Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Professor In Chicago: Saturday Night Porn Guys

Chicago—May, 2105

The Professor wrote me in February:

Hey FP.

I finally have a date for my presentation in Chicago--May 9.  I plan to come up a bit early and stay a bit afterwards.  How does this date look for you?

I was wondering if it might be fun for me to hire a porn guy to play in a group.

Hope you are well… 

Well, then the fun began.  The Professor went from thinking to hire one msn, to maybe two, well, three would work, wouldn’t it?  And then the selection.  I had never really cruised those sites.  It was eye opening.  The Professor went through a lot of emails.  These men proved as flakey as the regular gay male population online.  Our selections narrowed only slightly as we wanted men comfortable with bareback sex.  We settled on an exclusive top and two versatile men so I would have other guys available to fuck.  The exclusive top was a very tall blond who was working to put himself through grad school.  Marcus was in his early 30’s, quite pale with ginger-ish hair and was nicely worked out, but not excessively so.  And he had a 10 inch dick.  The other two were porn stars.  As one didn’t show on the day, I am not going to even bother to mention his name.  The other was the man I had suggested from the first moment this possibility came up:  Chad Brock.

I had sucked Chad’s cock and rimmed his ass at an IML piss party where he was hired to be the centerpiece of the night.  He was ideal: versatile and a man I had always wanted to fuck.

So I got to Chicago on Saturday afternoon.  The Professor had checked into the motel on the north side of the city which hosts countless fuck parties.  We were in a room with two double beds.  The sling fit, just, between the two.  We were ready by 7 pm.  And I was actually a little nervous.  Within moments there was a knock on the door…

It’s Marcus.

He has great pictures—but the man is much more handsome in person.  He sheds his clothes fast.  The Professor is instantly smitten.  They kiss, they fondle, there is a brief nude massage and I watch that 10 incher harden into a fucking lance as he rubs the Professor’s shoulders and ass cheeks.
Just before they fuck, there is another knock at the door.  It’s Chad.  The two guys know each other and smile.  I am suddenly no longer the voyeur.  Chad strips down, and instantly is on his knees, pulling my engorged but not fully hard cock out of my jock.  He gives great head.  I twist my balls once, just to make sure I’m not too excited.

And then I say the line I have always fantasized saying to him:  “Let’s get you into the sling.”

I kneel in front of his glorious ass.  And my tongue hits home.  He’s tight and I work lovingly to open him up.  I look over at the bed.  The Professor is on all fours and being long dicked.  He is grunting in rhythm to the slow, steady pounding he’s taking.  I concentrate on the ass in front of me.  Chad has a guiche piercing.  I take it in my mouth and pull on it slightly.  It’s heavy on my tongue.   I go back to lubing his hole with my saliva.  I want him good and wet when I finally get to sink my dick into this man.

I lick and spit.  And kiss him.  He seems to love the taste of his ass on my tongue.  As I kiss him, I have to lean across him, my cock head poking at his wet hole.  I marvel at how hard his body is—I’ve fucked a lot of guys in good shape, but I have never touched a man this ripped.  I pull out of the kiss and, as I stand up, my dick starts to enter him.  I get the head in.  But he’s not comfortable—I can see it on his face.  I work more slowly.  My cock is really stretching him. 

I glance over and am surprised to see the Professor giving Marcus a deep rimming.

I look down at my cock.  I’m only half in.

“Can I sit on it?” Chad asks.  I agree.

The two couples change areas—the Professor is in the sling and I lie down on the bed.

“Let me eat your ass some more.  Sit on my face,” I tell Chad.  He stands over me.  Those tree trunks of legs fold and lower that muscle butt onto my face.  I beat my cock as I rim, but I have to stop.  I can’t get enough of his ass.  Suddenly, Chad moves.  He turns around and settles down on my dick.  I am suddenly in him full length and in one easy glide.  Chad holds still for only a moment, and then begins fucking himself on my cock.  I love the look of pleasure on his face.  I watch the thick gold chain on his neck bounce in time with him.  My hands are everywhere, touching those huge biceps, that massive chest and the taut, muscled butt.  The guys at the sling have actually stopped fucking to watch us.

We fuck a long time and only stop  when Chad’s legs need a break.

“Now who’s the piss drinker?” Marcus asks.

“That would be me.”  I scramble off the bed and kneel before him.  The ten incher is not erect, but still nicely plumped.  I let him rest it in my mouth—and he delivers a hot, sweet load down my throat.  When I come up for air, the Professor is sucking Chad on the bed.  I look at Marcus.  “Do you mind if I eat your ass?”

