Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quick Dick Pic

I have been traveling.  I have been working (and shoveling snow) in upstate New York.  I’m home now (where it’s actually snowier).  I have not had time to write a post as I have had to quickly repack (and shovel more snow) and head off on my yearly business trip to Memphis (if we can take off with all the snow….)

 I found this as I was sorting through some old pictures.  This is from 2010 BB.  (That’s Before Blog.)    This is a favorite sub who has great skills with handling big cock…


  1. Hi FP,

    Thanks for taking time out of your travel and shoveling schedule to post this great picture. Lucky sub! And your cock looks particularly mouth watering from that angle. Someday I'd like to sample that myself. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Memphis!
    Paul, NYC

    1. I had forgotten the picture--I'm glad I dug it out. Even more, that you liked it....