Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Four Pigs of the Piss Party

Chicago—November, 2013

So here it is Christmas Eve and I’m writing about the November piss party.  My background music is Barbara Cook singing about snow showers and a warm fireside.  I keep thinking about golden showers and a hot ass.  There was once a critic who proclaimed that if the angels in heaven didn’t sing like Barbara Cook then he wasn’t going.  I can certainly make the case that if the angels don’t have the talents of the four piss pigs mentioned here then I don’t want to go either…

Red Trunks
I have checked my clothes and am sipping my water.  My travel companion, Ryan of Spreading My Legs, is off checking out the porn and the men.  The first person who finds me is Red Trunks.  I have his name somewhere, but I can never think of it when we meet—likely for I can’t stop thinking about his perfect ass encased in bright, scarlet Speedos.  He’s young (not yet 30).  When he stands up, he is maybe 5’ 9”, but he’s always bent over.  He’s cute—he could be easily cast as the gay neighbor in any sit-com.  He’s slender and worked out.  His legs are hairy, as is his ass crack—but he’s all but hairless above his waist.  RT likes piss play, but there is no doubt that he is here to get as much raw cock up his perfectly shaped ass as he can get.

 We kiss. 

 “How are you, Daddy?”

I tell him about my drive in as we move to the back corner.  When we reach the back bar stool, he turns his back to me.  Like a stripper, he peels his Speedo down just below those full ass cheeks.  He leans on the stool, thrusting his ass out at me.

 My cock instantly pushes out of the pouch of the right side of my jock.

 “Will you fuck me?”

 I don’t answer.  I piss all over his ass.  He moans.  I kneel and bury my face in the dripping mounds of hot flesh.

 “Fuck, yes.  Eat me out.  You make me so wet.”

 I stick my tongue deep into him.  He’s just arrived.  No one has been up there yet.  I can’t wait to taste him later in the evening.  I slobber into his butt, stand up and push my cock roughly into him. 

 “Fuck me hard.  Make that ass yours!” 

 I answer with a resounding swat of my left hand on his wet butt cheek.

 I fuck him hard.

 I fuck him as some man comes over and pisses on my cock.  I fuck the piss into his perfect ass.

 I fuck him until I have to stop or shoot.  I clean his hole and kiss RT.  “I’ll bring you a load to felch, I promise,” he tells me.  I kiss him again and send him off on his quest.  We will meet repeatedly throughout the evening. 

 The Man with the Dragon Tattoo
The next man this night is one of the most sensual men I know.  We can’t keep our mouths off each other.  The Man with the Dragon Tattoo is tall—my size tall.  He’s built as lean and lanky as I am.  He’s shaved his head.  His goatee is much more trimmed than mine.  He has many, many tattoos—but the prime one is a huge dragon on his back that wraps a claw around his bicep here, his shoulder blade there.  It’s a work of art.  If Red Trunks is here to get fucked, Dragon Tat is here for the joy of piss play.

“I have to piss,” he announces after we pull out of our kiss.  I sink to my knees.  I wait a moment for his cock to go from sex mode to piss mode.  He stays mostly hard as the piss begins to fill my mouth.  He’s drunk some beer, so it’s the sweetest piss in the world.  And he can’t stop.  It just fills me up.  I chug it down—rock hard.  When I have finally swallowed the last drop, we kiss again.  He’s hungry to know just what his piss tastes like.  Mid kiss, he seats me on the long, high bench against the side wall.  He kneels.  He sucks me.  Expertly.  He knows to get my balls.  And under my balls.  He works his tongue between my cock ring and my nut sack—something that makes me moan.

 “Lean back.” 

 I do.  He’s one of the few men in the world I allow to eat my ass.  But he stands up.  I tense for a second.  Then, remarkably, piss pours out of his cock and covers my ass crack.  He wets me down before he kneels and cleans every drop off my ass.

 “You need to piss?”

 I can’t do it again quite yet.  DT settles down and goes back to his expert blow job.  Eventually I feed him what he wants—returning all that beer piss now recycled through me.  This makes us kiss again.  I am still seated.  DT spits on my cock and slowly impales himself on it.  He squeezes me with every stroke.  When his legs tire, he gets off and kneels to clean my cock.  We kiss.  I separate from his kiss only because the piss and Gatorade have kicked in.

“I have some for you…”

DT kneels and his mouth envelops my cock to take my piss straight down his throat.

David is here this month, too.  Once again he’s wearing his Neoprene singlet which shows off his thick cock and bubble butt.   His handsome, strong features and jet black hair make everyone stop and look at him.  David loves piss.  But don’t give it to him in his mouth.  He wants it up his butt.

I find David talking to Ryan.  They are making plans for us all to meet later at Steamworks.  I say hello, give David a kiss and push his head down on Ryan’s, semi-hard on.  I push my cock right up David’s butt.  I fuck him hard enough to draw a crowd.  I fuck him hard enough for David to arch his back and pull off Ryan.

 “Piss my hole.  YES!”

I am already doing it.  Those are words of satisfaction, not instruction.  I finish pissing and fuck in the hot liquid.  I eventually tell Ryan he should fuck David while his ass is still super hot.  I pull out, taste my handiwork, then stand up and turn David’s butt towards Ryan…

The Redhead
He is late to the party this month.  His boyfriend, who has no interest in piss, drops him off at the bar—telling him to go have fun at “football practice”—as he can’t quite bring himself to call it a piss party.

 The Redhead is just 40, but still has a thin layer of baby fat on him.  He’s very white, with a sizable dick when he decides to top, red pubes and an insatiable sex drive.  He loves piss.  Everywhere.  And he loves to get fucked.  I think of him as my all rounder.

I find him in the back corner, where he’s just taken the second guy up his ass.

 “I’m really thirsty after that,” he tells me.  I oblige by letting him suckle half the piss load out of me.  The rest I use to hose him down, covering nipples, cock and balls.

 Soon he’s leaning against the bar.  I fuck him until we both can use a break.

I meet up with the Redhead throughout the four hour party, tasting what all the other men have done to his hole or just offer him a quick feed of piss.

The recording has been over for some time as I wind this up .  I have gifts to wrap for tomorrow. But I am still thinking of my four pigs of the piss party.  Perhaps I should have called it “Five Pigs”…for I certainly count myself in their number…whether I get to heaven or not…


  1. Did you wrap yourself up? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I asked Santa for you for tomorrow.,. :-)

    1. Wait....is THAT why I woke up this morning stuck halfway up the chimney, naked but for a cockring??????????

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you have a great Christmas. And an even better 2014....