Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Fuck Me Like You Did That Guy...."

Cleveland—January, 2014

Once again, I had a brief stint of work in upstate New York.  I was to be there for the entire month of January.    Last year when I did the same job, I had had to drive into the snowy Southern Tier on New Year’s Day—directly from the New Year’s Eve party.  This time I had a few days before I needed to report.  I packed:  clothes, the sling, books, the rimseat, CD’s and lube.  Just before I hit the road, I talked to Bob, my IML roommate, who lives in Cleveland.  We agreed I should use the bathhouse as my cheap motel en route.  He would meet me there and I would whore his hot ass out to anyone who wanted it.

The drive was uneventful.  I kept thinking about Bob.  I’d come home from Chicago entirely sated.  But that was three days ago.  I was hard just thinking about what I wanted to do to his hairy ass.  And how wet and sticky a Friday night crowd at the bathhouse might make him.
I got there first and relaxed in the sauna.  After the cold of the snowy weather, it was great to luxuriate in the heat.  Not to mention having idle daydreams about the Black bubble butt who was bending over in front of me to dry himself after his shower.

I found Bob soon after.  We played for a moment in his room.  It took him a moment to get used to the size of my cock invading his ass. When his hole relaxed, we decided to go fuck in public…

It’s dark.  Almost pitch black.  We are in an alcove off the porn lounge.  Bob is on all fours on a padded bench.  I have moved it slightly so our shadowy forms catch a little light from the hallway, so we can just about be seen as I stand behind him and fuck.  I deliberately make my balls and hips make slapping sounds on each stroke.  Guys passing by can’t help but hear his groans or the smack of flesh on flesh. 

It’s working.  Guys in towels of all ages are stopping to watch.  Towels tent, then are opened.  Hands are all over cocks—sometimes their own, sometimes the guy’s standing next to them.  Guys fall to their knees.  Cocks are sucked.  Balls are stroked.  Bob has a series of cocks thrust in his mouth.  I can’t see the guys distinctly—and it doesn’t matter.  I’m there to inspire, to excite.

Hands are all over me, too.  Some on my nipples, some stroking my ass.  Most reach to feel if my cock has a condom on it.  There is always a sharp intake of breath when they realize I’m fucking him bare.  A couple has been watching us carefully.  The shadowy Daddy has his boy on the floor—his cock deep in the younger man’s throat.  I watch as he pulls him up.  The boy braces himself against the wall as the Daddy enters his ass.

Watching them fuck invigorates me.  I plow Bob that much harder.  I invite a Latino looking guy, who has just pulled out of Bob’s mouth, to fuck but he shakes his head.  I move a hand off my butt.  Whoever it is back there is insistently trying to put a thick index finger up my ass.

There is a tap on my shoulder.  It’s the Daddy.  “You want some of this?” I murmur, gesturing to Bob’s hairy ass.

“Yeah,” he whispers back.  “If you will fuck me while I do him.”

My cock spits some precum into Bob as I take that statement in.  I pull out.  “I have a new cock for you,” I tell Bob in full voice.  It sounds very loud over all the moans of mansex.  The Daddy steps up and inserts a thick cock.  Bob grunts.  I let the new top find a rhythm before I start playing with his ass.  He’s thoughtfully greased his hole for me.  My finger glides in.  He fucks back on it. I pull it out and replace it with my cock.  The Daddy has paused as I insert.  Once I’m in his furnace of an ass, I let him do all the work. I stand stock still as he fucks forward into Bob and then impales himself on the backstroke.  His boy moves around and sticks his cock into Bob’s mouth.  The boy never takes his eyes off his Daddy using another ass.

The Daddy is talking dirty.  “Take my thick, old dick, boy.  Milk a load out me.”  The Daddy has increased his tempo.  He’s stopped talking.  He is bucking back on me harder and harder.  I think it’s too much for him.  He clutches Bob, in total silence.  I would never know he was loading Bob’s ass if my cock was not feeling the contractions of his orgasm.  Without ceremony, the Daddy pulls out and hustles his boy away.  It’s like a signal.  The room empties.  Bob is up before I can clean his ass of any stray cum.

