Thursday, May 30, 2013

IML Day Three Late Night--Pig Sex with the Gladiator

Chicago—May, 2013

 I’m ready to get off myself and go home from the last Tony Serrano sex party. 
It’s then that the hottest man of the night makes an entrance…he’s not classically good looking, but he reeks of sex.  He’s dressed in some leather of the new type that is inspired by gladiator gear. His features are sharp, his hair has product, his skin is tanned.  His arms are sinewy if not huge.  Maybe 30.  Maybe 45. Or anywhere in between.

One of the tops I’ve shared hole with all night saunters by.  “He’s a pig.  You need to have him.”
I know I do.  My cock, soft a moment ago, is telling me I have to pry that beautiful butt apart.  
Gladiator puts his water bottle down on the table near the couch.  He turns around and comes face to face with me.  He stops.  I stay still.  He comes slowly to me, our eyes locked.

We are close, almost nose to nose.
He kneels in front on me and looks up into my face.

“Sir…?”  His hands instinctively go behind his back.
I take my cock out of my damp, used jock and put it into his mouth.

“Here, boy.”  He takes my cock hungrily.  He’s good.  He knows just what to do to get my oversized meat pleasured.  Eventually Gladiator looks up at me, asking how he did with just his heavy lidded eyes.  I nod.  I come down to his level and we kiss for the first time.  I taste my cock on his tongue.  I spit the saliva I’ve collected back into his mouth.  He groans deep in his throat.  He stands up for me to suck his cock.  I do no more than lick the head of his multi-cockringed dick.  I grab his hips and turn him around so I can get to his hairy ass.  He bends a little.  A cock sucker is kneeling right there to suck the cock I pass up.  He starts sucking.  The Gladiator uses this man’s shoulders to brace himself.  He can now bend over farther.  He pushes his hairy crack into my mouth.  I run my tongue up and down the valley of his ass.  I connect with his pucker.  It opens with the probing of my tongue.  I tongue him deeply, heaping saliva into his hole.  My cock is telling me to get in there.  I stand.  He swings around— he wants to taste his ass in my mouth.  I meet his tongue with my own. Keeping our mouths locked together I back him towards the couch.
I tell him to bend over the arm of the couch.  I spit on my cock and enter him for the first time that night.  He’s tight.  He knows how to squeeze and stroke my cock as I fuck.  I think I’m going to cum much too fast.  I tell him.

“No.”  He stands up and pulls off me.  He turns to me and kisses me deeper yet. “Come to my room,” he whispers.  My eyes water for a moment.  I can think of nothing I’d rather do.  I find my coverall and grab it.  I tell Bob what I’m doing.  He’s thrilled—for he’s taking a top back to our room.  I go to find the Gladiator.  He is fucking a young man on the couch.  I smile and wait for him to finish his display of versatility.


We are alone in his room, several floors down.  The Gladiator has turned on only one dim light.  The room has a large white bed, a loveseat filled with leather gear and a desk full of electronics. The door has been left open.  I stand at the foot of the bed.  My hands are behind my head.  His face is buried in my right pit.  The sweat of the evening is a heady smell to both of us.  He cleans me thoroughly with his tongue, then kisses me deeply.  The acridness makes us grind our mouths together.   He goes for my left, at the same time pushing the back of my head so my face is cleaning his.  This time the kiss is electric as we swap tastes.
I pull out and flop on the bed.  “Sit on my face.” 

He clambers up and sits astride me.  My tongue is back up his now fucked hole.  I can’t get enough.  But he can’t sit still.  He eventually slides off so we can kiss.  “Do you like your ass eaten?”  I nod.  He flips me over and then pulls me up into a downward dog.  The scruff on his face feels great.  He throws me his expensive brand of poppers.  I take a hit.  Oh, Jesus. His tongue is probing me.  Hard.  There is actually a tenth of a second where I think I’d be fine with him fucking me.
It passes.

I want to do the fucking myself.  I roll onto my back.  He crawls up and over me, crushing me with his weight in his eagerness to kiss my mouth.  I don’t know whose drool of precum is being mashed between our twisting bodies.  “Please,” I choke out after I can’t take any more of his tongue.  “Let me fuck you.”  He slides off the tall bed.  It’s a great height for me to stand and enter him.  I do.  I fuck him hard.  Again, I think I’m close.
There is someone else in the room.  A well put together Cub.  He sucks my cock the moment I pull out of the Gladiator.  Gladiator turns around, catches what is happening to me, and smiles at me.  The Cub will fit right in.  Gladiator gets down on the floor and we all exchange blow jobs until one of the bottoms from the party wanders in.  He hops up on the bed, presenting his ass.  I push the Cub towards the new bottom.  He is up him instantly.  I re-enter my boy.

“One rule,” the Gladiator tells the other two.  “Whatever he says, we do.”  I look at him.  “That’s right, Daddy.  Use us.”
The temperature of the room climbs. 

We fuck side by side on the bed.  “Switch,” I tell the Cub.  He gratefully enters the Gladiator and I fuck the power bottom.  When we tire, I join the other couple in a sloppy kiss.  The power bottom stays where he is.  
We re-couple and fuck the first ass we had, then switch once more when I tell them.

