Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The White Master and the Black Boy

Northwest Ohio—March, 2013

“My Master is looking for others tops.  Do you like the look of my Black ass?”
I was chatting on the rather vanilla hook-up site.  I clicked on the picture from the sender.  I did indeed like the full, round ass that winked back at me.  His dark skin looked even darker with the white shirt he was wearing.

“Absolutely,” I typed back.

He gave me the time and location of the motel. Then:

“I like my Master to call me names.  U ok with that?”
I was pretty sure I knew where this was going.  “Oh?”  I responded innocently.

“I serve him better if he calls me a Black bitch.  Or a fucking N------.”
“If that’s what you like, I’m fine with that.”

“U think you can do that 2?”
I sent back a sentence loaded with racial name calling.

He replied with:     : - )  !!!!
I signed off and went to pack my lube….


The Master answers the door.  He’s a big bear, about my age or just slightly older.  He is big, but it’s not fat.  He’s stocky in the best sense of the word.  Hair swirls all over his barrel chest—the kind of unruly hair I want to comb with my teeth.  He is wearing a leather vest, boots and a leather jock.  He grins when he sees me. 
“That’s the faggot there.”

He points to the far bed.  The boy is on all fours, his voluptuous ass pointing towards me.  I walk over to him.  I shift my bag to my left hand and let my right run down his ass crack.  He looks around at me.  He is about 30.  He’s is also stocky but a little softer than his Master.  He smiles.  I swat his ass playfully, but with enough sting to hear it reverberate in the small room.
I drop the bag under the clattering hangers of the closet rod.  I start to strip.  The Master can’t take his eyes off me.  He watches, playing idly with the boy’s ass crack as I get down to a jock and then put my combat boots back on.

“Get him hard, N------!”
The boy springs to life.  He gets on his knees and begins mouthing the pouch of my jock.  He’s hungry for my cock.  The Master leans in and twists my all but nonexistent nipples.  With all the attention, I am boning fast.  I pull myself out of the jock.

“Open up, boy,” I tell him.
I plunge my cock into his mouth.

“Take that man to the root, boy.  Suck him like you mean it.  Use those big lips of yours…” 
The boy is eager enough, but when anything derogatory comes out of his Master’s mouth, he re-doubles his efforts.  I am soon hard and dripping.

“Get on all fours,” I tell him.  I want to sink my face into those cheeks, just as I first saw him. He gets back up on the bed.  I pull his cheeks apart and begin rimming him. 
“Can I use poppers, Sir?” 

The Master grunts his assent.  I hear the bottle open.  He takes a huge hit.  Now his foul mouth starts going.  “Eat my Black mancunt.  Spit in it.  Tell me it’s good and hot….”  He only stops when he inhales another hit from the big brown bottle.
I stand up before the litany begins again.  I watch him screw the cap on—then I push my cock into his wet and sloppy hole.

“Sir, YESSIR!” 
His Master grabs his neck and holds him in place for me.  “Pound his Black hole.”

I don’t need much encouragement.  He’s a great fuck.  I am fucking him with long strokes--savoring the feel of his hot tunnel.  I can’t get in as deep into him as I like, his voluptuous ass cheeks won’t let me.  He is still howling or telling me to cum.  Really?  He must be used to pump and dumps.  I pick up the pace and really fuck him hard.  The sound of my hips slamming his soft butt cheeks fills the room.  It makes the Master grope the front of his leather pouch.
“I want to see you fuck him,” I tell the older man.

He works his cock out of the leather as he comes around to my side of the bed.  He has an average cock.  The head is as red as I’ve seen on any dick.  He’s more than ready.
Words come out of the Master’s mouth (which make me silently wince) but the boy eats it up.  He reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks, telling him to fuck his “big white dick into him.”  I watch and stroke.  The boy is so busy doing poppers I don’t want to get in his way trying to put my cock in his mouth.

When the Master pulls out, I clean his cock.  He smiles, then kisses me.  We have a moment.
I plunge back into the upturned ass of the boy.  He reaches under the pillow and sprays some Maximum Impact into a cheap wash cloth.  He huffs.  His speech is slurred as he tells me to breed his black hole.  He reaches for the poppers—and he slumps over.  I pull out of his hole.  He’s out.  The Master moves around to his head and calls him by name.  We get no response.  I lightly slap his cheek.  Still no response.  The Master shakes him.  The boy says something that neither of us can make out.  He rolls over and begins to babble in some language of his own.  The Master holds him, all role play gone.  In a minute or so, he is back with us—not remembering anything about what just happened.

But he has a splitting headache.  He curls up.  We tell him to rest.  I think he actually falls asleep.  The Master takes my hand and leads me to the double bed nearest the door.  “I want to eat your hole out, hot man.”
I don’t object.  I get on all fours.  He eats me loudly and enthusiastically.  He is terrific. 

I sit on his face.  He gets his ever moving tongue deeper up me yet.
I take a turn eating his hole, through the forest of fur.

We clean pits.  And kiss.  Deeply.  Tasting the depths of each other’s mouth.

We have a great time while the boy dozes.
A knock.  A local school teacher has come to breed the boy.  We rouse him.  He seems totally recovered.  He’s had this man many times before.  We watch the teacher’s bigger than average cock take the boy from behind.  He cums fast.

The boy cleans his cock as I felch some of the load.  I share it with the Master in a wet, sloppy kiss.  This makes the teacher get hard again. 
He fucks another load into the boy.

I don’t felch this time.  I want to fuck in the creamy load, looking extra white as it leaks out of his Black ass.
I push some escaping cum back into him with the head of my cock.  My shaft follows.  I am more than ready.  I unload noisily. The Master holds me from behind as I let my cock marinate in his hot ass.

The teacher leaves as I get dressed.  I turn down an offer to spend the night.  As I leave, I hear the Master tell the boy to get his fat Black ass up and to sit on his face.   I close the door as the boy lets out a deep sigh.  He thanks his Master over and over for letting those white men breed him.


  1. Hmmm. A couple of thoughts. That Maximum Impact? That was kind of scary. I love poppers. LOVE poppers. But have always been uneasy about those that use that stuff. And now I have reason to be. And the N-word. Can't do it. I wince a bit calling someone (or their big dick) black. Hot story. Glad you had a connection with the Master. You amaze me, dude. You truly amaze me. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Upton----There is the Maximum Impact story here and then I reported the same thing happening during IML when the guy blacked out on his feet. I actually think it is the mix of poppers and MI--at least it was with the two men I've seen go under.

      I would never seek race play out. But, I'm enough of a performer that when it was requested, it's one more thing I can do to complete a scene for a bottom. I was very careful---I don't think I ever said the N-word...I let others do that, but by actions and a few well chosen other words gave him what he needed. He obviously loved what we did. I am seeing he and Master again tomorrow.

  2. Yeah. Mental block for me, too. Can't use the N-word. I don't necessarily have a problem with the idea of race play. It's more of the fact that it jars me out of the moment. My college roommate though, loved having "white cracker boys service his big black master cock".

    1. It was a first time for me, too---at least to this level. I wondered if it would do what you describe--take me out of the moment. Well, I was aware...at first. Then it was fine--as I watched the bottom get more and more turned on by it all. And I also tried to show what I saw between the two of them--that when the bottom went under--it was all role play for the Master, too.