“Help yourself.”  He gets in the sling and starts stroking his dick back to full hardness.  His ass is gloriously haired.  I lick the full length of his crack and then sink deeper into his butt than I expect.
When we finally stop, I ask Marcus to fuck Chad while I fuck the Professor.  Chad is still on his back on the bed.  He scoots down and lifts his legs onto the tall man’s shoulders.  I bend the Professor over so he can still lick Chad’s cock as I fuck him. A perfect mix of men and desires.


“I have more piss.”  Marcus gives me a second load.   It’s slightly stronger after all the exertion.  

When I stand, Marcus touches my butt.  "You have a cute ass.  Are you sure you don't want me to fuck you?"

I shake my head.  I can tell he's a good top, but there's no way I'm going there with a 10 incher.

Chad tries to give me some piss too, but turns pee shy.  I get up and turn him around and fuck him on all fours.

Marcus is fucking the Professor in the sling.  “Oh, fuck…”  Marcus is cumming.  10 inches deep in the Professor.   I am up for the challenge.  I pull out of Chad and kneel by the still joined men.  

Marcus understands instantly what I want.  He pulls out and lets me clean his oversized cock.  I get a taste of his sweetish jizz and leave his cock thoroughly cleaned.  I plaster my face into the Professor’s ass.  I burrow as deep with my tongue as I can.  But I want more.  I stand up and stick my dick into the slightly gaping hole and fuck in the cum Marcus has left in his ass.  I pull some out, kneeling quickly to catch it as it runs out of his hole.  I fuck again.  And catch more cum on my tongue. 

I move over to Chad, still on all fours on the bed.  I dribble some load from my mouth onto his ass crack.  He groans in pleasure.  I swab it up with my cock and fuck it into him. 

And I shoot into the ass I’ve fantasized about for years…

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"You Know What I Want"

Fort Wayne—May, 2015

Early in the month, I headed to Roger’s house.  In April, Roger had been my roommate at CLAW.  We had played separately so much in Cleveland, that we both wanted another session of just us.  I sent him a text that I was on his way to his immaculately appointed house.  My phone dinged as I got in the car.  I looked at his text:  “You know what I want.”

We have greeted each other.  I have set up my rimseat in a corner of the office where his sling is filling almost all of the available space.  I have drunk some of his piss.  I have drunk even more Gator-ade.  I have fucked him.  And now his ass has closed around the egg-headed dildo.  I slide the slender shaft that the egg sits on all the way into his ass.  I push the end down slightly with my left hand.  My rampant dick is ready and waiting.

“You want me to add my dick?” I rasp out.

“Yes.  Give it to me…”

I lean forward and my cock starts to disappear up his already opened ass.

“Double fuck,” I murmur.

“I feel so full,” he mumbles after a hit of poppers.  “You going to give me what I want?”

“I will,” I tell him as I bottom out in his ass, “but not yet.”

I hold in place from the wide entry of the double fuck.  My Gator-ade is on the television cabinet right by my left hand.  I take a deep swig.  I begin to fuck.  I love how the underside of my flared cock head travels across the ridges in the shaft on the dildo below me—and how it feels the hot, wet channel of flesh above my hardness.  I saw into him, pushing the toy still deeper into his little used ass.

I fuck with the toy in place.

I fuck with just my dick.

I fuck with two, then three, fingers filling the void where the toy has been.

The popper bottle is open and constantly under his nose.  He’s incoherent now, but the look in his eyes is telling me everything I need to know about his enjoyment of what is happening. 

His need. 

His shift from always having to top to finally becoming just like the bottoms he loves to use.
My left hand disappears into him.  My cock plunges right back in—letting the fingers of my hand grasp it in his ass.  Our eyes connect again as I jerk off in his butt.

“Oh…fuck…fuck  me.” 

“I love to jerk it in your tight hole.”
He answers me with a groan.  Then: “Give it to me.  You know what I want.”

I simply smile, and looking right at him, shake my head.  “Not yet.”

I take another huge swig of Gator-ade and work my cock some more.

I pull my dick out.

And begin a two handed stretch of his hole.


He has taken both my fists.  But not quite both of them together.  My cock has been in him at repeated intervals.  He has spent some time sitting on the rimseat, while I massage his ravaged hole with my tongue.

Now we are back in the sling.  I have not pissed once since we began play, ninety minutes ago.  My bladder is screaming for release.  I take another swig and enter him.

“You still want it?”

“Fuck, yes.  Give me what I want.”

I stop fucking for a millisecond to get going. 

I wait.

It’s there.

I am pissing.  Gushing.  And fucking as I do it.

