Monday, September 2, 2013

Teaching This Old Horndog New Tricks--Part Three: Making FTM Porn

Near Home—June, 2013 12:45am

This posts picks up immediately after the last two.

“I run a porn site about transmen.  I’ll pay you.”
I just look at him.  “Really?”

"Yeah.  Wanna make some porn?”


I don’t even think twice.  Why not?  We head out, leaving the theatre together.  The bookstore clerk smirks at me, thinking he knows just what we are off to do. 
I follow them in my own car.  It feels like it takes forever to get to his house, but in reality, it’s not that far.  It’s just getting late. 

We go in to his large, but typical house in a newer subdivision.  We stand around the kitchen as the producer, the large man who I once thought was the boyfriend, fills out the various forms.  I prove I’m over 18 (really?).  I sign model agreements and papers about profit sharing.  I give him my porn name—Charles Wolfe.  Jaman and I take our HIV tests and have our pictures taken with the results.  He goes off to shower and clean up for the shoot. 
The producer and I talk a little about my blog.  I ask how many shoots he’s done; he’s has three waiting to be edited.  The producer’s impressed I’ve actually done porn.  The college guys he got before were pretty hit or miss.  He tells me Daddies are big in transmale porn.  I drop the fact that my sling is in the trunk of my car.  He loves this idea as it will give him better camera angles.  I go out to the car and get it.  We haul it up the stairs to the big bedroom.  I set it up and then go shower myself.  When I step out of the steamy bathroom, the lights trees are up and pointing at the bed.

“I thought we’d start on the bed.  After fucking there for a bit, you’ll invite him to get in the sling.”
I agree.  We sit for a moment waiting for Jaman to appear.  I look around the plain beige room now transformed into his set.  The equipment is good.  Someone has invested some real money in this site.  Jaman comes in from the big bathroom. 

“Let’s get started.”  He explains to Jaman what he just told me.  We make our selves comfortable, propped up on pillows against the wall.  We are already naked so we pretty much just start.   He’s a good kisser.  I get him down on my cock.  He sucks noisily.   I pull him up to kiss him again.
“Ride him,” prompts the producer.

Jaman climbs aboard my cock, facing me.  I look even bigger than usual as this fairly small person lowers himself onto me.  I let him do the work for awhile, then grab him around the waist and fuck up into him.  I am ready to move around to a traditional missionary position as the producer stops us and switches us so Jaman is riding me, facing the camera.  He gets a close up of my cock splitting him open.  He brings a light in with the camera.  The heat is intense on my balls and thighs.

We fuck missionary.
We sixty-nine a little.

“Ok.  Do the invite.”
“I really want him to sit on my face first.”

“Great.  But get your head down here.”  He thumps the foot of the bed.  I sprawl in that direction and Jaman settles onto my face with a moan.  I work my tongue back and forth between his holes, my fingers on his t-cock.  I am pretty sure I get him off.
I roll out from under.  “I’d really like to get you in my sling.  Do you want to?”

Jaman nods. 

Lights are shifted from the bed to the sling.
We never really stop playing.  I idly fuck him until we are ready to go.  Once he is positioned in the sling, I concentrate on anal sex.  I eat his ass.  I spit into opened hole.  I fuck it hard.  Then I do it all again in close up. 

I spend more time licking his T-cock.  He squirms with the intense stimulation. I rise and slap my cock onto the wet mound.  “You want this big cock back in your pussy?”
“Cut!”  We stop.  “Don’t call it that, go back and say ‘front hole.’”  I nod, lesson learned.

“You want this big cock back in your front hole?”

I slide in.  And I fuck with some nice chain rattling.
Then we film it from below, the light intense on our bare skin.

We break.  I lean in to kiss Jaman.  He asks for me go back and forth from ass to front hole. Repeatedly.  Can I do that?  I grin.  And he gives me that grin that made me so hot for him in the first place.
“Ok.  Battery is changed.  Are you ready to cum?”

“Close,” I tell him.
“You know the kind of thing.  Cum on his front hole then push it inside.”

“Got it.”
I insert in his ass.  I do a couple of strokes, then pull out and move right up to the other.  I fuck a few strokes there, then go back to the ass.  Jaman is loving this.  So is the producer, actually.  I keep it up.  Then announce my cum shot.   After all the hours of play, I have built up a big load.  I shoot it over his front hole.  It drips down onto his ass as well.  I push in, truly breeding him.  I pull out and push even more of my spunk into him.

“Cut.  Damn.”  The producer puts the camera down and comes around between Jaman’s legs.  He looks enquiringly at Jaman, who nods at him.  He shoots a load onto him as well.

I’m packing up.

“I want to use you again,” the producer tells me.  “You are a natural.”
I thank him.

He hands me my check.  It’s for more than we’d agreed.  I thank him again.
I kiss Jaman goodbye and head out into the early morning hours of the new day.


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  1. Oh, my... a star is born! Movin' on up... sigh. At the bar I'll tell all the boys... I knew him when... :) Carry on, you sexual warrior. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Yeah, right.....

      On the other has paid my car payments the last three months!

  2. I've had a crush on one of my best friends -- a transman -- since we first met years ago. We've come close to playing, but never quite gone there. This story was so hot...made me think about all the stuff I'm looking forward to. Looking forward to watching the videos...and enjoying, as always, your stories. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I hope you get around to playing. It was not something I went looking for--but I am so glad this experience found me. I always thought I was open to more--and damned if I wasn't. And I have more coming up to tell you all about...