Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Rubber Gear at Steamworks

Chicago—November, 2013

This picks up right the last entry about the piss party.

David, the hot man in the singlet, had left the piss party early to attend a family function.  We were to text him as soon as we checked into Steamworks.  After a quick sandwich, we checked into our rooms.  I text David, then go see what’s happening.  I don’t see Ryan for over an hour…

It’s International Mr. Rubber weekend.  Men in rubber are everywhere.  My room is right next door to a sling room which is reserved for their use.  The door there never closes.  There are constant moans emanating from the room as holes are worked and stuffed.

There are actually men everywhere.  It’s a great night for playing in public.  The fuck bench on the third floor, near my room, has been taken over by cocksuckers.  The slurp ramp on the second floor is packed.  There are no holes available—either to suck or be sucked.  I continue down to the second floor public sling and fuck bench.  The fuck bench is empty.  The sling has a young man in it.  At least I think he’s young.  He’s encased in a rubber suit, but he has the ass area unzipped.  I smile at him, and then realize that he has a blindfold on.  The ass peeking out of the rubber is full and inviting.  I kneel and stick my tongue into him.  He jumps, making the sling chains rattle.  The hair in his ass crack is matted.  I can tell that other dicks have been up him—though I don’t think he’s been loaded.  I spit onto his pucker and push it deep.

I stand up.

“Fuck him raw.”  This comes from a man passing through. 

I push into him.  I fuck him, my hips slapping onto his upturned butt.  I get bored pretty fast as I have no reaction from him at all.  He lays there passively with nary a sound since his first reaction.  A Black footballer-type stops to watch.  He drops his towel and jerks.  I indicate he should take over.  He comes around and watches me fuck a few more strokes.  I pull out and step aside.  He pushes right in.  The bottom makes no indication that anything has changed. 

I go off and find some cock to suck in the dark area on the third floor.


Hours later, I round the corner near the second floor fuck bench.  A man about my age is on it.  He’s hairy and beefy.  I eat his hole.  He begs for my cock—“That bare cock,” as he keeps telling me.  I push into him roughly.  “You are fucking huge,” he grunts out.  I pump away.  The guy reaches around and begins stroking his cock.  I pump harder.  He shouts out his orgasm, as I fuck the cum out of him.  His jizz is all over the floor and on my boots.

A crowd has been gathering, with the noisy fuck.  One of them is my fuck bud Carlos.  He’s appeared in this blog on several occasions.  He’s late 30’s, tall, gym built and with a gorgeous shoulder tattoo that trails onto his chest and back.  The man I’ve been fucking scrambles off the bench.  Carlos and I kiss, and then Carlos bends over the bench.  I kneel and push my face into his rounded ass.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him.  I lick and chew and spit into his hole.  Just as I stick my dick into him, Ryan comes around the corner.  He watches me fuck this hot man.  And seemingly half the bathhouse wants to see it, too.   The crowd is pushing around the corner, behind me and between the wall and the bench.  Carlos pulls off my dick and spins around to suck me clean.  I motion Ryan to try his ass.  Ryan slips in and fucks.  But the crowd is too much.  We literally can’t move now.  We stop and go our separate ways.

 We all meet up again by chance.  Ryan is fucking a hooded hottie in a corner room.  I go in to join him. We trade off on this hooded man’s hole.  Then Carlos is there.  He wants more of Ryan’s cock.  He bends over next to the guy I’m fucking.  Ryan and I fuck side by side. 

We switch asses.

A third top joins us.  We all go from hole to hole.

 I try Ryan—but he’s just too tight.

 And just as suddenly, the guy in the hood wants us out.  Once again we separate.


I go back to my room.  I have a text from David.  His family function ran so long he can’t come.  Damn.


It’s late.  Our time is almost up.  There are far fewer people around.  The rubber folk seem to be totally gone.  I am roaming the halls.  I really need an ass to unload in.  I’m not seeing anyone I want to fuck.

 “Hey, come to my room, man.”  I turn.  The speaker is a Hispanic young man in a towel.  He is cute and worked out.  And he looks familiar.  But I don’t think I’ve seen him tonight.  “We’ve talked online,” he tells me as he leads me to his room just around the corner.  He tells me his screen name on BBRT.  Of course.  We’ve talked for over two years, but things have never quite worked out.  And here he is…

 I shut the door as he flops down on the bed.   “Get on your knees,” I tell him.  He’s on all fours in a heartbeat.  My tongue finds his hole.  It’s creamy.  Oh, my God….

 “I’ve got three loads in there.  Eat them out, like you like.”  My tongue pulls out a long strand of anonymous jizz.  I groan and swallow it down.  At this point in the night, it’s going to take so little to make me get off.  I dig a little deeper.  My cock jumps as I get another strand of jizz down my throat.

 I rise and push my cock into him.  He grunts.  It’s not about him at all.  It’s all about getting me off.  The cum has lubed every inch of his hole.  I pull out once, wipe some jizz off my on my hand and reach around to feed it to the boy.  He suckles my fingers clean.  I plunge back in.  I am almost there.

 I shoot—adding the fourth load up his sweet little hole.

Ryan and I check out with minutes to spare.

It’s a long drive home…


  1. Great post. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year ahead.

  2. That was a good night, thanks for the cock.

    1. Carlos----(as I call you in the blog)-- Thanks. You made that night special--and Ryan loved getting into you as much as I did....