Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Felching That Ex-Military Ass

My Playroom—April, 2013

Clark, my young ex-military guy, and I wasted no time in meeting up again.  He was headed home at the end of the month.  He told me he how he lived and worked between two military bases near his home town.  He couldn’t wait to get back there, post a Craig’s List ad and get fucked by his former military brethren.  “On a good night, I can have hot Navy cream pouring out of my hole.”
I believed him.  He was hot.  He was talented—he knew how to work his ass. And he knew the guys.  “Maybe you could come visit me sometime,” he added.  “I’d love to have some of those guys over for you to felch.” 

I agreed.
For now, we made do with the other top in my tiny town.  He’s dependable and fun—and loves to share men as much as I do.  Cam is slightly older than I, though his profile says he’s younger.  He has a good sized cock and is in decent shape.  He had seen Clark online and really wanted to sample that ass.  We set up a time.

(I had gotten the fuckbench in the mail between the time we’d been up at the bookstore and now.  I’d gotten it pieced together.  We took the picture you’ve all seen of Clark astride it

I had slipped up his ass for a couple of minutes, but the bench really played no part in our scene—it was set too high for the significantly shorter Cam.)

We are naked.  Clark is on his knees going back and forth between our dicks—lavishing more attention on the new one.  Cam is hard.  Really hard.  He grasps Clark’s ears and fucks his mouth and throat.  I lean down and twist Clark’s nipples and, once he can breathe again, pull him onto my cock.  He swallows me effortlessly.  Clark pulls back and spits a huge glob of that deep throat spittle onto my cock, then Hoovers it down.

He gets up and kneels on the edge of the bed.  He wants dick in his hole.  I supply my tongue instead.  He groans as I work it deep.  Cam scoots in front of him for more head, splaying his legs on either side of Clark’s knees.  I don’t waste much time.  I have been up his hole briefly on the fuck bench.  Now I want to sink in deep and stay there.  I stand up and insert.  He feels great, as always.  His hole clutches at my cock, squeezing it down the entire length as I bottom out in his ass.  I hold for a moment.  Then I begin fucking. 
I am fucking hard enough that I push Clark forward onto Cam’s dick.  It’s Cam’s turn to groan.  After a time, he almost regretfully pulls Clark off his cock, and comes around to try his hole.  I pull out and let Cam in.  “Damn!”  Cam holds a long time.  I’m afraid he’s going to shoot on the spot.  Then he gets it together and starts slamming against Clark’s full butt.

When he’s done, I’m right there to clean Cam’s cock.  His rigid dick is a great mix of precum and ass lube.  I swallow greedily and enter him again.  Cam lies down at a right angle on the double bed, in front of Clark.  Clark swallows his cock, but it’s a rotten angle for him to take it deep.  I stop. 
“Sit on that dick.”
 Clark climbs on.  He loves to ride a good cock.  I watch and stroke.  I can’t resist kneeling down and sucking Cam’s balls, with that bouncing ass inches from my face.  Then my tongue is on the shaft as it is revealed on the upstroke.  My cock drools—I fucking love my face plastered against the men.  Clark calls me a “dirty fucker.”  But he loves it as much as I do.  It’s my turn to stop stroking—I’m that close.
Then it’s my turn for Clark to ride me.  He settles down onto me and grins at me from above.  Cam gets a hasty drink of water and watches my big cock cleave into the fullness of Clark’s ass.  The hole is milking me hard.  I meet his ass, fucking up as hard as he is bouncing on me.  Finally, he pulls up too high and I plop out of his hole.

We try the sling, after I lower it.  But it’s not doing it for us—Cam is still on his toes as he fucks and I’m doing deep knee bends
Clark jumps out and gets back on all fours, ass right at the edge of the bed.  Cam is up him instantly.  He fucks and suddenly stops.  He holds and holds.

“I was bad.  I just shot a load up there.”  Silently.  Without a sound of any kind.
He knows the drill better than anyone.  He pulls out slowly, the moment I kneel at Clark’s ass.  His cock goes right into my mouth.  It’s frothy with cum.  I clean him—every scrap of load goes down my throat.  I find a little on Cam’s balls and lick that off as well.  Then it’s the main course.  A strand of semen is leaking out of his ass.  I start low and scoop upward with my tongue, capturing it all.  My hands pull his cheeks slightly apart.  My tongue pushes into his hole.  Fuck—Cam shot big.  I lick and swallow a large amount.  I clean and savor it all. 

The rest of the clean-up starts slow.  I polish his hole with my constantly moving tongue inside and out to get all of the cum.   I swallow again.  I keep finding more.  My speed picks up as I stroke my cock and eat him out.
I’m there—on the brink.  Shit!  I stand up and push into Clark roughly, but just in time.   I glide home on the remnant of Cam’s load.  I unload, holding onto his ass for dear life….

“You don’t get to eat this one.  I want this one to go home in me.”
I am in total agreement.

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