Another man has arrived--a thin, gorgeous, 20 something otter—hairy in all the right places.  It’s peeking out from around his leather jock and all under his harness.  The three of us are on this boy in a heartbeat.  Gladiator goes to kiss him.  I nod to the Cub, who pulls the boy’s ass towards him so the boy has to arch his back.  The Cub spits on his dick and enters him.  The boy grunts and squeals.  Not in protest but in surprise.  Gladiator holds onto him, talking him through the fuck.  He tells the boy each of us are going to fuck him.  The boy looks down at me and tries to squirm away.  The Cub and Gladiator hold on to him as the Cub keeps plowing.  Pleasure takes over on the boy, and he gives in to the Cub’s dick. 
I turn the boy around and let the Gladiator up him.  He eagerly fucks the boy, in the middle of the room, while the Cub and I hold unto each of his arms.  The Gladiator doesn’t want his ass for long, he wants to see me long dick the boy.  I go around to his ass.  I lube up and insert my head into his well fucked hole. 

“Oh.  God.  Damn.”  He grunts out.  We can all tell he’s never had anything so big up him.  He wants it—but does he want it enough?  Held in place, he seems to have little choice.  I push into him.  Slowly.  I bang the head of my cock against his second sphincter. 
I hold.

I push.
“ARGHHH.”  I’m in.  And fucking.  “Fuck me with that log,” he gasps.  I do.   I am caught up in the theatrics of the moment.  I catch our reflection in the window.  It’s better than any porn.

We are interrupted by full street clothed tourists.  We tell them to strip or leave.  They leave.
I look at the Cub.  “Open this boy’s hole.”  They go to the bed, where the forgotten power bottom is still in position.  The Gladiator starts for the bed, but I pull him to the bathroom.

“Knees.”  Before he can fully open my first spit of piss shoots across his face.  He swallows greedily.  I let another spurt go.  We kiss after this one.
“Do my ass.”  I bend him over jerk for second to get totally hard, insert and send a river up his hole.  His fist beats on the vanity top with each pulse of piss up his ass.

When we are done, we spend longer than we should away from the others, kissing and holding each other.
When we go out, Gladiator is ready to top.  I tell him to take the boy.  The Cub and I share the power bottom.

We switch off.  We each take a turn on any hole that wants a cock.
More people come in. 

“You can stay if you fuck this boy, I tell the three men.” 
They all start stripping.


It’s late.  This started over two hours ago and I was tired then.  My cock is beginning to rebel.  But I know what will get me hard. 
I find the Gladiator fingering some roided muscle guy.  “Come here.”  He’s right there.  “I have to go.”

“Breed me first?”
I nod.  We go to the unoccupied side of the bed.  We shut out the couple sucking on the couch.  And the otter boy getting plowed by someone new.  Even the Cub, who has taken over fisting the roided guy.

We kiss.  I put him on his back.  I need to look into his face.  His legs fly up to my shoulders.  We kiss.  I push in.  I fuck incredibly slowly.  Savoring him.  I am all the way in.  Our kiss breaks. 
“Oh, fuck…”

I stop his mouth with my tongue.  I don’t want anyone else in the room to know what’s happening to us at that very moment…

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

IML Day Three Evening--Assorted Fucks then Back to Tony Serrano's Sex Party

Chicago—May, 2013

I walked back to the overflow hotel, feeling great after my scene with the Master and his slave.  When I got to the room, I asked Bob if his Tom of Finland-esque trick had ever showed.  Oh, he had he told me, the guy was tweaking and never able to get hard.  Bob got rid of him as fast as he could.
Undeterred, he had a new man coming in just moments.  Sure enough, there was a knock on the door.  Frank was a tall, jeans and tee shirt kind of guy.  His broad face was half covered by a full beard.  He told us he wasn’t a leather man, just a top taking advantage of all the horny bottoms in town.  Bob liked the sound of that.

Bob is on his knees giving head—not something he cares much about.  Once Frank’s hard, sporting a nice, slightly above average cock, Bob gets in the sling.  No rimming for Frank.  He just pushes into Bob’s always wet hole.  He is deep and thrusting.  I head for the bedroom.

“You don’t have to leave on my account.”
I come back in and sit on the couch, watching the fuck.  Nothing fancy.  Just hard thrusting.  Bob loves it as much as Frank.

He unloads in no time.  He keeps his cock in Bob’s ass for a moment, then pulls out with a slight sucking sound. 
“Don’t use that towel,” Bob says stopping Frank in mid-reach.”  He’ll want to clean you off.”  I’m right there, on my knees in front of the man.  Frank really likes the idea that I’m going to clean him up.  I take him in my mouth, suckling him clean for as long as he can stand it.  Then I turn around and go for the white load seeping from Bob.  Frank really likes that idea and murmurs appreciatively, “Eat my cum load.”  I do.  It’s thick and salty.

“I was just thinking about dinner,” I mutter as my tongue goes back in.
Frank leaves.

I eat a real meal.
Bob had decided to go through with his Gangbang party tonight for he’d gotten a lot of interest that day.  At least I had gotten him to put a two hour time limit on when everyone had to arrive.  I was curious to see how many of the 20 + guys who had responded would show up.

It starts well.  Two tops, a couple I know from the piss party, are here in the first 15 minutes.  Jim and John love Bob’s furry ass.  Bob is in the sling and the older (50’s) one, John, is right up him.  He holds a popper bottle to his nose constantly.  Then the younger (40’s) one, Jim, takes his turn up the ass.  He sprays some Maximum Impact into a rag and holds it in his teeth the entire time he’s fucking. 
They trade again.  I notice John’s erection flagging from all the poppers.

I fuck for a moment.
Then, while Jim is fucking, John switches to MI.  He huffs the rag.  He passes out right on his feet.  The v formed by the side of the sling frame catches him, as does Jim—who seems to be expecting it.  I go for a chair but I can’t get him out from around the sling frame and the mirror.  Jim just stays in Bob hole, slapping John’s face to bring him round like it is the most natural thing in the world.  When he wakes, John denies he was every out.

