Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Pig in the Sty

My Playroom—December, 2013

 I came home from my Chicago trip hurting.  I’d played hard for 4 hours at the piss party.  I then went to the bathhouse where I fucked and fisted for another 4 hours.  My cock was tired—more than that, it had a slight abrasion on the shaft right behind the head.  I gave it a couple of days.  I tried to go to motel party early in the next week.  I had to leave.  I got hard rimming a hot black ass, but it hurt too much to fuck him.  I went home and gave myself two weeks to heal—oh, and have Christmas with the family.         
For some reason, three days before I met those fisting boys in Chicago, (who I wrote about in The Man in the Sling) I had joined Asspig—the online hook-up site for fisting.  I had resisted for a long time.  I certainly have enough men in my stable who like things bigger than my cock up their hole.  I think I had never joined for I didn’t want fisting to become the sole activity of a hook up—I have talked to a number of fistees who want to skip the dick and get right to the knuckles.  That is just not for me.

But for some reason—maybe I just needed to be fresh meat somewhere—I joined in early December.  When I came home from Chicago, the boys I’d played with there, found me on the site the next day and befriended me.  I have now spoken to many potential men who want more than just my hand. 
And I had one of them coming to the playroom by the day after Christmas. 


I look at him kneeling before me.  Gordon is a little older than I and more than a little shorter.  His head is shiny from a fresh shave.  He’s compact and wiry.  There is hair on his chest that I long to mat with piss.  Right now though, I just stick my dick in his mouth.  He takes me to the root easily, his teeth carefully covered.  The look of need on his face makes the hot, wet sensations even better.  He suckles me until I’m red and raging.
“Lick my balls,” I tell him.  “So many guys forget about them when they start on this big dick.”

“Mmm.”  He nuzzles into them.  “They’re big, too.”
“And full of cum.  I haven’t gotten off in a long time.”

He makes a sound of lust in the back of his throat.  Deep and needful.  “Either hole, Sir.  Wherever you want it.”
“Not yet,” I tell him.  “Get up on the bench.”

His knees sink into the padded sides of the fuck bench, his chest rests on the top of the A frame.  I move behind his spread legs.  I smack his exposed hole with my engorged dick.  The thwack of flesh on flesh sounds very loud in the quiet room where the only noise is coming from Dawson as he gets fucked in Meat Rack.  My dripping cock head rests on Gordon’s hole.
“Stick it in me, Sir.”

I grunt agreement, but I don’t do it.  Instead a spurt of hot piss shoots out of my hard cock.  It coats his ass and runs down his crack.  I kneel behind him, licking and swallowing most of it, but pushing some into his hole.  He groans again.  I stand back up and piss some more.  This time a small puddle collects in the small of his back.  I coat my fingers with it and reach around him, sticking them in his mouth.  Gordon cleans them hungrily. I pull them out of his mouth and kneel again to lap up the rest that is clinging to his hairy ass.
My cock wants his hole.  Now.  I spit directly on his puckered opening.  My piss and my pre-cum are all the lube we use.  Gordon grunts as the wide helmet head pushes into him.  He has one of those asses that just envelop your dick.  I don’t feel like I’m pushing it in, but more like he is pulling it into his body.  I pause for a moment, letting him feel how full he is now.  His breath is ragged.  He turns his head and lifts it up, catching himself in the mirror.  He can see me standing behind him, my cock imbedded to the hilt in his ass.

He moans.
I take it as my cue to begin a slow withdrawal. 

“Fuck me hard.  Make it hurt.”
I slam back into him.  If that’s what he wants, I can do that.  I pull all the way out and roughly re-enter him.

“Yes.  Just like that!”  he pants.
My hand strikes his right haunch, leaving it red.  On the next stroke, I smack the left.  I fuck until I need to stop to keep from spewing my load—it’s been forever since I got off.  I bring my cock around to his mouth.  He pauses for a fraction of a second, then he devours it hungrily.  When I am dripping with his spit, I move around and plunge it back into his hole.

We repeat the whole process.  And then a third time.  His hole is getting wetter and wetter.
“I want you on the rimseat.”  I get under it and lower the seat.  I watch him stand astride it and slowly lower his ass to my face.  He tastes totally different now, with the piss, my precum and his own natural lube.  It’s my turn to be hungry.  My tongue keeps going deeper and deeper.  Gordon tells me how good it feels, that invading tongue.

“Eat me out.  Please.”
I am jerking as I tongue fuck him.  Once again I feel like I might shoot.  I tap the bottom on his thighs.  He knows to stand up.  “Get on the bed.  All fours.  Right there,” I bark out, pointing to the foot of the bed right in front of us.  He scrambles into place.  I stand and enter him roughly once more.  His ass convulses around my cock. 

“Argh,” he moans.  From the sounds, I’m pretty sure I’m giving him an anal orgasm.  His hole is clenching involuntarily around my cock.  I push deeper and explode into him.  I grasp his hips and grind it deeper and deeper into his guts.  “Yes, Sir.  Yes, Sir…” he moans.  I just hold on.  I am still bucking with the strength of my shooting. 
Finally we are both still.  I pull out, ever so slowly.  I kneel and lick up the cum I’ve pulled out of his hole.  Slightly shaky, I stand up and let him clean the cum off my cock.  I think he thinks I’m done.

“Sling time,” I tell him.  “Let’s open up that hole.”
He clambers into the sling himself—an old hand at them it seems.  He even getting his ankles into the stirrups without any help.

I lightly grease the speculum.  It slides through all the cum I’ve left in his ass in one smooth insertion.  I start the crank to open it wide for maximum stretch.   It’s already wide enough to let me stick my slowly deflating cock into him.  I love the feel of the cool metal on either side—and his hot flesh, dripping with my cum, above and below.  It makes me hard again--a rarity so soon after I shoot.   I fuck for a bit.  I let him taste more of my cum covering my cock when I pull out.  I push back in.  The cool metal end is pressed into my pubes.  I grind against him.  I will myself to cum—but it’s too fast.  I pull out, crank the speculum shut and then clean up the pearls of cum around his puffy hole with my tongue.
Gordon is panting.  I spit some of the cum into his mouth.

“Now” I say, sliding on the black latex glove, “let me fist the last of my cum deep into your gut.”
Gordon can’t find the words to reply.  He just nods.  But his eyes tell me that’s exactly what he wants.

And it’s exactly what I do…

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