Monday, June 10, 2013

Ex-Military Guy Takes On Two.

My Playroom—April, 2013

I have already recorded my experiences at the end of April when I went to CLAW, but I had a lot of other play during the month before I took off to Cleveland.  My Ex-Military guy was still in town.  Clark and I wanted to hook up again, but he really hoped we could find someone else to fuck him, too.  I was not opposed to sharing his hole—I loved to see him loaded.  I was certainly up for a good felch before I added my own load to his hot ass.
The problem was that we were playing at my place and I only know two other tops in the area.  We were playing in the evening--so that eliminated Cam, the cheating husband.  I sent a text to the other man.  Ron responded enthusiastically.  He’d seen Clark online and wanted a crack at his ass.

We are all naked.  Ron has his cock in Clark’s mouth.  Clark is on his knees, sucking noisily.  I am standing behind him.  I beat my cock on his shoulder, on his cheek, and on Ron’s cock as I wait for my turn in Clark’s hot mouth.  Ron is almost giddy.  He can’t believe his good fortune.  “It’s been weeks since I got off.  I’m gonna shoot buckets.”

I remind him we are in no hurry.
It’s my turn in Clark’s mouth.  I hold his head and fuck into him.  This makes him squirm.  He really wants these cocks in his ass.

Ron lies down on the bed, stroking, as he watches me fuck Clark’s face.  His hand is moving rapidly over his very average sized dick. 
“Go sit on that,” I tell Clark, pointing at Ron.  Clark straddles him, standing on the mattress, and slowly lowers his generous ass onto the red dick below him.  He gets his legs under him, and then begins fucking himself.  I kneel down by the edge of the bed and lean in to lick Ron’s balls.  In no time I move up so I am licking at the shaft disappearing into Clark.  My cock drips.  I am so fucking turned on by seeing him used by another man.  Not to mention the taste of Clark’s ass all over Ron’s enflamed cock.

When Clark rolls off Ron, I pull him around so he’s on all fours, with Ron’s cock right in face.   I enter his ass roughly.  I fuck him hard.  Ron shoves his cock into Clark’s mouth.  I fuck hard enough to make Ron’s dick go deeper down his throat.
We break.  I take a long drink from my water bottle.  Clark is getting in the sling.  Ron is right there to get him into the stirrups.  Clark takes a hit of poppers and tells Ron to fuck him.  I watch for a moment.  Then grab the camera and take a couple of pictures.   

I even crawl under the sling and take a couple of shots from below.

When Ron pulls out, I’m right there.  My tongue goes deep into his fucked hole.  I savor the taste and swallow.  He tastes so good it makes my cock ache.  I scramble up and insert.  Clark grunts his pleasure.  “Ram it, fucker.”
Ron is standing at the side of the sling, stroking.  I am now standing still—pushing and pulling Clark onto my cock. 

“Shit.  I’m gonna cum.”   Ron shoots all over Clark’s chest.  I sigh.  So much for a good felch.  I mop it up with my right hand and smear my cock with his jizz.  It changes the feel of Clark’s hole.  It was good before, but now it is truly silky.  It’s my turn to sigh.  I have slowed my stroke, long dicking him each time.
Ron dresses and leaves, having been there for  under 30 minutes.

Clark wonders if Ron might have a second load and calls after him.  I shrug, and tell Clark he would have stayed if he did.  Clark laughs and decides he was kind of boring. 
I shrug.  “I’m fucking in a great load.”

And I am.  I fuck and rim for a good hour more—tasting the frothy mix regularly— until I shoot my own load up his grasping butt.


  1. Hot scene. You are so generous with your bottoms... spoiling them for all the other 'average' tops. Sigh. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I have been aware, as I write things up on here, just how few one on one scenes I have. I really have a weakness for group sex...and the energy that two tops produce using the same guy.