Friday, April 5, 2013

Three Scent Pigs

St. Louis, MO—February, 2013

Joe, who I wrote about last year in Two Scent Pigs, was coming to my expensive hotel room on Saturday.  Sometime in the course of the day he sent me a text saying how much he was looking forward to seeing me again.  I shot one back saying it had been too long.   Then he said he would be fine if I wanted to include others in our play time.  I didn’t think anything more about it.  Halfway through the afternoon session of the conference, I remembered this hot blond leather guy who’d hoped to play while I was in town.   On break, I got online and found him.  He’d love to join us.  I told him the time and room.  He was the first one there.

 The curve of his jockstrapped ass looms in front of me.  He’s on all fours on the bed.  His blond head is resting on one of the countless pillows.  I have been rimming his lightly haired ass for the last ten minutes while we wait for Joe.  Todd is every bit as good in real life as in his pictures—blond hair, defined chest, sinewy arms, hard abs, artistically placed tattoos that compliment his muscles--and he's eager to please.  I can’t wait to get inot him any longer.  I stand up and enter his winking pucker.  He grunts his appreciation of my big cock and I start to fuck. 
And Joe’s at the door.  I pull out and go answer it.

“We were good pigs and didn’t wait,” I tell him, wagging my cock at him. 
He kisses me lightly and falls to his knees.  He savors the taste of Todd’s ass on my dick.  Then he gets up to meet the guy.  They’ve met.  And fucked.  And fisted.  Many years ago, it seems.

Joe gets naked.  He has put on more muscle since last year.  I tell him so.  He denies it, but I can see he’s pleased.  I pull him towards me.  We kiss.  Sweetly at first, then passionately.  I can’t keep my fingers off his biceps.  We go over to Todd on the bed.  Joe scrambles up to stick his thick cock in Todd’s mouth as I glide back up his hot, moist ass.  We piston into him, matching each other’s rhythm.  Then we switch.  Todd loves ass to mouth as much as we do, it seems.  He becomes more animated as he cleans my cock, sucking on it noisily.  Joe leans forward to spit on it.  This turns Todd on even more.  He devours my cock.  Joe is pounding into him.  He catches my eye and smiles over the oblivious Todd.  Joe slows, pulls out and clambers up on the bed.
“Taste my cock,” he hisses at me, his thick and dripping dick in my face.  I do.  Then we kiss.  Todd’s mouth comes up to join in.  We roll on the bed, each licking any skin that is in front of us—cock, ass, toes, fingers, ears, nipples, pits, the back of knees.

Somehow I’ve ended up on the floor, sitting with my back against the bed.  Todd’s shins are right above my shoulders and Joe is plowing his ass again.  He fucks him.  Then presents me with his moist cock.  “Clean it up.  Clean it so I can stick it right back in.”  I can be a good boy.  I do what I’m told.  I relish the taste of ass and precum.  When I grunt that I’m done, he fucks my mouth for a second, then plunges back into Todd’s ass.
We repeat it again.  And again.

“My turn.”  I wiggle out and up.  Todd stays in place as Joe takes my earlier position.  He has left Todd’s hole silky with precum and lube.  My cock sinks in easily. 
I fuck. 

I give it to Joe to clean.
I can’t decide which feels better—the ass or the mouth.

So I do it again.   And once more.
Then the three of us dogpile on the bed again, wet mouths all over each other, swapping spit and precum.

“I have to piss,” I tell Joe.  But I’ve had no time to dilute it.  He opts to get covered.  I stand on the sides of the two person tub.  He gets on all fours under me.  I start at his neck.  My stream hits him hard.  It streams down his spine into the small of his back.  I bring my stream down to his ass.  I play the hot piss up and down his ass crack.  He moans, jerking his cock.  Todd takes pictures on his phone.  I bring the stream back up to his head and wet down his head.  He groans—sounding like he just shot his load.  My piss sputters out.  Joe scrambles around to taste the last few drops.
While Joe rinses off in the shower, I fuck Todd again, this time on his back, his legs bent over my shoulders so we can kiss.  Joe joins us.  He hunkers down behind me to lick my ass on the back stroke.  I make sure I push back enough so he can really taste me.  Then he squirms around to lick the side of my cock as I fuck.  This makes Todd moan as he feels the tongue on the edge of his hole.

“I want some of that.”  Joe has me pull out so he can fuck Todd.  I eat Joe’s ass.  I lube my cock up a little more.  I stand and get it into Joe’s ass.  He grunts and stops fucking.  I am fucking for two now.  I drive into Joe and it pushes him into Todd.  I fuck.  Hard.
“Shit, man,” Joe grunts.  “I’m gonna shoot.”

“Flood my hole,” Todd grates out.
Suddenly Joe is bucking and shooting his load.  His ass clamps down on my cock.  It takes me over the edge, too.  I seed Joe’s ass as he spasms into Todd.

We fall happily in a pile on the bed.  Joe and I kiss and hold each other, while Todd gets busy cleaning our cocks…


  1. Three little piggies... and no bad wolf. Great bedtime story. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. We were certainly pigs...though I'm not sure any of us were little.......

  2. For some a bedtime story, for me a morning wood wake-up story! WOOF!


    Would love to smell the air there, and especially your armpits! :-p

    1. You could have my pits---and a whole lot more anytime...

  3. Fucking hot story man...sounds like a wonderful piggy three way!! Thanks for the morning boner! ;)

    1. I hope Joe comes back to Chicago when you/we are there sometime---I'd love to have you meet him.