Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Return to the Bathhouse

Indianapolis—November, 2013

 We were on our way back to the bathhouse the moment Juan and I were done with the mini-gangbang.  Juan wanted to get there with those three loads in his ass…

 We walk the halls.  It’s a totally different feel from the night before.  There was electricity in the air on Halloween.  Tonight it’s just another night at the tubs.  We push the curtains aside and walk into the communal dark area.  There are no crowds tonight.  It feels empty.  Just to get things going, I bend Juan over.  He holds on to one of the benches and I hunker down behind him and tongue fuck his ass.  It’s still very full from the loads he took at the motel.  He pushes out a small dollop of jizz into my mouth.
“Fucker…”  I stand up and push my rampant cock into his ass

Juan moans, partly from the cock attack, partly to attract guys into the dark room.  I can make out two who must have been there when we entered.  They are sitting on opposite sides of the room from each other, but at least they do start playing with themselves as we fuck.  I make sure that I slap Juan’s hairy ass, which echoes in the empty space.  It works.  Three or four guys filter in.  Almost instantly, Juan has lifted a towel and has a cock in his mouth.  Soon he pulls off me, turns around and inserts the new dick. 
Exactly why we are here.

I find a willing mouth.  I know that he knows it was just up Juan’s ass.  It seems to excite him.  I let him suck me.  He takes me to the root with ease.  Repeatedly.  But he can’t get enough of my dripping piss slit.   He keeps pulling back off the shaft so he can squeeze the head with his left hand.  He gets a dollop of precum on his hardworking tongue which he swallows with relish.  After about the fifth time he does this, I pull him up and ram my tongue into his mouth.  We kiss.  Long.  Deep. With lots of shared spit.  Eventually, I pull back and look at him.  He’s maybe 30, maybe 35.  He’s 5’8”, slim and with just wisps of dark hair on his chest.  It’s his face that gives me pause—he’s not just good looking—he’s stunning.  Or at least to me.  And seemingly to the rest of the room.  Everyone wants to touch him as we play.  My partner grasps my wrist and leads me from the room.  He has one of the double bed rooms that are right outside the dark area.  But the surprise is that there is a man standing right inside the door.
“Well, hello,” he says.  He’s  in his late 60’s, decently put together and is standing there naked with a thick six incher pointing right at me.  “You must have a big one if he brought you back here.”

I smile. 
The boy scrambles up on the bed, on all fours. “Fuck me like you did that guy.”

The older man starts to leave, then stops.  “You don’t mind if I grab a friend to join us.”  He is gone before I can answer, but it wasn’t really phrased as a question anyway.  He leaves the door wide open. 
I bend over to taste the hot one’s ass.  The bed is high—if I kneel, I’ll be too low.  He moans.  I eat him out.  I think he’s been fucked tonight, but he has not been loaded.  I get him down, so he’s standing on the floor, so I can get my cock in him.  The moment I get my cock into his hole, guys push into the room.  Hands are everywhere.  Many are on my ass, on my balls, my nips and his cock.

“Out.  All of you.”  It’s the Daddy.  He’s back with a man slightly younger than I. The onlookers troop out of the room and the Daddy shuts the door.  The new man drops his towel.  His cock is about my size, with a slight upwards curve.
“Fuck the boy.”  I think he means me, as I’m still up him.  But I’m wrong.  It’s the new guy he wants to see up the boy.  The Daddy pulls me over to him.  He chews my nips and sucks my cock.  I watch the new guy fuck the pretty one.

“Change up.”  It’s Daddy calling the shots.  I go back up the gorgeous one.  The Daddy and the newcomer decide to converse too loudly as I fuck.
“That’s enough.  Fuck me,” Daddy instructs me.  I pull out and slip into the Daddy, who has bent over the bed.  The newcomer flips the gorgeous one on his back and fucks him again.

“You are really big,” Daddy pants.  The sound of the side by side fuckings fill the room. 
“That’s enough,” Daddy says as he pulls up and away from me. “We need to take a small break.”

I am hustled out of the room.  The door closes.
I go and sit in the billows of steam in the steam room.  Hands reach out of the mist…

After I tire of the heat, (and some head that is only adequate) I make the tour of the halls again.  There is no sign of Juan.  That’s a good thing.  The gorgeous boy finds me in the dark area.  Once again he pulls me back to the room.  The other two are there.  I fuck the gorgeous boy.  I fuck the Daddy. 

“Break.  See you later.”  The Daddy is holding the door open.  I’ve been there for less than ten minutes.  I am tired of the lack of attention span---and I think I know what’s happening.  The gorgeous one pulls out the tell-tale stash from the far side of mattress too fast—before I’m out the door.  I’m not supposed to see it, but I do.  I won’t be back.

I fuck two random guys in the dark room. 
One shoots with my cock deep in his guts.

I sit alone in the dark area.  My cock needs relief.  I’ve been edging with all the sex I’ve had for too long.  But there is no one here to help.

A guy comes in.  For a second, he’s framed in the lit doorway.  He is a big bear of man.  Big, but not sloppy big.  He gets down on his knees in front of me.  He engulfs my cock in one gulp.  I reach down and fondle his nipples, playing with the hair on his chest.
The curtains part.  It’s Juan.  He watches the man give me head. 

The big man looks up, rather wistfully, into my eyes.  “Would you fuck me, Sir?” 
I nod.  He gets up and bends over, holding on to the wall.  I briefly kneel and spit on his hole.  I push against him.  He’s tight.  I push again and I’m in.  I hold still.  I can tell he’s struggling to relax.  I begin a slow fuck.  I see Juan stroking.  I so rarely see him hard anymore.  He has a long, uncut cock.  I turn the Bear away from the wall so he can suck Juan.

“I want to fuck him.” 
I look over at Juan.  I know he tops—just never around me.  I can’t wait to see him in action.  I pull out and watch Juan slide into the Bear’s hot ass.  He fucks with great authority—he owns that ass.  The Bear hesitates for a second, knowing my cock was in his ass, but then goes down on me hungrily.  I lean across the man and kiss Juan.  I can tell Juan is building for a cum shot.  We kiss hungrily.   He only breaks it as he shoots into the Bear.

“Oh, yeah.  Take it.”
I move around.  I clean Juan when he finally decides to pull out.  I lick up the cum that he’s pulled out of the Bear’s ass.  I push in—fucking in Juan’s jizz.

“Do you want another load?”
“Yes.  Yes, Sir.”

It takes me no time at all to mix my cum with Juan’s.
Juan cleans me, savoring our mixed jizz that is all over my wet dick.  He kisses me.  The Bear straightens up, leaning against the wall.  His legs are shaking.  We pull him into our kiss…

We go our separate ways in the morning—me to Michigan, Juan to Illinois.  I am tired, but Juan has arranged at least two hook-ups en route as he heads home.

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