Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Professor Comes...for a Visit

My Playroom—November, 2013

I met the Professor two years ago.  Rob, of The Breeder’s Journal, had suggested I would enjoy getting to know him.  I took Rob’s advice.  The Professor and I met each time I worked in Nashville.  I have talked on here about both of our meetings—the hot sex and the great conversations over a good scotch. 
I wasn’t headed south this year—but I got an email from the Professor.  He had a conference in the Great Lakes area, and wondered about spending some time in my home town.  Ever the gentleman, he said he would get a motel and work around my schedule.  I agreed.  I would love to host him in my playroom and maybe take him to some of the places where I cruise.

The Professor told me he’d been working out.  He also sent me this picture—taken after an energetic 45 minute fuck session which had left his ass delightfully red. 
He did have one request.  He said he would love to meet the Breeder’s brother, Mikey.  Did I think that was possible?  I got online and sent off a few emails…

The Professor arrives right on schedule.  The clothes come off and are stowed in the dresser reserved for guests.  He loves the look of the fuck bench.  I invite him to climb aboard.  I waste no time sinking to my knees, pulling apart his ample ass cheeks and sinking my tongue into his hole.  I get him good and wet.  Using spit and piss. It takes a moment to actually get my cock in him.  He’s tight—but with enough pressure, I’m in.  I am fucking him hard as my phone goes off, announcing that Mikey is at the door.

I throw on a robe and head downstairs to let him in.  Back upstairs, I do a quick introduction and go right back to fucking.  Mikey strips down and sits on the bed, stroking and watching me fuck.  Eventually, he comes over.  He slides between the wall and the bench and gets his cock into the Professor’s mouth.  When I see him go from mostly hard to rock solid, I gesture to the Professor’s ass.  Mikey comes around and inserts.  The Professor gasps.  It’s a great mind fuck for him to have the Breeder’s brother working a raw dick into him.  I grab the camera.
But I’m not here to be the photographer; I stick my hard, wet cock into the Professor’s mouth.  Mikey grins at me.  We find a rhythm that has us thrusting in unison.  When Mikey pulls out, I move around, clean Mikey’s cock and stick mine in the vacated hole.  Mikey sits on the bed.  He loves to watch me fuck.  I like to be watched.  Mike strokes, reclining on the pillows against the wall.  I redouble the speed of my thrusting. 

“Let’s stretch your legs,” I suggest to the Professor.  We take a water break. 
Once finished, I direct him to the bed.  The Professor crawls between Mikey’s splayed legs.  The Professor’s mouth replaces Mikey’s hand.  My cock goes back into the Professor.   I fuck him hard enough to drive him onto Mikey’s fat cock.

Mikey replaces me in his ass.  I stand and play with Mikey’s nipples and balls.  My hand strays to his ass.  He nods at me.  I move behind him.  Mikey pauses just long enough for me to slide into him.  I hold still.  I let Mikey fuck himself.  He thrusts forward into the Professor, pulling off my cock but for the head.  As he pulls himself out of the Professor, he impales himself on my cock.  I let Mikey do all the work.  For now.
“I have my cock up his ass,” I tell the Professor.  He groans and tilts his head to try to see me in the man who’s topping him.  Mikey is thrusting hard.  I wonder if he’s going to shoot.  But I don’t think he does.

“You should try the bench,” the Professor tells Mikey.  “Let me watch you get fucked.”
Mikey pulls out and wastes no time to get on the bench.  I spit in Mikey’s hole, insert my wet cock and pound him.  I must be inspiring the Professor.  He’s rock hard now.  I know he tops at home, but I’ve never seen him do it.  He comes over to me.  I nod and pull out.  The Professor pushes in.  Mikey’s ass is hot and wet—and he’s been to the gym, too.  His whole body is tighter and fitter since the last time I saw him.  I snap a picture of the Professor in Mikey.

The Professor is suddenly there.  He shoots a load deep into Mikey.  He holds on to him, his chest on his back.  I kneel.  I want to taste his cum.  The Professor pulls out.  He knows to stick it right in my mouth.  I lick him clean.  I spend some quality time felching Mikey’s ass---getting long strings of cum into my mouth.
“If you want to breed him, too,” the Professor tells me, “that’s fine.”

“Are you up for more after that big load?”
The Professor nods.

“Then get in the sling.”
I help him in, holding some of the jizz from Mikey’s ass in my mouth.  I stick it deep into the Professor.  “I’m gonna fuck you, using your own jizz for lube.”  I push in and fuck slowly.

“Fuck me hard.  Pound me.” 
I do.

Then Mikey takes a turn.

We alternate on him.
“Damn.”  The words spill out of my mouth.  “I think I’m going to shoot.”  Mikey grabs my ass with one hand and reaches up to kiss me.  It’s too much.  I shoot deep into the Professor.    I hold on to the sling frame, my body wracked with the power of the orgasm.

When I can breathe again, I smile at the Professor.  “Well,” I pant, “Welcome to my playroom…”

I did see the Professor later that night after I was done with work.  Over our late night scotch,  he told me he’d been online and found a super hung young man from a nearby town who loved to fuck daddies.  They had had a great session.  The Professor showed me his trick’s picture on the cruise site.  He was indeed a handsome young man.

The Professor crossed to the motel bed.  He got on his knees so I could felch the unknown hottie’s load---but the boy had it driven so deep up the Professor, I could not even get a taste of it…

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  1. Since the Professor never comments on here but by email--I thought I'd share some of what he wrote:

    "You have a really good and vivid memory--I had forgotten the part where you fucked Mikey while he boned me--it was a real highlight and made my ass twitch reading it. That was some awesome butt sex and thanks again for being my host! It is an honor to have now been bred three times by a sexual celebrity such as yourself. Can't wait for round four!

    It was also a thrill to have Mikey do me. Great fantasy whack material and such a cute, nice guy who knows how to screw almost as well as you.

    I'll be back in your area in late February, and maybe we could do a repeat....?"