“Let’s get in the sling,” he sighs contentedly.


I have my cock in Bob’s cum filled ass.  The sling room, too bright for many, has become a tourist destination, but no one is playing with us beyond an occasional nipple tweak on Bob.  And there’s this hung Black man who doesn’t want to fuck Bob.  He wants my ass.  I wonder if he was the insistent finger in the dark area...

I kneel and felch the cum my flared cock head has pulled from Bob’s butt hole.  When I stand up, swallowing the jizz, a young cub is standing there.  He’s jacking a very respectable 7+ inch cock. 

“Can I fuck him?”

I nod.  I watch him go up Bob.  I watch Bob’s face as he opens his eyes to see the new man up him.  He grins.  I kneel again, right by Bob’s ass and watch the new dick enter him.  This cub must read my mind.  He pulls out and shoves his cock into my mouth.  “Clean me good.”  I get every drop of cum off his cock.  The cub plunges back into Bob.  Then my mouth.  Then Bob again.  “Now I want that.”  The cub pulls out and steps to the side. 

We repeat the pattern, with the cub kneeling and cleaning me on alternate strokes.

“Fuck me like you did that guy in the dark.”

I hadn’t seen the cub there, but he must have seen me mount the top.  I let him get into Bob, then I push into his hole.  He’s not lubed—so it’s a good thing my cock is still wet with the remains of the Daddy’s jizz.  Again, I let the man in the middle control the movement.  Into Bob.  Back on Me. 

Faster and faster.  

Louder and louder. 

We get an audience now.  A black dick is in Bob’s mouth—as he leans a little out of the sling to take it.  The cub fucks.  I am loving this.  We only stop because Bob wants a break.  I get the cub in the sling.  I fuck him at my speed now.  Amazingly, watching us gets Bob hard.  He fucks the cub, too.

We rotate between the two of them in the sling most of the night.  We get cocks of all colors in one or the other or both of them. 

Sometime in the evening the Daddy of the dark room finds me.  “Would you fuck my boy so he’ll get off and we can get out of here?”  I look at Bob.  He is totally happy with the cub, and waves me away.

The Daddy leads me to a mattress I didn’t even know was in the dark area.  His boy is on all fours.  Waiting.  “Now fuck the cum out of him.  Fuck him as hard as you fucked me.”  I enter him.  No finesse now.  It’s brutal. 

It takes no time.  The boy explodes all over the mattress.  The Daddy pulls him up and leads him away.  “You aren’t showering here—I want to get home,” I hear him tell the boy. 

“But I have cum in my ass…” And they are gone.  I feel my wet cock.  The boy is right.  He has somebody’s cum in his ass—and it’s now on my cock.  I go back to the sling room where I find Bob still getting fucked by the cub.  I stick my wet dick into Bob, telling him just what he’s getting.  His eyes roll up into his head with the idea of the totally anonymous load…


Bob has left.  A Black cock has seeded him and he knew I wasn’t close yet.  He leaves happy.

The cub and I play. 

Then go our own ways. 

I find some mutual oral.

When I get to the point that I recognize that if I don’t get off now I won’t be able to shoot later, I find the cub.  He willing gets in the sling.

“Say the words,” I tell him.

“Give me that load.  Give me that huge load you’ve been working on all night.”

I dip down to taste his hole.  He’s found someone to seed him while we were separated.  I lick a long drip of jism just beginning to leak out of his butt.

It’s all the trigger I need.  I stand up and push into him just in time.  My body convulses and I fall onto his hairy chest, still unloading into his ass.  His arms crush me to him…


  1. "Fuck Me Like You Did That Guy...." says it all. Great post.

  2. It was fun to re-live that evening. I'm glad you liked it.