I pull all the way out and push all the way back in.  I cover his ass and abs and the tarp below. I am doing it on every stroke.  Just like his favorite piss fuck in the porn he owns.  All the way out.  All the way in.  His ass heating up with each pissing.  He is matted with clear piss and in some form of pig heaven.

Roger is awash—inside and out.  His ass can’t hold much more.  I plow into him one last time with the stream softening to a trickle.  I stay deep inside him.

“Fuck, that was incredible.”

It was indeed.  The best I’ve ever managed.  I fleetingly wish for a video camera.

But then I come back to reality, feeling the mega amount of hot liquid around my cock.  I slowly pull out.

I’m pretty sure that hunkering down and drinking some from his ass will make my cock spew its load.

I’m right.

I get it back into him just in time.

Roger lazily strokes his piss covered cock and murmurs, “You know exactly what I want…”

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gloryhole Fucking and Trying Out the New Sling

Lansing—May, 2015

May started off with the worst trip to the bookstore. 


I did nothing.  Never even got hard.  All night, a very large woman (no, I can’t soften words here) a very fat woman sat naked with her boyfriend in the middle of the room—and literally made everyone’s cock shrivel.  Even the die-hard straight guys.

And worse, they switched the theatres.  The small, original room that housed the straight theatre –the one with the couch and a convenient nook behind the door for stealthy blow jobs—became the gay theatre.  The bigger, newer room, with no place out of sight (and with the HD television) became the straight theatre.  And they took the couch with them. 

Worse, they increased the weekend price.

I went home blue balled.  The next night I went north to the bookstore/bathhouse.  It was a different story all together, though it didn’t start well…

I am in the back room.  I have walked past their new sling and am near the slurp ramp.  A hot young man is giving me toothy head.  Is this why I drove an extra 30 minutes?  He keeps switching to his calloused hand which is absolutely no better.  I finally excuse myself.

The Tall One—a good looking, man of about my age who is taller than my 6’3”— finds me.  We play in the back corridor.  I’m on my knees eating his ass in front of all the milling men.  I stand up and fuck him, bent over and holding onto the wall, for a bit.  Then we separate, knowing we will do more later.

I walk the play area—gloryholed cubicles, the slurp ramp, a cage, a dark area—and find the all-teeth guy in the new sling.  I eat his ass.  He jerks and blows before my dick ever gets close to his hole.

I circle around once more.  I watch a blow job that is happening in the open—though most play here is in the cubicles.  I duck into the nearest one—shutting the fabric drape behind me.  I look through the hole as I unbutton my pants.  A very respectable cock is shoved through.  I suck it.  It thickens, but never gets quite hard.  I am pretty sure he would rather be doing me.  I stand up and push mine in.  I get the best sucking I’ve had in months—especially after the teeth of the boy earlier.

I pull back a little.  He stands and now shoves his rock hard dick through the hole.  I suck—milking him for pre-cum.

I stand again.  I push through the hole.  I am enveloped in an incredibly moist cavity.  He’s pressed his ass against the hole.  I can’t believe it.  I rarely fuck at gloryholes.  My dick is drooling into his tight, warm butt.

I want to make it last—I pull out and start licking his hole before he can move away.  “Fucker…” he croons in a broken voice.  “You dirty fucker.”  I ram him with my tongue.  Then again with my dick. 
I want more control.  “I’m coming over.”  I step out of the cubicle, my dick still wet from his ass.  I step into his cubicle.  “Lick me clean.”  He falls to his knees and does just that.  I can finally see who I’m doing—younger, blond, and nicely fit.  A guy I’ve seen online, but never met.  “Now bend over.”  I eat him out.  Fully.  Face plastered to his hairy hole.  He moans between popperings.  I stand up and turn him so he can suck some other cock sticking through the hole.  I impale him—shoving deep into his wet ass.  He has cock in both ends.  He groans a sound of utter fulfillment.

I fuck him until he spews all over the concrete floor.


The Tall One is in the sling.  I am eating his butt.  Two men jerk over to the side.  They occasionally take their hands away from their dicks and tweak the other man’s nipple through their t-shirts.  A young cub sits on a stool right next to us, his eyes riveted to my every move.  I stand up and insert my dick into the Tall One.  Raw.  The eyes of the Cub bulge.  A bead of precum emerges from his dick head.  He’s close enough for me to reach over, swab it up on my finger and make a show of wiping it on my dick—the dick that pushes right back into the Tall One’s ass.  The Cub jerks harder.

I make a show of the fucking I’m giving the Tall One.  It’s easy to do as he feels better, at the correct angle thanks to the new sling, than any time I have ever fucked him here.  The Cub stands to leave—his cock crimson.

“Do you want to stick it in him?” I ask.

