Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Devil's Dick

My Playroom—March, 2015

The next Friday night I’m at the bookstore closest to my home.  I suck some cock—but either they just got there and don’t want to shoot yet or they can’t keep it up or they really would rather suck me.  So I let them have my dick.  To a man, not one of them can give good head.  I ask each of them to stop.

My friend arrives—a good looking guy who regularly gives me his ass here.  He’s eager to get fucked tonight as well.  I enter him—and I can tell I’m hurting him.  He pulls off me apologetically, telling me he thought his hemorrhoid had cleared up, but obviously not.

There is no one else. 

I watch porn, but go home and add my load to the growing devil’s dick in the freezer.  No sense in wasting it on the crusty linoleum of the bookstore.

Saturday afternoon, Kerry, the self-described bear in the don’t-ask-don’t-tell relationship, is coming over.  He rather shyly texts me that he has new fetish gear he’d like to wear for me—would I wear my leathers?  Of course, I type back.

At the hour when I should be getting his “I’m leaving now” message, I get a different kind.  “Clean out issues—about 15 minutes behind.”

“Don’t rush it,” I respond.

The fifteen minutes go by.

“I am almost there,” he texts.

“It’s ok.  We both want you clean.”

Another five minutes and he’s on the road to the playroom.

Kerry looks great.  He is standing next to the bed in his brand new Neoprene.  He has Neoprene chaps, highlighting a Neoprene cod piece.  A zippered vest of the same material covers his back and chest.  A hood with eye slits and a large mouth opening of the same slick fabric complete his new look.

“I love how it feels,” he tells me, as I take off my grey robe, revealing my chaps and harness underneath.  “I can’t wait for you to piss on me in it.”

Kerry gets right up on the fuck bench.  He’s eager. 

I take a moment to look at that ass.  Within moments, I’m on my knees and rimming.  I go deep with my tongue and Kerry moans, taking a big hit of his poppers.  When I can leave his hole good and wet, I stand up and push my slightly lubed cock into him.

He gasps.  “I always forget how big it is.”

I let him adjust, before I begin the push and pull in and out of his ass.

“Fuck.  Just fuck me.”

I don’t need any more encouragement after the disappointments of the night before.  I pump him as hard as I can.  Enough to make the fuckbench rock.  I stop and pull out.  Kerry loves ass to mouth.  I bring it to him.  He devours my cock.  I go back and taste his hole.  He is perfectly clean—it was worth the wait.

I do it all again.  This time as I enter him, he winces slightly.  He takes a hit and all is fine.

Sling time.  I give him his wish and coat his vest and crotch with a load of piss.  I save just enough to coat his ass crack for my rimming pleasure.  I wring out the hair of his ass crack with my tongue.

And fuck.

But he winces again. 

I stop. 

“I’m fine.  Fuck me.”

I do.

I stop.  Once again he cleans my dick, contorting himself in the sling to get at it.

“Just a minute,” I tell him and head downstairs to the freezer.

Back in the play room I pull out the condomed lined shot glass.

“This is about 13 loads.  All mine,” I tell him.

Kerry nods, appreciatively. 

“Do you want them up your ass?”

“I’ve never done that—stick them up me.”

I take a picture.

I place the condom against his hole and with my finger, turn it inside out—and the chunk of frozen cum is pushed into his ass. 

My cock is right there to push it all the way in.

I fuck in my melting, multiple loads.  So cold one moment.  And warming with every stroke of my dick.

I pull out.  Cum is pouring out of his ass.

I push it back into him, having mopped up the viscous mess with my cock head.

I fuck.

Kerry winces again.  “I think my clean out was too rigorous.  I’m really tender.”

I stop.  I bend and felch some of my cum escaping his hole.

I really want to fuck in all of it some more.  A lot more.  And feed it to him off my dick.
But I can tell he’s hurting.

“Ok,” I tell him, as he gets out of the sling.  “But’s there’s one thing you have to do for me…”

“What?”  Does he actually look a little scared?

“You have to let me take a hit of your poppers.  Then sit on the rim seat and let my tongue soothe your hole.”

“Oh, yeah….” He quickly hands me the poppers and goes to open the seat.

I get under, my head spinning, and he sits.  The seat and my tongue do the rest.

A cascade of cum pours out him. 

And right down my throat.

It’s almost enough to make me shoot.

But I don’t. 

I save that load for the beginning of the new Devil’s Dick.

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