Friday, December 6, 2013

Halloween at the Bathhouse

Indianapolis—October 31, 2013

I got an e-mail from Juan (the bottom who loves to get his ass loaded and then share it with me) in the middle of October.  He had stopped by the playroom the month before where I’d stuck a devil’s dick of my frozen cum up him—then topped it off with a freshly made batch of swimmers. He wrote he was looking to get out of town for Halloween.  So was I.  He didn’t want to stay in Chicago, which would have been my first choice.  We settled on an equal drive for both of us—Indianapolis.  We agreed we’d go out to the bathhouse together on Halloween.  Then the next night we’d throw a gangbang in the motel.  I got to work on the ad for BBRT.
I arrived first on that Thursday.  I had reserved a room with two beds so I traveled without the sling or any of the fuck furniture.  I’d unpacked and got online to chat with potential breeders for Juan, while writing a blog post.  Juan arrived late and headed right into his cleaning routine.  It took him longer than usual, but a squeaky clean Juan and I hit the bathhouse just before midnight on Halloween night.  We got a small basket of treats from the receptionist as we checked in.  We went to our rooms to change, agreeing to meet in the common dark area, in search of the treats we really wanted…

The whole place is darker than usual.  It’s Blackout Night.  As I tour the place I realize I can see—but just.  Except for the steam room which is so black you don’t dare move.  I get out of there fast.  I make my way into the dark room.  It used to have a sling in the space, but now there are just a couple of benches against the wall.  I push through the curtains.  The place is packed.  So packed I stand still after taking about three steps into the space. 
The sounds make my cock stiffen.  There are the unmistakable sounds of sloppy blow jobs, of guys groaning, or an occasional swat on a fleshy ass.  I have hands on my chest, my ass, and my distending jock.  I move carefully around so my back is against the wall.  A faceless guy has my cock out and is trying to take it to the root.  A guy is twisting my right nipple.  I feel a guy push the cock sucker to one side, so the new one can lick my balls.

My eyes are adjusting to the lack of light.  It’s an older man on my nipple.  It’s a very young man on my balls and a leather-harnessed-40-something on my cock.  The sound of fucking is now louder than anything else.  I look in that direction.  It’s Juan, of course, bent over and holding onto one of the benches.  A big bear of a man is pumping away into Juan’s gorgeous, upturned ass.  The two kneeling in front of me, now share my cock.  The youngest man has too many teeth involved in working my dick, so I hold the harnessed guy in place and begin to fuck his throat.  He opens with a grunt and I can fuck five deep strokes before he gags.  I let him up for air, wondering if he wants more.  He gives me a pleading look from down there between my boots.  I slap his face with my stiffened cock.  I plunge back in.  He’s good.  He takes me a little longer this time before I let him pull off, gasping for air.
A tall man pulls my cocksucker onto his own dick.  I take the opportunity to move towards Juan.  The Bear thinks I must be his Daddy.  He pulls out.  I push right into Juan’s wet hole.  The Bear and I take turns on him.  We both love showing off to the men who form a ring around us.

“I want some of that dick, Sir.”  It’s the Harnessed Sub.  He bends over right next to Juan.  I pull out of Juan and push into the proffered ass.  The Bear goes back up Juan.  I am pumping hard into the Sub.  The Bear matches my rhythm.  At one point the Sub pull off me.  He’s not done, no; he just wants to taste his ass on my cock.  He slurps my cock loudly, then spins back around and impales himself back on me.  I look at the Bear.  I point to the ass in front of me, inquiring mutely if he wants to switch asses.  He slows, but instead asks Juan to go fuck in his room.  I whack the boy on his ass and fuck him harder.  He cleans me again when I finally pull out.  I go to the drinking fountain in the main hallway.  The Sub follows. 
“Please Sir, I drink piss, too.”  He’s kneeling behind me when I straighten up from the fountain.  Music to my ears.  I push into his mouth.  I let him suckle a piss stream right there.  I love the suction of his sucking and swallowing.  When I’m done, he thanks me and promises to find me later.  I never see him again.

