Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sex in Four Quarter Time.

My Playroom—April, 2013

I thought I’d written about him before.  Jake is a great fisting bottom, a guy who also loves for me to pull his nut sack tight— until the skin goes all shiny— and then for me to hit the taut flesh as hard as I can.  But I if I have spoken of him, I didn’t code it correctly, for when I call up “fisting” in the topic cloud, there are no entries that deal with him.  No mention of his thick PA-ed cock, or his huge, pierced nipples or all the bejeweled piercings on his balls and perineum, which must surely set off alarms at airports the world over.
He is likely my age, but he could be five years or so, on either side of it.  I first got a fist up him in a bathhouse in the early 1990’s.  We have no real history—beyond almost 20 years of sporadic play.  At first we always met in the sad excuse for a bathhouse in Grand Rapids.  I’d see his shock of prematurely grey hair in the sling, and know I was in for some good hole work that night.  He loved my cock, of course, but needed more.  I could get into his hole with ease after I fucked him and used a couple of his large toys on his ass.  He especially loved the finale--where I used alternating hands. 
“You do it in rhythm, you know,” he told me afterwards.  “You are the only man I know who fists me in 4/4 time.”  I had to think about it, but damned if he wasn’t right.

After I was a widower, the play happened at my house.  I would get a text every six months or so and he would ask if the sling was up and if I had free time.  I was pretty sure I was a good escape (perhaps from a very vanilla boyfriend)—just as I’d used those Grand Rapids bathhouse trips to escape my partner’s drinking binges.  We’d meet, catch up, play and promise to do it again—sooner rather than later—but it always seemed to be at least half a year before we could arrange schedules again.
Then I heard nothing from him for a whole year.  But at the top of April I received a message:  could we meet on his way home from a meeting in Detroit?  We could…

I am in the playroom, idly watching the fisting porn I put on for background noise.  Jake is just out of the shower.  In moments I hear him on the steps.  The door opens and he sits next to me on the bed, still slightly hot and damp from the tub.  I reach for his cock.  He stops me.
“We need to talk.”

“A year ago, my Doctor told me, almost as an afterthought, that I’d tested positive.”  He looks at me in the mirror across the room instead of turning towards me.  “I didn’t want to play again until I’d gotten my viral load down to undetectable.”

I nod.
“You’d always said you played with a lot of undetectable guys.”  Jake pauses a moment.  “Are you fine with this?”

I nod again.  “It’s safer for me to play with guys who have things under control.  The dangerous ones are the guys who claim to be negative, but are so petrified they never get tested and have no real idea of their status.”
He finally smiles.  “I would love to finally feel you bare, but I understand if you don’t want to…”

I don’t answer.  I pull him over on his side, his ass by the edge of the bed.  I slip to the floor.  I pull his cheeks apart and my tongue finds his hole. 
“Fuck, I’ve missed that,” he mutters into the pillow.

I can’t get deep enough.  “On your knees,” I tell him.  He complies and my tongue sinks to new depths.
Jake groans.  I grease my dick slightly as I eat him out.  I can’t wait to have him feel me raw in his ass.

Seemingly, he can’t either.  “Stick that raw cock up me.  Fuck me with that big raw dick…Aw, FUCK!”

My dick is home.  I hold it in place.  Slowly I pull it out. Leaving just the head.  I push in.  I hold again.  I pull out, even slower. 
I start fucking fast and hard.  Jake is breathless in his pleasure.  The sound of my hips on his upturned ass fills the room.

“Fuck me in the sling.  I want to watch your face as you plow me.”
That’s an easy request to obey.  But first, I spend a long time on my knees, tasting his freshly fucked hole.  His ass is pink and hot.  He is a copious self-luber—and I love the taste of his hole after I’ve been in it.  I eat him until my cock demands to go back into Jake.

I slip into him.  He barely grunts now.  But the look on his face is ecstatic. 
I fuck him harder.  I give one smack to his balls, but he pulls them from me.  They don’t seem to be on the menu today.  I fuck until I need a breather.

And damned if I don’t finish him off with alternating both hands into him in 4/4 time.

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