Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday at the Bookstore

Near Home—March, 2015

I’d fallen into a rut.  I was going to the bookstore almost every Friday night.  I was now able to predict who would be there with me.  I wanted to break the routine—at least by a little.  I went on a Sunday afternoon.  What a change…

I buy my ticket—the one that allows me to go to both theatres.  I hear the good looking man in line behind me buy not only both theatres, but the arcade as well.  I see him go off to check the glory holes as I go off to piss.  I add my cock ring once I’m done pissing and shove my junk back into the pouch of my jock.

I walk into the straight theatre.  I am alone.  I sigh.  Is this what I get for not wanting to play with the regulars?  I sit against the back wall.  The porn is decent enough—so I haul out my cock and stroke it to hardness.

The door opens.  It’s the good looking guy and another man—dressed in a black Treasure Island t-shirt.  Promising.  The good looking one sits next to me and unzips.  His cock is hard from the moment he pushes down the waistband of his white Jockey’s.  He has a nice sized dick, not terribly long, but with the largest mushroom head I have ever seen.  It’s a frickin’ portabella on a stick.

“Can I suck you?” he asks.

I grunt assent.  The TIM guy to our right, pulls out his dick, too.  The handsome man is good.  He is making my cock drool pre-cum.

Soon we reverse, he sits back down and I kneel between his legs.  It’s a slight struggle to get his cock head past my teeth—but once I do it feels so damn good in my throat I have to stop jerking myself and concentrate on giving him the best service I can.  It’s working. He’s panting in no time.  He pulls abruptly out of my mouth to stop himself from shooting.

The TIM guy kneels in front of his chair.  Both of us move to him—he takes turns sucking us.  I slap the back on his head with my hard cock as I wait my turn.  I find it amusing that someone devoted to Treasure Island videos hawks and spits, so he doesn’t swallow any of our juices, each time he comes up for air.  

TIM tries to squeeze both our dickheads into his mouth at once.  That does it—he shoots all over the floor and leaves.

I fall to my knees and take the massive head down my throat again.

“I’ll cum…”  And he does.  Straight down my throat.  I don’t taste his spunk until he pulls out of my mouth.

It’s ten minutes since we bought our tickets.  And the good looking guy is done for the night.
I catch my breath, idly jerking.

A young man I’ve never seen before comes in.  He’s short, with a dark complexion, dark hair and, I soon realize, a cute bubble butt.  He sizes up my cock and sits down next to me.

Moments later, without asking, he is on his knees between my splayed long legs.  He tends to scrape me slightly with his small mouth, but he is just getting my cock wet.  He stands up, drops his board shorts and shows me his hairless ass. 

“Fuck me, papi!”

Before I can react he has sat on my cock, riding me.  I reach around and touch his uncut cock—it’s short, but incredibly hard.   I leave it alone and just keep my hands on his hips, helping guide his athletic bounce on my dick.

The door opens.  We don’t stop as a rather large man enters.  He kneads the front of his pants, choosing a chair, where he can watch us.

Too soon we’re done.  The young man clenches around me as he shoots.  He pulls off me and pecks me on the cheek as he bends for his pants.  And he is gone.

The large man moves towards me.

“Fuck me with that big cock.”

I am in full rut now.  He bends, holding onto the back of a chair.  I push right into him—with the ass slime of the cute boy still on my cock.  He grunts in appreciation.  His ass is loose and sloppy—a great contrast to the cute, tight young man.  I fuck him.  I am sure you can hear my hips smack against his full butt cheeks out in the store.  When I have had enough, I do an exceptionally deep thrust and hold it deep in him.

“Oh, yeah.  Give me your load.  Fill me up.”

I’m not shooting—but he’s sure I am.  And I’m not going to bother to set him right. 

I pull out and go off to piss.


The second load down my throat is from a new comer in the straight theatre.  He’s larger and older.  Nothing special—and quick work.

Load three is from the hot Hispanic man—the man who had learned from a fuck buddy that I like to rim. 

“I have my ass all ready for you,” he says as he strips down and kneels naked on one of the chairs, his full, hairy ass waiting for my tongue.  I dive in.  Another man joins us in the room, mid-rimming.  He strokes, watching the two of us.

“Put the head in,” I’m told.  “Let me feel that tip of that big cock.”

I stand up, spit on my dick and tease his wet pucker with my cock head.

I go back to rimming.

I stand and gently push just the head into him.  He groans—knowing he’s taking raw cock.

I pull out and eat him some more.  This time when my cock head brushes his asshole, he is out of the chair and telling me to take his load.  I make it to my knees just as he shoots.

He leaves.

“Do me.”  The man who walked in on us wants the same service.  His ass is fresh from the shower.  I’m easy.  I rim him until I get his load.  Load four.


A bit later.  There’s a stroker in the straight side.  He looks familiar.  I finally place him.  He’s the bi-sexual man who I’ve played with a couple of times—and have watched him fuck any woman who walks through door.  (He loves to lick pussy—you may remember the Lady on the Cell Phone.)

He talks about how deep the woman on the screen is taking the big dick on the screen.

Eventually he joins me on the couch on the back wall.  We sit and stroke.  I offer him lube.  He tells me how he loves to bring his girlfriend here.  How they occasionally will share cock.

It is an excruciating long time before his hand snakes out and starts jerking my dick.

I take his in my left.  I hate just being jerked.  But I know to move slowly.

Eventually, he bends and takes me in his mouth.  Bad angle.  He kneels in front of me. He takes me to the root with ease.  Then he sits back down.

“That’s a challenge,” he says.  “My girl would love your dick.”

I tell him I’m open for that type of thing.

I ask if he wants some head.  He refuses.  But his legs splay open.  My hand wanders over his nuts.  Down his furry taint.  My middle finger rests against his hole.  It’s wet with the sweat from the jerking.  In moments I am up to the first knuckle.

“Finger my mancunt,” he hisses, his mouth inches from my ear.

I am bending my finger oddly.  I can’t go deep.  I move around in front of him, never taking my finger out of him.  On my knees, and with a straight shot, I glide all the way in.

The man’s head lolls back in pleasure.   “Suck my dick.”  I do.  Never stopping the finger fucking I am giving his wet ass. 

He convulses.   His dick spews a load of cum into my mouth.  Thick and viscous.

I aim carefully enough that my load misses his tennis shoes.

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