The fuck never recovers.  They take off.  So much for hour one.
A very young Hispanic man, with a few extra pounds, arrives.  He strips and demands head.  Since Bob is in the sling, I volunteer.  He never gets hard.  I know I’m better than that.  He asks for the bathroom, pisses, and tells us this is not his scene.  He takes off the moment he is dressed. 

No one else arrives in remaining 45 minutes.  I refrain from saying “I told you so.”
We dress and I take him to Tony Serrano’s sex open house.

It’s the same set-up:  bar right by the door, the breathtaking view of the city from the floor to ceiling windows, the sling, the low bed and the plastic lined floor.
But there is a change.  The guys are playful from the moment we arrive.  John and Jim and there.  They are fucking some twink in a blue jock.  I get Bob right into the sling, as soon as he’s stripped off his coverall. 

We fuck hard, making noise and creating excitement.  J and J take turns on Bob while I find fresh ass.  Then two more tops arrive.  Every bottom in the room can have one.  By the time the five of us are looking for fresh ass, it’s there.  The room is now packed—Even the Hispanic who couldn’t get hard at our place is there looking to fuck. 
A few moments:

One:  A very young couple is fucking in the sling.  His partner is fucking him bare, but anyone else goes up him covered.  He’s cute.  I decide I’d be happy to cover for a crack at his ass.  His partner tells me I can fuck him if I condom up.  I select a bright red one so they can all see it.  The Boyfriend approves and even lubes my covered cock for me.  My cock is so tight in a standard condom I can barely stand it, but I start to work my way into the boy.  He’s never had anyone my size—or at least not for a long time.  I am inching in ever so slowly.
“Stop.  Right now.”  It’s some blond headed friend of the bottom who’d watched me fuck Bob raw.  “Pull out!”

I look at the Boyfriend—expecting him to tell the busybody that it’s fine.  He says nothing.
I continue working my cock into place.  “I have one on.”

“No.  Show me.”
There’s going to be no peace until I do.  I pull out.  He can’t or won’t see it.  My cock is not flame red usually, asshole.  I peel it off and toss it at the blond, hitting him between his pecs and go to find some raw ass.

 Two:  The most beautiful young man is kneeling on the bed.  Blond, muscled and with two gorgeous tattoos on his shaved chest.  He’s taken every top in the room without changing position.  I will be number 7 or 8.  I kneel behind him, the angles are all wrong with my long legs.  “Let’s get off this bed.”  He looks reluctant until he takes a good look at my cock.  I take him to a chair.  “Now kneel in it.”   He does, his full ass presented to the entire room.  I slide in perfectly.
“Christ!”  I don’t stop.  I fuck him hard.  There is literally a line forming behind me.  All the tops who had him before come back for an easier fuck, and a number of new arrivals queue up to take their turn.  An hour later, the beautiful young man finds me to thank me for getting him on to the chair.

Three:  Bob gets out of the sling, fresh from another fuck by me.  A new guy hops in.  Nothing special to look at.  I start rimming.  I stop and look up at him.  “Have you got a load?” 
“Yeah.  How can you tell?”

Other than my tongue is covered in some man’s cum?  But I don’t say anything.  I just enjoy eating a little more out of his freshly fucked hole and then fucking in the smoothest, creamiest hole of the night.
Four:  It’s late.  The gorgeous one is going home.  He needs to get off.  He finds me and takes me to a dark corner.  He kneels in front of me.  “Just put your cock in my mouth.”  I do.  He jerks furiously at his own cock as he sucks me.  In seconds he explodes all over my boots.  He kisses my cock tip and looks up at me—looking even younger than his 30-ish years.  He says simply “Thank you.”

Five:  I’m ready to get off myself and go home.  It’s then that he makes an entrance…he’s not classically good looking, but he reeks of sex.  He’s dressed in some leather of the new type that is inspired by gladiator gear. His features are sharp, his hair has product, his skin is tanned.  His arms are sinewy if not huge.  Maybe 30.  Maybe 45. Or anywhere in between.
One of the tops I’ve shared hole with all night saunters by.  “He’s a pig.  You need to have him.”

I know I do.  My cock, soft a moment ago is telling me I have to pry that beautiful butt apart.  Gladiator puts his water bottle down on the table near the couch.  He turns around and comes face to face with me.  He stops.  I stay still.  He comes slowly to me, our eyes locked.
We are close, almost nose to nose.

He kneels in front on me and looks up into my face.
“Sir…?”  His hands instinctively go behind his back.

I take my cock out of my damp, used jock and put it into his mouth…


Continued  in:   IML Day Three Late Night Pig Sex with the Gladiator.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

IML Day Three Afternoon--The Master and His Slave

Chicago—May, 2013

I tried to sleep late, but even with my earplugs and leather blindfold, I woke up earlier than I wanted.  After a quick breakfast, I went back to the vendor mart again as Bob started a clean out regime that was hampered by a slow drain in the bathtub.  I found nothing I really needed to buy, but had a good conversation with my friends from The Leather Man.
When I got back to the room, Bob was excited.  A f-bud of mine was coming over.  A guy Bob had not accepted for the Friday night party—even though I told him he had a dick thicker than mine. 

Syd knocks on the door, almost before Bob is done telling me he’s coming.  I answer.  Bob gets right in the sling, saying hello from there.  Syd is likely the same age as I, though he looks a little older with his salt and pepper hair, and much more weathered face.  He is 5’ 9”, and in decent shape.  He strips down and instantly kneels to rim Bob.  I strip and sit on the couch to watch and jerk.  Bob has taken a mirrored door out of the track from the closet and propped it to one side.  I am sitting along the other side of the sling—so I can watch the whole thing and the reflection.  Syd stands and slowly begins working his beer can cock into him.  It’s not super long, but I can see every inch of how thick it is from where I sit.  Bob is breathing fast, to help him get used to it.  It must do the trick for suddenly he’s thrusting back onto Syd.
It’s a leisurely fuck.  I stroke. 

