Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teaching This Old Horndog New Tricks--Part Two: My First Transman

Near Home—June, 2013 11:30pm

This post picks up immediately after the last one.

“Do you want to get fucked?”  The older man whispers it in the cute young man’s ear, but loud enough for me to hear it too.
The young man nods.  I lube my cock a little, as he stands up and drops his pants.  He sits right back down and his hand finds his boyfriend’s.  I want to eat this guy out.  I kneel in the darkened room, the boyfriend reaches across and holds the young man’s legs high in the air.  I find his ass with my tongue.  He gasps as I go deep into him.  I love the taste of his young hole.  He is pushing himself onto my face.  I rear up and slap my cock on his hole.

I’m confused for a moment.
The boy has only the tiniest cock. 

Wait he has…my brain makes an adjustment.  There is a rather full labia around another hole right above the ass I was eating. 
I push my cock into the transman’s ass…

“Fuck him with that big dick.”  It’s the boyfriend.  “He loves it up the ass. 
I sink into him with my entire length.  He grins up at me.  I am close enough to his face to watch his eyes roll up into his head as I repeatedly pound into him.  I think I could cum—from the unexpected factor—and all the fucking before they came into the room.  I slow down to make it last.

“Do you want to try a double?”  The boyfriend seems to be ready to fuck now.  I pull out.  The bearded young man gets up.  I hug him.  He hefts my cock and mouths the word “Wow.”  The boyfriend lies down on the faux leather couch.  The young man moves around and straddles his cock with his front hole.  He leans forward waiting for me to enter him.  I move around.  They are so far into the middle of the couch, I can’t get up and over to slip in.  I tell them to move towards the end of the couch.  They do.  The mound of the young ass is now in front of me.  I kneel for a second to watch the BF fuck.  I stand and slip in the other hole.  We are doing DP for a moment.  Then the BF flops out.  I continue fucking until the door buzzes.
I am right in the entrance path.  I pull out and let the new man into the room.  He stops dead as he sees the slim ass in the air.  His hand immediately starts to knead the front of his Bermuda shorts.  He’s built big, the powerful kind of big.  A former foot baller is my guess.  His wide handsome face twists into lust.

“Is that ass up for grabs?” he asks.
I look to the cutie still straddling the older man beneath him.  The young one nods.

The top who shared the Mexican guy comes over to stroke and watch. 
The new guy has his dick out.  I nod to him to go ahead.  The foot baller spits on his dick.  “Has anyone been up this ass tonight?”

“I have.”
“You cum in there?”  He doesn’t wait for an answer.  He is in the ass.  “Fuck, yeah.  You are a hot boy.” 

I smile as I stroke.  He has no idea…
“You go back up him.”  The footballer pulls out.  “Fuck him good,” he says to the room.  Then he whispers in my ear, “You should cum up there.  I want to eat your load off your cock after you pull out.”

I fuck hard.  The footballer keeps telling me to cum.  But suddenly he is the one shooting.  He covers the floor with a huge load, I could only wish he’d shot up the boy.  I slow down, and have to disengage to let him get out the door.  The top I had played with first goes along after him.
We take a break, now alone in the theatre.  I am sitting back in my original place.  After all the fucking we introduce ourselves.  The BF turns out to be only a friend named Harry.  The transman, Jaman, tells me he’s here from the west coast.  I tell him I’m glad he wondered into the theatre.

Jaman grins.  “I want you in my front hole.”
I nod.  I slide down to the floor.  His legs are wide.  I push his legs up and my tongue goes back to his ass for a moment.  I take a moment, telling myself to get to it.  I move to the mound of T-cock (though I didn’t know enough to call it that at the time.)  It fits entirely in my mouth.  My tongue is obviously doing something right.  I stay plastered to the miniature cock (the testosterone shots make it grow.)  Jaman shivers and grinds into my face.  My tongue inches down.  I lick his front hole, deep and long.

“Fuck him.”  It’s Harry.  “Put that big cock in there.”
I stand up and bend forward.  I am in.  I look huge entering this thin young man.   I fuck.  But I’m slipping backward on the slick, cummy floor.  I finally have to stop or I’ll topple onto him.  I sit down.  Jaman takes my cock in his mouth.  Before I even know it, he straddles me and starts to ride my cock.  It feels great. 

“You may make me cum,” I pant.
“Wait a minute.”  It’s Harry. I slow down.  “We have been trying to shoot some video today.  Do you want to come back the house?”

“For the two of you?” I ask.
“Well, no.  I run a porn site about transmen.  I’ll pay you.”

I just look at him.  “Really?”
“Yeah.  Wanna make some porn?”

To be continued…


  1. Damn hot! I wouldn't have been able to wait two months to write something like this up! Can't wait until part three.

    1. I really needed to tell someone, too, so my brother got an earful about it. I don't know why I have fallen into doing my posts in chronological order....but I have....

      And thanks. I hope you like it. I will include the link to the site.