Thursday, February 5, 2015

If I'd Only Known...

Jackson—December, 2014

I needed a break from routine.  I was having little luck in getting guys to the playroom.  And I was becoming much too much of a creature of habit in going to the bookstore on every Friday night.  I had varied it to an afternoon here and there—but I wanted to see new faces. 

Ok, ok, fresh meat was what I wanted.

I went to see my Dad in Detroit, like a dutiful son.  I stopped halfway home in Jackson and spent the rest of the day at the bookstore there.  I haven’t mentioned this one lately—for it’s been forever since I’ve used it.  It is set up in an old strip bar.  There are four viewing stations—with couches and chairs in each.  The first one you come to is showing all girl videos.  The next, deeper into the big room, is straight porn. Around a corner, in a small area, is tranny porn.  In another room, farthest from the main door, sit two screens side by side—one plays gay porn and the other shows the same straight film as the earlier seating area.  Here is where most men gather.  They can watch gay porn while looking like they are watching the straight stuff.  The tranny area is where people go to play if they don’t want as much of an audience.

In the basement is an arcade with only one gloryhole.  It is so small I cannot use it for fear of splinters.  I did not play down there at all.

When I arrived, I ditched my coat behind the couch in the two screen room.  I had worn old clothes on purpose.  I pulled out my cock.  In moments, I had a man giving me head.  Not good head, but decent warm up head.

Then it was my turn to suck a new arrival.  He seemed to love it, but didn’t want to cum.

And so the afternoon wore on:  Getting and Giving.

About 5pm, two decidedly younger men arrived.  Everyone tried to do them.  They only had eyes for each other.  They left the big, double screen room and sat in the Tranny area.  I gave them some time.  I stroked myself to full hardness, then tucked it into my pants where it tented obscenely.  I went to see what they were up to…

They are sitting side by side on a small love seat.  Each is stroking the other.  One is in his late 30’s, with dark, cropped hair.  He is tall and lean but doesn’t have that big a dick.  His seat mate is younger—maybe 27, a ginger with rather shaggy hair.  He is small, compact and ripped—his shirt is open as wide as his pants.  Tall and Lean has the Ginger’s uncut cock in his left hand.  He is just toying with the foreskin, while the Ginger is fully stroking Mr. T&L.

I stand at the corner and watch.  Not being pushy--just watching and ready to move away if they sigh or get flustered.  Instead, the Ginger smiles at me.  His legs spread in an unspoken invitation.  I move in and kneel.  I take the uncut dick out of T&L’s hand.  I swallow it down.  I come back up for air and begin working my tongue into the foreskin.  I get a sigh of total satisfaction from the Ginger.  I expect the Ginger to lean over and suck T&L.  Instead, the man I’d almost gotten off moves in.  He kneels beside me and we work the young ones in tandem.  The Ginger is leaking profusely.  I swallow his pre-cum.  I have stopped jerking myself as I suck.  I put all my concentration on getting him off.

I listen to the noisy blowjob next to me.  It’s very wet, over there, too.  The man is using his hand and his mouth.  T&L is holding on to the man’s ears.  The Ginger is tracing aimless patterns on my scalp, my ears and the back of neck.  Only occasionally does his hand hold me in place as he decides he needs to fuck my face.  Then he relaxes and lets me do my job.

T&L blows first.  After all, his sucker cheated with that jerking hand.  The sound of the orgasm next to him, makes the Ginger leak more.  And soon he is blowing into my gulping mouth.  Five quick, but big spurts.  Sweet.  Anything but salty.

He relaxes.  (T&L zips up and is gone the second he’s done spurting.) I clean out his foreskin.  Getting every drop of his young jizz.  Now I use my hand to skin him back—yup, nothing left.  I’ve swallowed it all.  I look up. 

He smiles at me.  “That was great.”  He slowly pulls his patterned briefs into place.  “But I really wanted you to fuck me.  I love it raw.”

I sit back on my haunches—hoping he’s good to go for more. 

“It’s a shame,” he says standing up.  “You obviously have a big one.”

He zips up and is out the door…


  1. I chuckled at this.Especially knowing your incredible talent for intuitively giving your partner of the moment exactly what he needs and wants. But this Ginger gave no indication whatsoever. Come on already, we're not mind readers and this isn't fantasy land where every desire is fulfilled without ever speaking a word.
    It was his loss, missing out on what, I'm sure, would have been a very memorable fuk!

    1. I remember this one as if it were yesterday. Please! It is OK to talk during sex and ask your partner for what you want!!!