At one point I take over from Syd for a while.

Syd goes back up him.  And then announces he won’t be coming.
The good news is that Bob is not a load queen; he actually appreciates the act of fucking.

Syd gets dressed and goes back to work a volunteer shift while Bob gets online.
Almost instantly he finds someone.  “Look at this.”  He hands me his phone.  The picture shows a black man straight out of a Tom of Finland fantasy. 

I get dressed as Bob tries to reel him in.  I eat a little more and get online myself.
Forty-five minutes later the wooing is still going on for Bob and the hunk.

I have a date.  I tell Bob he’s on his own.  He barely stops texting to tell me good bye.
I head to the 33rd floor of the host hotel.  I am stoked.  I am playing with a Master and his slave.  What sets it apart for me is that the Master wants to give me his ass as well.  I knock.

This incredibly buff man in his late 40’s answers.  He could pick me up and toss me on the bed if he wanted.  His shoulders are huge, his chest tapers to a trim waist and a hot butt.  He is covered in the most intricate tattoo pattern, one that forms a complete picture—done with foresight and artistic skill.  He has restraints on both wrists.  He has pierced his ball sack with at least six silver rings that bounce and clank together as he walks me into the room.  “Master is finishing up in the bathroom.”
He kneels in front of me and undoes my fly.  He inhales my jock and looks pleased.  Then he’s taking out my cock and getting it hard with the thick slab of his tongue.  I am deep inside his mouth very fast.  “Thank you, Sir, Thank you for coming.  I have such a good Master to find you.”

And his Master is there, stroking my chest from behind.  He has grey hair and a full, bristly mustache.  He’s a good head shorter than I am—with a good body for his late 50’s.  He looks like a hot professor I used to have.
He joins his slave on the floor.  They start to unlace my boots.  They do it with great care.  Then pull off my pants.  I unsnap the leather shirt and dispense with that.

“Kneel on the bed,” I tell them. “Side by side.”  They do.
I start to rim the muscle butt of the slave.  He has a slight sheen of lube to his hole.  I wonder if the Master (or someone else) has been up him recently.  His hole is sweet.  He grunts and then starts a litany of profanity about how he is “so fuckin’ lucky.”

I switch to rimming the Master’s butt.  He is truly fresh from the shower, having barely taken the time to dry himself off. My beard collects the droplets of water from the hair on his ass.  I plunge deep into his hole while working my index finger of my right hand into the slave.  Both are now making noises.
I reverse—tongue in slave and a finger of the other hand in the Master.  The slave is so ready for my cock.  His hole has loosened up with my working it.  I reverse again.  I add a second finger to the slave’s butt as I tongue the hairier ass.

I am ready to fuck.  I rise, add a quick swipe of lube to my cock and push the head into the slave.  “Oh, Sir, please.”  I slow slightly.  But I am inexorable.  I push until I am almost balls deep.  “Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God…” he grunts into the bedspread.
“Let him take you,” the Master grates out.  Like magic, I am in. 

The slave changes his tune after I start pulling out.  He tells me how good I feel.  I fuck for a dozen strokes---just enough to make him miss me as I rip it out and move behind the Master.
“God, that’s bigger than it looks in the pictures,” the Master grunts out.  But I go up him easier than his slave.  And he is loving it.  And the slave is loving seeing his Master pleasured.  I reach over to fondle the slave so he knows he’s still wanted.

Soon I’m slipping out to re-enter the slave.  A knock on the door.  “Another top,” the Master tells me.  Oh, really?  I enter the slave roughly and slap his ass to tighten him back down.  The other guy walks into view.  He’s a 40ish cub I knew from many years ago at the piss party.  He’s also one of the men who didn’t bother to show up on Friday night for Bob’s gangbang.  I give him a something of a smile and keep plowing.  The next time I look over, he’s naked and up the ass of the Master.  He fucks in one steady rhythm.  I pull the slave over so he’s on his back.  His tree trunk legs lean on my shoulders.  I work into him, watching his eyes.  We are moving as one---it’s a great connection.  I spit in his mouth—which he loves.  We eat each other’s pits—which we both love.  When I tire of this, I lie on the bed—instructing him to stand on the floor and sit on my face.  He does.  The mix of my precum and his ass juices is great.  I lick and swallow greedily.  When I mumble for him to get up, the other couple has changed position.  The Master is fucking the other top doggy style.  Well, well.  I pull the slave around, keeping his feet on the floor, chest to mattress.  I enter him.  The two men getting fucked move their heads around to kiss and hold on to each other, each getting royally plowed. 
The new top shoots all over the bed.  I swipe it up with my hand, cover my cock and fuck it into the slave.  His Master chuckles appreciatively.  The Cub is gone.  I go back up the Master, but he’s having cleanliness issues.  He goes to check after I’ve used the sink.

The slave, sprawled on the bed, gets my ass planted on his face.  I don’t linger long there….just enough to take one hit of their expensive poppers.  I let the vapor do its work, then I get off and fuck some more.
Soon he’s riding me.  The Master is still in the bathroom.

“Please, Sir, Let me cum.”
“Do you want your boy to cum?” I ask, raising my voice.

“Only if you want,” he answers through the door.
“Do it,” I tell him.