His face is incredibly conflicted.  I pull out.  He is inches from that wet ass.  I watch him decide. He inserts.  And blows his load.  I move around behind the Cub, holding him in place so he can’t pull out.  Not that he wants to.  He even lets me clean his cock when I finally let him move.  And watches, fascinated, as I felch his load—leaving lots still in the Tall One to fuck to a froth.


More wandering.  Licking and licked.


Another Cub—meatier and older—is in the sling.  I loaded him the last time I was here.  He is thrilled I’m back and couldn’t wait to get in the sling and take my dick.  I bend over him and kiss his scruffy face.  Our tongues lock.  I am so bent across him, that my dick slides right into his ass.  His mouth ovals as I enter and he lets go of my tongue.

I spend long minutes fucking him slowly.  Only then do I rim.  The jerkers are back.  I tongue his hole deeply.  The Cub eggs me on verbally, telling me he knows I can go deeper.  I try to show him just how deep I can go.

Then it’s fucking time.

Now the Tall One is watching.  His big cock comes out, stroking it in time to my thrusts.  His left hand touches my naked butt cheeks.  I turn, still thrusting.  He leans down and kisses me.  I pull out of the ass—he pushes in.  He fucks the Cub as I work the Cub’s nipples.

“I’m cumming.”  It’s a simple statement.  Not breathless.  Not loud.  Matter of fact. 

And he shoots.  Huge wads of semen are spit into the Cub.  The Tall One can’t wait for my mouth on his cock.  I kneel and clean him.  He even sticks it back in the hole to bring it out again, dripping, and straight to my mouth.

When he’s done I settle down for a major felch.

And a fuck in the remains.

I give the Cub easily as much load as I have eaten out.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Late Night Snack

Near Home—April, 2015

You have likely read about my other exploits in April.  After this last four-way in the playroom, I was sated until I took off to CLAW.  Readers got my daily reports about that weekend with all of us leather boys in heat.  When I came home I, not surprisingly, didn’t want to play for a bit.  I was finally ready for more on the last weekend of the month.  I went to the bookstore--the one nearest my home.

I start in the smaller theatre, showing the straight porn.  It is Saturday night and the crowd of men are restless.  Whenever I have to park on the street instead of in the parking lot, I know that some straight couple has posted some sort of internet ad stating they are coming to the bookstore at some appointed hour.  Every seat but one is taken in the space.  I sit in the last vacant chair nearest the screen.  In no time a man in his 40’s arrives with his slightly younger wife or girlfriend.  Two men get off the couch and give them room to sit.  The couple watch the porn.  The men all watch the couple, who pretend to be oblivious.  Soon the man’s hand strays under the woman’s short skirt.

Flies open.  Cocks are produced.

She removes her top, her bra, her skirt.  She opens her legs wide, with nothing on but heels and a lime green thong.  His fingers disappear and work her until she’s trembling.

He stops.  “You.”  He points at one of the regulars who is stroking his medium sized cock.  “Let her suck you.”

The man eagerly gets up, holding on to his waistband with one hand and fisting his cock with the other.  The act of putting his hard dick in her mouth in front of a dozen men is too much.  He cums instantly. 

To her credit she swallows.

“You next.”  He points at another man I recognize.  I know he’s just a jerker.  The jerker shakes his head.

“You.”  He now points to the man next to me.

“I don’t stick my cock in some other guy’s cum.”

“Well, then you.”  And he points to me.  I stand.  My fully erect dick flops down.  The man actually gasps.  “She likes big ones.  Let her try.”

All eyes are now on me as I cross the room.  She jerks my dick for a moment, looking at it—sizing it up.  She ovals and tries to take me down.   She’s all teeth.  I won’t be able to take it for long.  She tries to go deeper.  And gags.  Truly retches in the back of her throat.

And let’s go of me.  The man holds up his hand—stopping me in case I thought I would get more from her.  I step away, shoving my cock back in my pants and go to the theatre where the mouths are bigger…as her partner asks for another volunteer.


I am on my knees in front of a naked man.  He’s lithe, toned, and maybe in his late 40’s.  He always sits fully naked, with his clothes folded neatly under his chair, in the back corner of the gay side.  He strokes, and when he is ready, allows someone to suck him off.  At least that’s all I’ve ever seen him do.  I’m the mouth of the night.

I pull off his dick and nuzzle his balls.  He murmurs his appreciation and takes a hit of pungent, cheap poppers.  I pull back his dick, lifting his balls and tongue under the hairy sack.

The door opens.  It’s the man I often play with here—40’s, blond hair (that actually is slightly greying when you are not in the dark theatre but in the florescent light of the store), a good body, a nice big dick and an ass almost always ready to take me.  He sits where he can watch me work the guy.  And my own dick—which I’m stroking in time to my sucking.

