Saturday, June 20, 2015


Kalamazoo—March, 2015

I hadn’t seen him for a long time.  I used to go to his motel sex parties.  They were all very civilized—the type where you all stay dressed to meet and chat before you suck and occasionally fuck.  They were always peopled with men from 45 to 65.  All rather upscale and genteel.  And always pretty vanilla.  The groups could also easily slide into more talk than action.  You know the type of thing— that dreaded “My new condo in Fort Lauderdale is huge…” type of chatter which makes dicks go limp in Trojans.

But this was different.  He wrote me a note saying he wanted a three-way:  two leather tops to work him over.  I knew the other top he mentioned.  (I didn’t tell my f-bud that I’d also fucked the top he named.)  He asked if I would bring the sling.  It was a convenient evening, right at the end of March.  So I packed up the sling.  I threw in the rimseat for good measure.  And with a slight sigh, included the Magnums in my gym bag of leathers…

It’s a rambling, Victorian house in the heart of downtown.  Easy to find.  Easy to unload all the equipment, even in the light rain.  I set it all up in the front living room—where a very large wide screen television is playing European twink porn.

I get dressed in the bathroom—chaps, harness, the least used of the white jocks, boots, wrist cuff.  I walk into the space.  The top, Jerry, has changed too—chaps, harness, and an elaborate cod piece.  He has a great chest under the harness.  And a head as clean shaven as mine.

The bottom, Tyler, the man I know better, comes down from upstairs in nothing but a blue jock.  He has just hit 60, but his body is one of a man a good 15 years younger—a trim waist, boyish features and a great smile.

We meet at the base of the sling.  I know Tyler and Jerry play often.  They kiss, deeply, grinding their bodies against each other.  I attack Tyler’s ear with my tongue.  I am then welcomed into a three-way kiss.  Tongues probe and retreat. 

Jerry and I end up kissing with Tyler taking turns on our cocks—once he figures out how to get the codpiece off of Jerry’s burgeoning dick.  Jerry and I make sure we swap a lot of spit, knowing it’s not Tyler’s thing.

Tyler stands.  Jerry replaces him sucking the two dicks.  Both cock heads barely fit in his mouth. 
Then it’s my turn on my knees.  I’ve forgotten how thick Jerry can get.  He’s fully erect and starting to drool.  I swallow his precum.  I make sure I include both sets of balls.

Still kneeling, I bend Tyler at the waist.  He sucks Jerry.  I get my first taste of his ass.  He groans as my tongue works deeper and deeper.  He expects me to suit up and fuck.  But I don’t.  I just keep teasing him, opening him fully with my tongue.

I get under the rimseat.  Tyler sits on it.  My tongue invades his spit sodden hole.  Jerry stands astride my chest and has Tyler suck his cock.  I beat my cock relentlessly as I slurp away at the almost hairless ass.  Suddenly, my hand is batted away from my dick.  It’s replaced by a very wet mouth.  It has to be Jerry, but I have been so lost in the moment, I never felt him move.  Tyler reaches down and begins to twist my nipples.  He knows they like some attention—though they rarely get it.  But he is relentless—and they are soon throbbing.

And still we don’t fuck.

Jerry holds on to the sling frame.  I work on his large, plump nipples while Tyler sucks his cock. 
Finally I get Tyler into the sling and stick my latexed cock up his spit slick hole.  I fuck until we both need a breather.

“It’s your turn,” Jerry tells me.

“For what?”

“In the sling.”

I get in.  Tyler kneels and begins to rim me.  I watch him for a second, then all is blackness.  Jerry has tied a bandanna around my eyes.  “Relax,” he whispers in my ear.

And he begins.  A relentless devouring of my already sensitive nipples.  With his tongue.  With his teeth.  With some sort of brush.  With some sort of vibrator.  Then we are back to the brush.  This time it comes alive, and is pulsing.  My nipples are screaming.

But my cock is loving the attention.  Every time I am on the verge of telling him to stop, Jerry kisses me and I am silenced with his tongue down my throat.  

Again and again.

I think a feather caresses my swollen nipples.

Tyler has moved occasionally to licking my balls.

I could shoot if anyone touched my cock.

But they don’t.  Do they know how close I am from my breathing?

Now it’s a soft cloth—likely a silk scarf playing over my chest.

The blindfold is pulled off.

Tyler swallows my cock—but with the return to light, my orgasm recedes.

I am able to get up.

To fuck Tyler. 

So hard it makes him cum all over himself.

I pull off the rubber and stroke.  I am nowhere near close to shooting.

Until Jerry stands behind me.  His cock pushes into my ass crack and his hands brush my abused nipples.

Instantly, I unload all over Tyler’s cock and balls, while Jerry presses against me.

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