Instantly he gushes a load over me.  Not large, but very, very white and opalescent.  He lets out a strangled cry.  The piercings in his nut sack clatter and clang as he fists every drop out of himself.  I reach down and feed him some cum off my fingers. 
He bends to kiss me.  Our tongues intertwine.  The Master is suddenly right there.  We move slightly to include him in our kiss.  The three of us savor the moment.

Then it’s all about, names and where we live and IML.
I go home, ready for a hot night and they will only be a few moments late for the awards dinner.

Monday, May 27, 2013

IML Day Two Evening--Sex Party Hosted by a Porn Star

Chicago—May, 2013

I came home from the piss party smelling of piss and man sex.  I just smiled and nodded at the good looking Croatian who valeted my car.  He grinned and shook his head in a way that said “Man, you have some balls.”  Perhaps.  I certainly had balls that needed release.
For that night, Saturday, Bob and I had agreed we would just go our separate ways.  He stayed in the room and tried to get guys to walk across the street or lure them from across town.  He finally gave up and went to grungier of the cities two bathhouses, Man’s Country. 

I stood under the shower and just let the hot water relax me.  I got dressed in a new(er) jock, chaps, harness and boots.  I checked the computer once more.  Yep, it was still on.  Tony Serrano, porn star for SX Video, was having an open fuck party each night.  No approval needed, no guest list posted.  He simply put the room number in the ad and said it started at 10:00pm. 
It was Midnight as I walked in.  Tony himself greeted me at the door, and for the moment seemed to be tending the bar that was set up by the entrance.  He’d rented a corner suite.  The room was large with a sling in one corner, a very low to the ground bed, and chairs scattered around the room. The carpet has been covered with plastic sheeting—a great idea until it became wet and slippery later in the night. Two sides of the room were floor to ceiling windows offering a stunning aerial view of Chicago.  And being on the 44th floor, we were taller than any other building close by—you could fuck a guy bent over, smashed against that window and no one would care.

But no one was fucking.  About a dozen guys were in the room.  Four were naked or down to fetish wear.  Everyone else was a tourist, it seemed.  There to watch others have sex, but afraid to even grope themselves.  I noticed that none of that set were part of the leather community, they had just stumbled from some bar to the hotel with the lure of forbidden sex.
I stripped out of my flight suit that I had worn over my leathers to get across the street and looked around.  A couple of blow jobs were happening in the darkest corners and one brave man was lying on the bed jerking himself as he watched the closest blowjob.  On the couch, much to my relief, was my cum collector fuck bud, Juan.  He’s short, wiry and has a long pony tail of black hair.  He had on one of the new designer briefs—half jock/half underwear.  He grinned at me.  I went to him and hugged.   I couldn’t keep my hands off his hairy ass sticking out of those backless briefs.  He told me that it had been like this pretty much from the start.  I told him that the two of us could fix that.

We go to the sling.  Juan needs no assistance to get in it.  He hops in and gets his feet in the stirrups with the expertise of one who does this all the time.  I kneel.  His furry cheeks are warm.  I pull them apart.  My tongue hits his tight hole.  He groans.  Just loud enough to bring the tourists, who ring the sling.  His ass is just what I need to get me hard again after the long piss party.  It’s responsive to everything I do to it with my tongue.  I get up and slip into him.  It’s been months since we’ve fucked.  He’s hot and wet.  And he kneads my cock with his ass like the cock whore he is.

We fuck until I need to catch my breath.  I pull out and turn around.  The character of the room has changed.  It’s not packed, but the crowd has doubled in size.  There are many more leather men now.  Someone is getting plowed on the bed, and a half dozen blow jobs are happening.  A guy reaches for my cock before Juan can even get down from the sling.  I slide into the anonymous mouth and let him clean the juices off my dick.
For the next two hours, I am in constant play.

I fuck a Hispanic lad who is a great fuck—until I pull out.  Yeah, that….
I fuck a cub who reminds me we played years ago in Michigan City.  I pretend to remember him.

I sit on the couch and let an older gentleman kiss and lick my balls.  His hand constantly strokes my shaft lightly.  Normally, that would not be enough stimulation, but it’s heaven after the abuse my cock has seen this weekend.    
I fuck a guy bent over the couch who pleads for my load.  “Earn it,” is all tell him.

At one point, I fuck a twink in a leather jock, on the low rise bed.  It’s hard on my knees to bend so low, but I manage.  He rolls out from under me after he shoots his load.  His friend scrambles around to take his place, smearing himself and his cock with his friend’s load.  He impales himself on my cock.  He’s more experienced— I can tell from how he fucks back on me.  He pulls off, so as not to shoot and yet another man gets in his place in this little assembly line fuck.  I plow this third man until he shoots as well.

More blow jobs.  All of me.  I don’t get a cock in my mouth all night.
I fuck a guy in the sling.  He is in full gear.  And hot.  Tall and dark skinned, with dark hair.  He’s wearing an elaborate harness that shows off the hours he has worked on his pecs.  He had a kilt when he first walked in the room, but that’s been ditched to let anyone take a shot at his ass.  (There seem to be about three tops in the room—and I know I’m the last one up this handsome man.)  His hole is moist from the other dicks, though he doesn’t seem to be loaded.  He is loving my cock.  His standard issue dick is rock hard and his big balls, once hanging low, are tightening up.  I slow my fucking and stand still.  Then I start moving the whole sling, long dicking him as I move him onto me, not me thrusting into him.  His eyes roll up.  I know he’s there.  He shoots.  I keep nudging his prostate with my cock until he’s shot the equivalent of two loads and he begs me to stop. 

This handsome man thanks me.  I swipe the cum up off his chest and coat my cock.  The Cum Pleader has been watching the proceedings.  “Here’s your load,” I tell him.  I bend him over the arm of the sofa and plow my cum covered cock into him.  “Take his cum.”  Cum Pleader thanks me, too.
It’s now late. 

