Friday, June 21, 2013

Loading Ex-Military Ass at the Bookstore

Near My Home—April, 2013

“My boy and I will be back at the video club by 10pm tonight.  He wants both his holes used, while I will need to be serviced when he’s busy with others.  See you there.”
We were going back—back to the bookstore/video lounge/playspace in the biggest city near us.  Both of us wanted his ass used.  I really wanted to eat some load from that hot butt of his again.  I posted the ad on BBRT mid-day.  I proceeded to chat up a number of guys who I thought might like to use Clark.  After I’d picked him up at his residence motel, he told me he’d been texting to a few tops in the city.  Now, if they would just show up.

We walked in five minutes after 10pm.  The set-up had changed slightly.  The round table in the corner was still there for conversation.  There were still two televisions.  But no longer did one play straight porn, now both were gay—one rather vanilla and one rather leatherish.  The small cubicles had been taken down and a sling hung in that back corner.  The large cubicle with gloryholes was still there.  There was also a three foot high wooden cube against the back wall which was suitable for Clark to be bent over and plowed.
Maybe twelve guys were there:  a few to play, many to watch.  Clark went to have a cigarette and I had my cock sucked by an older man who had more enthusiasm than technique.

I sucked a hot guy from the local university.   He shot down my throat while his fists pounded on my shoulders and the wall behind me.
When I stood up, I found Clark around the corner, his mouth on a thick beer can of a dick.  When the guy moved off, Clark got up and joined me.  I smiled at him.

“Take your pants off.”
He did.

My tongue is up his butt.  I revel in his freshly showered taste, while counting on the fact I will taste the progression of dick after dick in his hole.  That thought makes my cock drool.  I stand up and swipe my cockhead down the valley of his ass.  Clark is naked but for his shoes, his clothes tucked neatly between the cube and the wall.  We’ve drawn a crowd to watch the fuck.  I bend to spit on his hole, then let a long strand of drool fall on my hard cock.  I coat myself with it.  And push into him.

“Fuck.  Yeah.”
I fuck him noisily.

The beer can dicked guy, who Clark was sucking earlier, pushes his way through the crowd and sticks it back in his mouth.  Our thrusts sync up.  We look at each other across the naked man, our hips pumping in rhythm.  I offer him Clark’s ass.  He looks down at my cock savaging Clark’s butt.  He nods, but as he pulls out of Clark’s mouth, he shoots.  His cum spurts all over the grubby, tiled floor.  Wasted.  He swats Clark on the back and moves off, shoving his dick in into his designer shorts and buttoning up his jeans.  I fuck for a time, then Clark wants a break.
I watch porn.  Idly jerking.

In no time, Clark is back from outdoors, with a fuckbud of mine.  Joe, is slight, with a generous cock.  He is just younger than I, and is happy to bottom for guys who are older than he, while he tops guys who are younger.  His hair is thinning.  His mouth is in a perpetual grin.  He has introduced himself to Clark outside.  Clark strips down again while Joe and I hug.  I suck his cock a bit.  As soon as Clark’s bent over the cube, I push Joe in his direction.  Joe stands back—a look of admiration for the furry butt in front of him is all over his face.  I’ve left a lot of spit on his cock and he enters Clark easily. 
“Oh, yeah,” sighs Joe.  “Where did you find him?”  I shrug as I move into Clark’s mouth.  Guys start filtering back to watch the live porn instead of the stuff on the tiny screens.  I let Clark take as much of me as he can down his throat.  His mouth is hot; his tongue is in constant motion around my flared cock head.  Joe has his head thrown back, as if he doesn’t dare watch his cock go up Clark’s grasping butt.  There are hands tweaking my nipples through my shirt and hands on my ass.  One of the spectators is kneeling, watching Joe’s cock open Clark up.

“Switch.”  I grunt the word.  Joe nods and pulls out.  He waits for me to get to him.  He knows I love to clean his cock when he pulls out of a hot, clean hole.  I am right there.  I take him to the root.  I love the taste of the hole I’d started rimming, now awash with precum, spit and ass lube.  As much as I love it, I don’t linger.  I stand up and slip my cock up him.  Joe pushes into Clark’s mouth at the same time.  Clark is in pig heaven.  He slurps noisily.  I hear someone shoot behind me, but I don’t know who or where.  We find a different kind of fuck rhythm—Joe is all the way in as I am pulling out.  Shit, this is exactly what I wanted.
“Let me back up him.”  I pull out and take the taste of his ass right to Clark’s mouth on my wet dick.  He greedily cleans my cock.  He pauses as Joe sinks home in his butt.  We fuck into him relentlessly.

We switch one more time before Clark asks for a breather.
I spend the break eating Joe’s ass.  Smoother, flatter, but with a lot of hair right around the hole.  While my face is buried up his butt, I feel a mouth on my cock.  Someone has wormed their way in down there between me crouched over and the cube—and is sucking the best he can in the cramped space.

A group of twenty-somethings enter with a bottle of wine.  I can’t see them, but I can sure hear them.  They want to do no more than drink at the round table by the door.
Clark comes back and strips.  Joe is up him first.  I continue to eat Joe’s butt on the back stroke, until I’m afraid he’ll split my lip with the brute fucking he’s giving Clark. 

I get back up him.  Joe’s phone goes off—he has to go home.  Now.  With no load.  I sigh.
I can get no one else to fuck him. 

They all want to be in his place.
“Let’s do the sling.”

He jumps up into it.  I am just entering him, as the owner brings the twenty-somethings on a tour of the playspace.  One of them shrieks in mock terror as he sees me fucking.  Another covers his eyes in a grossly exaggerated manner as he goes by us.  Two others stop and watch---until the fifth one pushes them to follow the two queens.
The whole mood has changed.  “We need to leave,” mumbles Clark. 

I nod.  “Give me a minute and you can have my load.  I have to concentrate very hard with the sounds of slightly sloshed laughter now coming from the front of the room, but eventually I unload…deep in that hot ex-military ass.

This was taken our first meet---but just a reminder of his hot ass....



  1. Hot being used in public. Looking forward to going to that bookstore with you sometime and whoring out for cock and cum!

  2. We will have to plan it when things slow down for you!

    1. Yes---and you will need to try out the new fuckbench....