Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A (Mostly) Vanilla Three-way

My Playroom—March, 2013

“You need to fuck me again,” he typed. 
“I agree.”

I had fucked Josh sometime before I started this blog.  He’d been a good fuck, but our timing had never quite worked out again.  And he neither wanted nor needed any of my other skills.  He wanted a big dick up his ass—end of conversation.  That’s fine, but I usually like a little more.  I barely remembered our quick rut in the spare bedroom—no sling for him. 
We settled on a day and time.

Then he surprised me by typing “Would you mind if I ask Cam to join us?”
Cam is an older, married guy in my small town.  He has appeared in these pages when he’s shared one of his boys with me.

“Of course,” I answered.
I wondered what Josh would think when I began to lick Cam’s cum out of his ass….


I am on my knees with both dicks in my mouth.  I am the last one in this position.  Each of the other men have been on the floor before me, luxuriating in having two cocks to play with.  I lick one then the other.  Josh’s cock is sizable and dripping.  He’s a very young 40, maybe 5’10” and in great shape from a physical job.  His chest is very smooth and very tan considering it is just late March.
Cam claims to be my age, but I think he’s older.  It doesn’t matter.  He gets hard with young ass under him, and can last long enough to give his boy of the moment a good fuck.  He’s not quite as tall as Josh, but heavier in his late middle age.  His cock is incredibly warm in my mouth.  I give the head another swirl with my tongue and stand up.

Josh drops to all fours on the bed.  I’m right there to start eating his hairless ass.  Cam lies on the bed, and scoots down so his cock is in Josh’s mouth.  Josh groans happily around the dick in his mouth as I go deep into his ass.  He’s sweet and clean.  I pull his cheeks apart and see how deep I can get.  Very, is the answer.
I stand up.  My cock brushes his wet hole.  I work the head in.  Josh stops sucking, his face all squinty in concentration.  I stop.  “Sit on Cam,” I tell him.  He squats over the smaller cock he has left dripping with saliva.  He pauses for a moment, then slides all the way down.  He exhales noisily.  Cam fucks up into him.  I can hear his balls slap against the wet ass above him.  I kneel down to eye level, to watch Cam’s dick go into Josh.  It is inches from my face.  Cam knows what I like.  He hugs Josh to him, bending him forward.  I lean in and lick Cam’s cock as he continues to fuck up into him.  Josh moans, loving the feel of my tongue touching his hole with each thrust of the cock.  We stay that way for a long time.

Then it’s my turn to fuck.  I get into Josh doggy style, with Cam back in his mouth.  His hole takes me easily now.  I fuck him hard, driving Cam’s dick deeper into his throat.  I get lost in the moment—listening to the slap of my hips on his full butt.
Cam suggests the sling.  Josh gets in.  He looks uncomfortable, but is game if that’s where we want him.  Cam goes first.  But I haven’t lowered the chains quite enough—Cam is having to stand on his toes to plow Josh.  I go next, but the sling is now low for me—I am doing deep knee bends to get in the right position.

We go back to the bed.
We fuck him on his stomach. 

We fuck him doggy. 
We fuck him on his side.

Taking turns on his ass that grows hotter and wetter.

We’re back to doggy.  I turn away to grab some water.  Cam is fucking.  I look back.  Cam is standing stock still.  His face is impassive.  He makes no sound at all.  His hands are holding Josh to him in a death grip—knuckles white. 
Slowly, eventually, he pulls out and turns to me.  “I made a mess.”

I kneel behind Josh.  Yeah, his hole is a mess.  The good kind.  A long strand of cum is oozing out of his hole.  I lean forward and catch it on my tongue.  Josh is whimpering.  I think he may have shot, too.  I ream his hole out with my tongue, swallowing Cam’s seed.  I am jerking like crazy as I felch. 
I eat until I can’t get another drop.  I am so ready to fuck.  I insert.  “This will take no time at all.”  I fuck him hard.  If he’s shot, he’s jerking hard enough to be trying for two.  Cam shot silently.   I am the opposite.  The sounds of my orgasm start low and erupt from my mouth.  I slam my cock home and let it empty into this country boy’s gut.  I keep grunting some sort of profanity.  With my dick still in his ass, I feel Josh contract around me.  He has to be shooting.  I let him shoot and recover, then pull out.  He has covered the sheet under him.

Josh flips over and grins at the two of us.  “Damn, you guys…”

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