I have to get off.  I’ve fucked at least a dozen guys, many twice, and Juan at least three.  I need sleep.
The Cub comes up to me, asking for a third fuck.  He gets on the bed—as some other top is actually using the sling.  I scramble after him, kneeling on the mattress.  I work my cock in and I’m there before I can even start pounding.  I buck into him as my dick empties deep into his guts.
On the way out I thank Tony.  He smirks, looking at my bulge, and says “I hope you had a good time.”
It’s my turn to smirk and answer.  “Yeah, it was a good night.”

Sunday, May 26, 2013

IML Day Two Afternoon--Piss Party with a Porn Star

Chicago--May, 2013

It took me almost an hour, what with the heavy weekend traffic, to drive from the hotel to the northside bar where the piss party is held.  All I can say---it was worth every moment of it.

 They open the doors right as I’m checking my leather jacket into the front coat check.  I’m the third one in.  I strip out of my flight suit.  I’m wearing just a jock and my ancient, holey combat boots.  I add a leather wrist band on my left arm.  Then I add the black and yellow leather wrist band for the right wrist.  I crack open my Gatorade.  An older man, with a wide chest and a jock showing off his flat ass reaches out.  I let him fondle my growing cock.  Now he’s on his knees, giving me excellent warm-up head.  Languid, warm and juicy—I can’t think of a better way to get hard than in his mouth.  He asks for piss.  I almost have my first load, but not quite.
I talk to Carlos, the beautiful Hispanic man who has given me his hole whenever we meet.  We haven’t seen each other since the New Year’s Eve party.  His gorgeously worked out chest, with its tribal swirl on his shoulder is as big (or bigger) than ever.  I don’t rush him—I know we’ll have sex before the afternoon is over.

One of the new arrivals is a young Master and his equally young slave.  It seems the boy had been told to make his hole available to any who ask.  The Master is short, with a nice meaty cock.  His boy sports a Mohawk and his back is covered in an intricate tribal tattoo.  When I walk over to them, the Master is plowing his boy, who is holding on to the bench.  A friend of theirs is sitting on it, and soon he has his cock in the boy’s mouth.  The Master pulls out.  The friend goes up the boy.  He’s a jack rabbit, fast and hard, balls swinging.  No one is even thinking about getting off.  When the friend pulls out, the Master turns the boy towards me.  The boy advances.  I’ve been stroking and my cock is rock hard. 
“Hello, Sir.”

The Master taps his shoulder and the boy falls to his knees on the damp concrete.  His mouth opens and I shove in.  I face fuck him.  He gags slightly but takes me to the root repeatedly.  I pull him up.  I bend him up on the bench.  I squat down and taste his ass.  Delicious.  And with that soft skin of the young.  He is moaning, deep in the back of his throat.  I stand.  A quick glance at the Master—who simply nods.  I work my cock up the boy.  Now it’s a full throated groan.  “You are so big, Sir.”
I fuck him long and noisily.  I finally slow and tell him I will see him later.  (He and I fuck at least three more times before the Master takes him home.  Such a good boy…)

Carlos is getting head from a guy I recognize from the monthly parties.   Soon all three of us are trading blow jobs.  My first piss of the afternoon is all over Carlos’ cock.  I instantly swallow him down, cleaning my piss off his dick.  Carlos sits on me.  He rides me, squeezing my cock in that muscle butt.  We get pissed on as he rides.  The flood of hot water is incredibly erotic as it cascades over us.
I fuck old favorites. 

I fuck many new faces.
The porn projected on the large screen changes.  It’s now Piss Break from the Dick Wadd studios.  And stepping up on one of the benches is the star of the movie Chad Brock.  He is even buffer in person than in his films.  He has nothing on but a dark jock with boots and an arm band that can barely buckle around his meaty right bicep.  He’s offering his cock for anyone of us to suck.  A number of men are right there.  He is hard and obviously enjoying the attention.  Eventually I take my turn.  It’s a nice cock.  I can’t help but feel pride that I’m bigger.  I pull off his cock and look up at him.

“I’d really rather rim that ass of yours.”
He grins and carefully turns around on the tiny bench.  His muscular ass is right in my face.  He can’t bend much, so I feel like I don’t do as good a job as I should.  I get as deep into him as I can, then let others get back to his dick.

Much later he is at the bar, lounging with the party organizer.  He has one foot up on the bar rail.  My tongue goes back up his hole.  Now I am eating him like I should be.  He grunts and arches a little.  When I stand up we talk.  He hefts my cock and says nice things.  I wish I could report that he led me to the back corner and let me have my way with him—but it didn’t happen.  Though I did get a little of his piss…
This party is five hours.  I have to pace myself differently.  I have no idea how much hole I fucked---but I know it was a good dozen guys—including cute Chad and hot David from last month (which I have yet to write up—so here’s a link to them on Ryan’s blog, with pictures, as he was there with me….) Chad is so tight, I can barely get up him, but I manage…

I am a little piss starved, as I have been doing more fucking than piss drinking.  I find Carlos again and begin eating his ass for a third or fourth time.  He is leaning on the bench, my face is surrounded by his muscular ass.  Guys come up to us from either side.  They let loose streams of piss.  It sluices down his ass crack and right into my mouth.  Some I swallow.  Some I force into his hole.  When the stream runs dry, I stand up, shake the piss out of my beard and fuck his ass as hard I’ve ever fucked him. 
I don’t get off.  But I am fine with that.  There’s so much more play to come that night.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

IML Day Two Morning--A Surprise Request

Chicago—May, 2013

It started early and fizzled faster.
The gangbang Bob had set up so carefully, too carefully in my opinion, looked great on paper.  But it was rather sad in the reality.

