room is tiny.  The bed takes up almost all of it.  The boy is on it, naked on all fours.  His eyes meet mine.  He smiles weakly in my direction as I toss my bag down in the miniscule kitchenette.

The host slams the door shut.  He’s shorter than I expected, maybe 5’ 7”.  His ebony skin stands out against the whiteness of the door he’s just shut. He’s naked.  And he’s huge.  We’ve actually talked online.  His profile says his cock longer and slightly thicker than I am.  He’s not lying.  And it’s hooked downwards.
I start to strip and the host crams his cock back into the boy, who grunts loudly.

“Quiet,” the host hisses.  “The neighbors.”  I go around, now naked, and get my hardening cock into the boy’s mouth.  The boy grins up at me.  “H—hi.” He grunts as another thrust hits home.  Well, so much for me going first to open his hole.  He takes my cock in his mouth—but he has no control with the pummeling he’s getting—and I’m getting teeth instead of tongue.  I watch the fuck.  The color contrast of dark cock going into the milky colored ass is straight out of porn.  I pull out.
The host takes this as a cue for the two of us to change places.  I wonder if the boy will do ass to mouth, but he seems to have no issues with it at all.  I kneel to inspect what the host has done to his bubble butt.  The hole gapes open.  My tongue enters him, soothingly, carefully licking the rim of his battered hole.  He groans—now a groan of contentment—a least as much as can be heard with the head of that mammoth cock in his mouth. I plunge in deeper.  I can taste pre-cum.  The boy pushes back on my face.  I am surrounded by the mounds of ass flesh.  I am as hard as I’ve ever been.  I stand and put my cock into him.  I glide steadily in—not taking it slow, not taking it fast—simply a continuous motion of cock.  My overgrown pubes grind into him.  The boy bucks back, pulling off the big dick head to tell me how much he likes my cock.  The host comes around to watch the fuck.  He strokes furiously.  No wonder I tasted pre-cum.  The head of that mammoth cock never stops leaking.

I concentrate on fucking.  I make a point of doing anything else but ramming it hard and fast.  I pull out and tease the hole with my dick head.  I push halfway in and withdraw it.  I go all the way home and just sit there, contracting my ass muscles to make my cock head swell.

“Fuck him harder,” my host tells me.
I begin slowly building until finally I am slamming the butt in front of me as hard as the fuck I witnessed.  It makes the boy yelp in pleasure.

“Shh…the neighbors.”
I pull out to let the host back in.  The boy rolls onto his back.  I move around and hold the boy’s ankles.  My nut sack grazes his mouth. Our host manhandles all of his inches into him.  Again there is no finesse to the fuck—just hard and fast.  The boy is too involved with what’s happening to his ass to lick.  I pull back and watch his eyes.  They fleetingly meet mine, then roll into the back of his head.  He grimaces in pain, but is determined not to make a sound.  When he bites his lip, I bend over and kiss him.  He eagerly takes my tongue into his mouth.  But I withdraw it fast, afraid that he will bite me as the hard fucking increases.

Then it’s my turn again.  I move around.  I rest against his hole—and slide up him in spite of myself.  I am doing slow thrusts of my engorged cock each time to the hilt, and pulling it all the way out.  This makes our host beat himself furiously.  Soon he pushes me to one side, crams his cock into place and grabs for my dick.  “Up my hole,” he orders.
I touch his hole with my finger.  His ass is lubed and ready.  I work myself up him.  I am fucking for two now.  Our host stops thrusting and lets my thrust drive his cock into the boy.  It feels just right.  The host is breathing like he may come any moment.

There is a knock at the door.
We disengage so the host can answer.  It’s a construction worker.  He looks like he’s straight from the job.  “Hey,” I hear him say, “I saw you put the bandana in the window.”  The host grunts.  The worker nods to the two of us, staring for a moment at my cock resting on the boy’s ass and says, “I’ll just be a minute.”  He heads for the even tinier bathroom off the tiny kitchenette.

This break is the tipping point for the boy.  As soon as the door closes, he makes an excuse about homework and bolts.  I fuck the host while we wait for the construction worker to clean out.  “He’s married, but loves dick in his ass,” our host announces to me, as the worker emerges from the bathroom. 
I go first.  I get up him pretty easily.  But he’s tight.  He moans softly, obviously knowing the noise rule. 

Then it the host’s turn up his hairy ass.
Then another train of me in the host, while he’s up the bent over ass on the bed.

I fuck the host hard, once again fucking for two.
The worker wriggles out from under us.  He watches me fuck the host, beating his less than average meat.  Soon he bends next to the host.  I get the message.  I go from one ass to the next.  The second time I enter the construction worker, he shoots.

The host flips on his back.  “Now fuck,” he tells me.
I do. 

He shoots almost instantly.  The white cum glistens on his ebony skin.
I fuck harder….and he’s a good sport, letting me keep pumping his ass after his own orgasm.  Soon I’m coating his ass canal.  “Yeah,” he mumbles.  Then adds “Now go home.”

We do.


  1. What a sweet life you lead. Lucky fucking bottoms, too. Very hot scene. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I was so tempted to just agree with you----that I do have a great sex life. I write about the good and the bad. But I never want readers to think I lead some sort of porn fantasy. I truly believe that anyone can have great sex if they are open to find it and actively pursue it.