An hour later.  I can’t find Juan.  I can only guess he’s having fun in a room somewhere with the door shut.  I’ve had random guys on my dick.  I have ventured (slowly) into the steam room and given a little head to someone I couldn’t see at all.  I go back into the dark area.  It seems pretty deserted.  No, I’m wrong.  There is shape I can just make out on the bench across from me.  We both stroke in silence. 

The man gets up and moves to me.  Once he’s closer, I can make out a tall, fairly buff man.  His towel is on his shoulder.  A bigger than average dick is pointing straight at me.  I take it into my mouth.  He lets me work the head and the piss slit before my lips work down the shaft.  He groans.  My hands find his generous, smooth ass cheeks.  I knead them as I suck. 
He pulls me off and kneels in front of me.  He swallows my cock.  I play with his dark hair.  Eventually, my hand trails down his back to his ass.  I really want to fuck this beauty.  He pulls off as soon as my finger grazes his pucker.  “I don’t get fucked,” he tells me.

“Can I eat it?”
He doesn’t answer.  He just stands up and puts one foot up on the bench next to me.  I get on the floor and bury my face in his ass crack.  I get in deep and hard with my tongue.  He’s stroking like crazy. 

“Oh, God that’s good.  Eat my hole.”
I do.  I pull the cheeks apart again.  I slurp and spit.

Eventually his cock is back in my mouth.  The man takes my hand and puts it right on his pucker.  I worm my index finger in—deeper and deeper.  The man groans.  I wonder if I’m going to fuck him after all.
There is a sound at the door.  The man shoots down my throat.  He has pulled away from me and has the towel around himself before the new man stumbles on us in the dark.

There is still no sign of Juan.  I am prowling the corridors.  An open door reveals a man jerking to the porn on his in room television.  He is perhaps 35, dark haired and has a little extra weight on his big frame.  He invites me in.  I have seen no one else around.  I go in.  He seems to want a blowjob.  I comply.  He tells me he’s a top—and to swallow that big dick.  It is six inches, if that.

“You’re really good,” he tells me. “I fuck guys with my big stick all the time.”
“Then I bet your ass doesn’t get much attention.”

“You know—those bottom guys don’t eat ass very often, do they?”

“Stand up and bend over.”  He does, his chest resting on the single bed frame.  I squat on the floor and bury my face in the wide cleft between his cheeks.  My tongue finds his pucker.  It gives way easily against my invading tongue.

“You do that really well,” he pants.  “It looks like you really like eating my ass,” he continues, referring to my rock hard dick.
I grunt assent.

“Put it up against my hole for a minute.”  I do.  He pushes back.  “Oh, my God!  I’ve never been fucked.  And you are so big.”  He is taking me way too easily for that statement to be true.  “Oh God, fuck me with that thing.”
I do.

Then his deception continues.  “I’ve never ridden a cock.  Can we try that?”
“Sure.”  I lie down on the bed.  His ass swallows me up instantly.  He bounces on me, jerking furiously.

In no time, he’s shooting all over my chest.  “Fuck, yes!  Fuck me with that raw cock.  Cum in my ass.  Fill me up.  ARGH!”
He pulls off me very fast.  “Wow, that’s a first.” 

I smile.  I have not shot at all. 
“Wow,” he says again.  “You made me do things I’ve never done before.”

I just nod.  Whatever story he needs to tell himself is fine with me.

Juan and I connect immediately in the dark area.  I ask how his night was.
“I was always busy,” he shrugs.  “But I didn’t get a single load.”

I can’t believe it.  He’s the one guy I know who can milk a load out of a stone.  “Let’s fix that and go home.”
Juan agrees and bends over.  A guy wanders in and jerks as he watches us fuck.

I shoot—with the load I’ve been working on for the last two and half hours.  Juan clenches and milks.  I clean up his hole with my tongue.
“Hey,” the guy watching us says, “You guys are real whores.”

We can’t help but laugh.


  1. Which bathhouse? Wish I had been there. Really!

  2. I have been to both bookstores in Indy. We decided to go to the Club.