We were set up—the sling, towels lube, etc.  I was still in street clothes, writing up the first events of the day and Bob was in the bathroom doing a last check when the first knock came at the door.  Fifteen minutes early.  I let in a cute Hispanic boy.  He was not yet 30, slim and wiry and immediately showed off an uncut cock.  Bob sat on the bed, and the boy seemed happy to not deal with the sling.  I slipped out of my clothes in the living room area.  The boy was already  fucking Bob doggy style on the bed.  But it went bad.  Bob, rushed by the early arrival, was not fully drained.  The young man freaked and fled.
And then we sat all night.  I fucked him.  Repeatedly.  But our worst fears proved true---guys saw no reason to leave the host hotel.  I finally called it a night and went to bed.  He took a load some time in the middle of the night, then Bob came to bed as well.

I slept later than Bob.  He was up and around as I got up.  He got back into bed.  I had serious morning wood.  I was up him in no time.  We fucked for a bit.  Then the surprise…

“Why don’t you piss my hole.” 

I didn’t need to be asked twice.  I did.  Right there in the bed.  His hole is talented enough he could clamp it in place to not make a mess.
After my breakfast, his first trick of the day arrived—an IML newbie.  He was a nice blue collar type with a short, but fat cock.  Mid fuck, he saw me hard---and I k new just what he was thinking—He’d rather be taking my cock then do the fucking.

He sucked me for a bit, then I encouraged him to load Bob.  With a little manual stimulation, he did.      
We went off to the Vendor Mart.  I napped before the piss party.

And what a great party it was!  I will get to that write up in the morning.

Friday, May 24, 2013

IML Day One--Ass in the Afternoon

Chicago—May, 2013

I got out of the office 45 minutes early.  I took a mixture of back roads and the tollway straight into a huge traffic snarl the moment I hit the Dan Ryan expressway.  I was so sure that I’d left in time to beat a Friday rush hour.  But I was wrong, it seems.  It was backed up going into town—when I thought it would be a Memorial Day exodus of families from the city.  Who knew?
I am staying at the first overflow hotel.  It is literally across the street from the craziness of the host hotel.  I think I will like this arrangement.  I can walk over to tour the Vendor Mart, hook up with a hot boy or just cruise the lobby.  I will like our quieter hotel, as long as guys are able to negotiate a street crossing…and not insist they need cock just down the hall of their own hotel.

Bob, the man who was so busy on the fuckbench at the second CLAW Warehouse party, asked me that night (between my licking the cum out of his ass and my putting my cock in his dripping hole for the eleventh time) if I’d like to share a room at IML.  I agreed.  I have supplied the sling and rimseat.  I could only imagine what the bell captain thought when he tossed that big duffel bag on the luggage cart, making the chains rattle and the pipes clink.
Bob was in the two room suite when I got there.  He was naked and just about to start his clean out. Bob is just a little younger than I, with dark hair on his head and everywhere else on his body.  We hugged.  I got the sling set up as he went on with his shower.  As Bob stepped out of the tub, there was a knock on the door.  “Oh this guy wanted to come early, he called” I opened the door to the manliest man I have met in a long time.  Ben is 6’ 2”, big boned and had a package that mounded his jeans.  He had on a Nasty Pig vest that showed tons of curly dark hair at the neck.  His shaved head glinted in the light from the hallway.  I was soon to find he also had a plethora of tattoos on his arms and thighs.  In a word:  Hot.

They were all over each other.  I was sitting on the couch, checking BBRT as they moved into the bedroom, still in a kiss.  Ben absently swung the louvered door half way closed.  I could hear Bob unbuckling Ben’s pants.  I could hear sucking noises before Bob gagged.  I could hear the constant murmur of Ben telling his new boy what to do.
I opened my pants.  The door was open enough that if I walked towards it I could see them.  So I did.  Stroking...

Ben is fucking Bob.  Ben is standing, his pants around his ankles.  His chest in now bare, and showing off enough hair for two men.  Bob is lying on the edge of the bed, his legs up on those broad shoulders of Ben’s.  I watch Ben’s thick cock plow into him.  He turns and sees me.  I step back.  “Get in here and stick your dick in his mouth.”    
I strip.  And jump up on the bed.  Bob sucks me, but frankly, that’s not what he does that well—his talent is all in his ass.  I roll off the bed and hunker down to watch Ben drill.  Eventually he makes room for me. I enter.  Jesus.  I could shoot right then.  I have not gotten off for a week—and I’m feeling it.  I calm down and slowly fuck into him.

Then it’s Ben’s turn again.  When he pulls out, this time I get to suck his cock straight from the hole.  I fuck.  Eventually Bob rolls off the bed.  We each take a nipple of Ben’s and work it.  He pulls Bob up into his fragrant pits.  I raise his other arm, so we are cleaning him out simultaneously.  Then it’s more cock sucking and ass eating…..and we stop.
We want to save it for gangbang tonight.

They go off to dinner.  But I know I have to drop a load or I will last for ten seconds at the gangbang.  I dress in a leather shirt and tight 501’s and fire up BBRT.   I have my choice of cum dumps.  I pick a very young one who, in his profile picture, is coyly looking over his shoulder at the camera, while the camera is really focused on his great bubble butt.  He’s serious about it—he’s posted his room number right on the “quick connect ad” so I don’t even bother to talk to him.  His last sentence gives his load count: 16
The host hotel is swarming with leather men of every age.  I find the elevators easily.  And his room on one of the upper floors.  He’s duct taped the latch shut.  I push the door open.  The room is dark.  But I can see enough to know those pictures on his profile were taken 30 pounds ago.  I don’t care.  He is ass up on the bed, his head resting on his arms.  He starts to move.

