Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Bookstore Surprise--Number One

Near Home—December, 2014

In the rush of getting ready for the holidays, the bookstore nearest to my home became the answer for getting off and still having the time to do, oh, the holiday baking.  The next two posts will be about two quick play sessions.   Both surprised me for different reasons.

Number One:

I am on the straight side of the cinemas.  It’s a Friday night and the place is filling up.  When I bought my ticket, I had heard the whispers from two guys standing over by the lube display:  an ad on Craig’s List says that a straight couple is coming to the theatre tonight.  Which explains why I had to park on the street—and half a dozen men were in their cars, not venturing into the building until their quarry has been sighted. 

I unbutton my pants.  It’s a hot movie playing.  I love watching James Deen work over a rather sub woman.  I’m hard, instantly, as I watch him piston fuck her face.  Saliva and precum are making a wreck of her makeup.  And she can’t get enough of his cock or his gob in her mouth and on her face or her own deep spit dripping down to her breasts.   No, not near enough.

Neither can the men watching the video.  The six of us are all in various stages of arousal.  Three of them are groping the mound of their swollen looking crotches.  One has his hand inside his open zipper—stroking, but no one can see the dick he’s working.  One other man has his dick out and is skinning back his foreskin to show off the thick head of his cock.  But there is no man on man action happening.  They all want to see what the couple wants to do—will her mouth be whored out?  Will the Boyfriend let others fuck her?  Or maybe they will just put on a live show as they have sex in front of us. 

I love the tension in the air.  The expectancy of what is to come.  The guys tonight are much more restless in their seats—they aren’t here to just jack off or get some head on the down low from some faggot.  No man on man action is happening.  Not tonight.  There is the potential of pussy

The door buzzes.  The couple is here.  About four men follow them in.  The couple looks to be slightly younger than many I’ve seen here—maybe in their late 30’s.  She is petit, with dark blonde hair.  She ditches her coat instantly in the corner nearest the screen—she must have been here before.  She is dressed in some sort of wrap around dress that reveals a lot of leg and hugs her oversized breasts.  Her man is under six feet tall and dressed in jeans and a thermal vest over a plaid shirt.  He has a weathered face that looks like he works outside in the sun, but right now the cold outside has made it as red as the head of my cock.  He never removes his knit cap.

“Get me hard, honey.”

They waste no time.  She stands and unwraps the skirt tossing it in the chair where she had perched.  She kneels between his splayed legs, wearing just a lacy black bra and a thong— jutting a very full ass out towards the rest of the room.

Zippers open.  Cocks are hauled out.  James Deen is forgotten as we all watch the live sex.  The man looks over the crowd.  He wants to make sure that everyone is watching him get serviced.  He has the only woman in the room.  He is in control.  But I’m pretty sure he’s also checking out dicks.  He’s going to share her. 

His eyes rest on my cock.  A flicker of a smile crosses his, up to now, rather stony face.  Then an almost imperceptible nod in my direction.  I take my hand away from my dick, making a show of reaching for my water bottle on the floor.  I want him to see every inch.  Whether it’s for her—or him. 

And then the unthinkable happens.  A cute young man in a ball cap moves from the back of the room.  I think he’s pushing by me to get to the one vacant chair near me.  But he stops, drops his pants as he stands in front of me and sits on my cock.

In that moment, everything stops.

I am as surprised as the rest of the room.  Guys never fuck in the presence of a lady.  The stroking men don’t know where to look now.  The boyfriend stops the woman with a tap on her shoulder.  She turns to watch the man ride my dick.  The boyfriend doesn’t seem too pleased to be upstaged.  He scowls—but strokes his rather average cock.

The man riding me is good.  He is squeezing me on every bounce.  I love showing off, but this was not where any of us thought the scene was going.  Ball Cap guy has hijacked the scene.

And the amazing happens.

My cock rider works a load out of me in five minutes.  I grasp his hips and grind him on to my erupting penis. 

“Cum in me,” he pants.  “Give me that load.”

I hold him in place now and shudder as the last spasms of my cock subside.  It’s his turn to show off.  He gets off of me and kneels to clean up the stray cum on my cock.  His ass (it has to be dripping!!) is pointed right at the couple.  He licks me clean, makes a show of pulling up his pants and leaves the room.

Score one for the Boys.

“Suck my dick, babe.”  She gets back down between his legs.  The Boyfriend points at the next biggest dick in the room and says “Fuck her.”  The appointed— the man with the fat, foreskin covered cock head—can’t believe his good luck and moves into place…


  1. This was insane and incredible. If I didn't know better I would think you made this up. But what I loved is the fact that no one was more surprised, pleased and turned on then you. That you filled his ass with your seed so quickly shows what the arousal level must have been. Nice job and what an incredible twist to a story.

    1. Surprises can be good...this one was. I have to say, I would have fucked her--just to drive her mouth down onto her BF's dick. I am also convinced he might well have wanted to clean her juices off my dick.

      The down side is I have never seen this couple again.