Sunday, June 2, 2013

Farewell to IML & FelchingPisser this Summer

Chicago--May, 2013

I had to get up early the next morning, after just 2 and a half hours sleep, to settle the hotel bill and get Bob on the road.  I tried to sleep after he left, but I could only doze fitfully.  I finally gave up, packed and decided to hit the road.  The Gladiator had hoped I’d come back to his room to say goodbye, but I was sure he wouldn’t be up at 9:30am.  I had left him at 4:00am still fucking and looking for loads.

I followed my luggage down to my car and got it packed.  The doorman insisted on lifting the sling bag.  He muttered to himself from the moment he hefted it to the moment he slammed the lid of the trunk.  Leather men don’t travel light.  (I’d met another IML-er on my arrival who had told the crowd waiting for the elevator that he “had to get a lighter fetish” as he wheeled his three giant suitcases amongst us.)
The sun was trying to peer through the clouds as I got behind the wheel.  I started the engine.  The disc in the player trumpeted the triumphal opening to a Vivaldi Gloria.  And I did feel rather triumphant.  I’d never done a full on IML and I’d had a great time with more hot men than I could possibly count, with a lot of varied play.  I smiled and kicked up the volume a notch as I merged into traffic with my personal ‘end credit music’ blaring.  And damned if the sun didn’t came out on cue, too.


The summer is my busiest time of year.  It will be harder to post (and worse) to do much play.  The good news is I had a very active April and May which I have not written up yet.  I have also taken a lot of pictures of the improvements to the play room—So, I think I’ll have plenty to write about.  I hope you will all stick around for that.


I found this picture by accident this morning.  It was taken May 28, 2008.

It is the moment before--

--and the moment I fucked my first ass bareback since 1983.


  1. Oh gawd...these photos speak volumes. Seeing that beautiful raw cock using that fine ass . Wishing I could be there to clean that cock, tasting that ass and suckling those balls over and over again. I'd love to have been under that sling begging for any drop that might fall to the floor, but caught by my hungry tongue..

    1. There are few times in your life that you can say "That moment changed my life." This one did.