“Don’t turn around.” 
I make a lot of noise undoing my belt buckle. I push my pants down to my boots.  I kneel and taste his ass.  He’s not lying about loads.  His ass is awash with sperm.  I lick some out.  He whimpers.  I am rock hard.  I know this will make me blow fast so I can have staying power for the gangbang tonight.

I enter him.  I don’t know if he has a talented ass or not.  It’s all about fucking in all that cum.  I fuck and fuck.  He sighs.  I think he’s about to tell me to breed him—so I pick up the pace and let my weeks worth of cum shoot out.  He groans.  He swivels around to clean me off.  I repack my spent, and slightly sticky, meat back into my jock and go find dinner.

Welcome to IML 2013!

On the Road to IML

By the time this is posted, I will be on the road to IML.
As I did with CLAW, I will try to report on it as I go.
It will be a busy weekend.
My room mate is thoughtfully whoring his ass out for my felching pleasure.
(Actually, twice, thank you.)
There is a longer piss party on Saturday--where I hope to get very wet.
And many of my Chicago favorites have started writing me.
I hope for a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A (Mostly) Vanilla Three-way

My Playroom—March, 2013

“You need to fuck me again,” he typed. 
“I agree.”

I had fucked Josh sometime before I started this blog.  He’d been a good fuck, but our timing had never quite worked out again.  And he neither wanted nor needed any of my other skills.  He wanted a big dick up his ass—end of conversation.  That’s fine, but I usually like a little more.  I barely remembered our quick rut in the spare bedroom—no sling for him. 
We settled on a day and time.

Then he surprised me by typing “Would you mind if I ask Cam to join us?”
Cam is an older, married guy in my small town.  He has appeared in these pages when he’s shared one of his boys with me.

“Of course,” I answered.
I wondered what Josh would think when I began to lick Cam’s cum out of his ass….


I am on my knees with both dicks in my mouth.  I am the last one in this position.  Each of the other men have been on the floor before me, luxuriating in having two cocks to play with.  I lick one then the other.  Josh’s cock is sizable and dripping.  He’s a very young 40, maybe 5’10” and in great shape from a physical job.  His chest is very smooth and very tan considering it is just late March.
Cam claims to be my age, but I think he’s older.  It doesn’t matter.  He gets hard with young ass under him, and can last long enough to give his boy of the moment a good fuck.  He’s not quite as tall as Josh, but heavier in his late middle age.  His cock is incredibly warm in my mouth.  I give the head another swirl with my tongue and stand up.

Josh drops to all fours on the bed.  I’m right there to start eating his hairless ass.  Cam lies on the bed, and scoots down so his cock is in Josh’s mouth.  Josh groans happily around the dick in his mouth as I go deep into his ass.  He’s sweet and clean.  I pull his cheeks apart and see how deep I can get.  Very, is the answer.
I stand up.  My cock brushes his wet hole.  I work the head in.  Josh stops sucking, his face all squinty in concentration.  I stop.  “Sit on Cam,” I tell him.  He squats over the smaller cock he has left dripping with saliva.  He pauses for a moment, then slides all the way down.  He exhales noisily.  Cam fucks up into him.  I can hear his balls slap against the wet ass above him.  I kneel down to eye level, to watch Cam’s dick go into Josh.  It is inches from my face.  Cam knows what I like.  He hugs Josh to him, bending him forward.  I lean in and lick Cam’s cock as he continues to fuck up into him.  Josh moans, loving the feel of my tongue touching his hole with each thrust of the cock.  We stay that way for a long time.

Then it’s my turn to fuck.  I get into Josh doggy style, with Cam back in his mouth.  His hole takes me easily now.  I fuck him hard, driving Cam’s dick deeper into his throat.  I get lost in the moment—listening to the slap of my hips on his full butt.
Cam suggests the sling.  Josh gets in.  He looks uncomfortable, but is game if that’s where we want him.  Cam goes first.  But I haven’t lowered the chains quite enough—Cam is having to stand on his toes to plow Josh.  I go next, but the sling is now low for me—I am doing deep knee bends to get in the right position.

We go back to the bed.
We fuck him on his stomach. 

We fuck him doggy. 
We fuck him on his side.

Taking turns on his ass that grows hotter and wetter.

We’re back to doggy.  I turn away to grab some water.  Cam is fucking.  I look back.  Cam is standing stock still.  His face is impassive.  He makes no sound at all.  His hands are holding Josh to him in a death grip—knuckles white. 
Slowly, eventually, he pulls out and turns to me.  “I made a mess.”

I kneel behind Josh.  Yeah, his hole is a mess.  The good kind.  A long strand of cum is oozing out of his hole.  I lean forward and catch it on my tongue.  Josh is whimpering.  I think he may have shot, too.  I ream his hole out with my tongue, swallowing Cam’s seed.  I am jerking like crazy as I felch. 
I eat until I can’t get another drop.  I am so ready to fuck.  I insert.  “This will take no time at all.”  I fuck him hard.  If he’s shot, he’s jerking hard enough to be trying for two.  Cam shot silently.   I am the opposite.  The sounds of my orgasm start low and erupt from my mouth.  I slam my cock home and let it empty into this country boy’s gut.  I keep grunting some sort of profanity.  With my dick still in his ass, I feel Josh contract around me.  He has to be shooting.  I let him shoot and recover, then pull out.  He has covered the sheet under him.

Josh flips over and grins at the two of us.  “Damn, you guys…”