I figure they have to know each other.  I hear the new arrival’s zipper go down.  I work back up the cock in front of me.  I swallow him down.  My suckee holds my head still—and fucks his length into my mouth.  He lets me go, so I can come up for air.

“So you know, I swallow,” I tell him.

“You should tell your friend we’d rather fuck him.”

Well, yeah, we would.  And I’ll still get his load—just out of a hot ass.

I suck for another moment.  Than get up and go over to my fuck bud.

“He’d like to fuck you.  Do you…?”

I don’t get to finish the sentence.  He’s up and walking over to the corner and the man with the hard on.  His pants are off in a trice.  He leans on the back of another chair, presenting his ass to him. I want to eat it, get it wet for the man I was sucking.  But the top stands, spits on his dick and is in him before I get a chance.  I stick my dick into my bud’s mouth. 

Soon I kneel and watch the cock sliding home in long, easy strokes.

I am on the verge of asking the top to pull out so I can taste his dick, but he’s bucking into the smooth ass in front of him.  He’s shooting.  He doesn’t make any kind of sound at all.  A perfectly silent cum. 

He even denies he shot.  He reaches for a fast food napkin in his pants, telling my friend that it’s late and he needs to go home.  He quickly wipes away the last pearl of cum dripping from his dick. 

We watch him dress and go.

“Bend over.”

My bud leans over the chair again.

I bury my face in his freshly fucked hole. 

I settle down for a late night snack.

Making sure I refill him when I’m done felching… 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fist and Fuck Party (con't): Joey and Roger

I was so involved with abusing Jack's hole, I paid little attention to what Roger was doing with Joey’s ass.  I would occasionally look over and note how deep Roger had gotten his small hands.  After I took a shot of my dick in Jack’s ass I snapped this series of pictures.

Notice the collection of toys off to the side which Joey had brought with him.  I really have no idea if they were ever used.

In no time Roger had both hands in him.

They moved to the bench when I moved Jack to the sling.

I spelled Roger, by fucking that well used hole.  His excellent muscle control still made for a tight fuck.

I went back to fucking Joey in the sling.  Soon we switched locations.

Roger now going for depth.

That used hole.  Just moments later, Roger cleaned off the excess Crisco, and asked if I wanted to eat it out.  Was he kidding?

It horned me enough to go back to Jack and think about cumming.  Roger shot all over Joey.  I shot deep in Jack's hole.


This picture is out of sequence, but I love all the detritus left by our play.  The gas mask that had been used to intensify popper intake.  The beer bottle emptied by Joey so he could give me a bladder full of piss.  The rope which had secured Jack.  One of the dozens of towels about to be laundered. 

I once said that a clue to whether you were having a good sex session was indicated by the number of towels in the laundry.

That night, there was not a towel left in the room.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Abusing Jack's Hole

My Playroom—April, 2105

We’d talked about it for a long time—Jack and Joey making the trip to my playroom.  Then, in early April it became a reality.  “Use me as roughly as you want,” Jack told me.  I knew then that I needed to get someone else to keep Joey busy.  With the way Joey’s ass can open for hands and large toys, I knew I had to introduce Joey to Roger, my expert fisting roommate from CLAW. 

I set up the bondage frame on the base of the fuck bench.  It is a T shaped frame with convenient places to secure men.

The guys arrived.  I changed into my leathers; the other three wore designer jocks.  We trooped upstairs. 

Roger instantly pulls Joey to the bed.  I pay little attention to them as I fasten wrist and ankle restraints to Jack. 

“Get on the bench.” 

Jack does.  Only then do I add the leather blindfold.   He only hears the clip securing his ankles to the bondage frame. 

He can only feel the rope looped around the restraint and the padded bench holding him in place—all popper use now at my whim.

And I sit back on my haunches and contemplate that ass.

Jack is breathing heavily in anticipation.  I cock slap his ass crack.  My dick is meaty and heavy.  It thuds nicely on his upturned butt.

I am sure he is thinking I’ll fuck or rim.  I don’t.  I spank his ass.  Hard.  It turns bright red and is warm on my cock, when I return to slapping him with my swollen meat.

And then I’m in.  No foreplay.  Just some spit on my dick.  I pull out.  And only then do I tongue his abused hole.  I love the taste of the lube his hole has swiftly manufactured to ease the onslaught of my invading cock.  I eat it out and spit some back into his gaping hole.

I stand and insert fully.

I look over at Joey on the bed.  Roger already has both hands in him.  

I lean over Jack, feed him some of his poppers.  As I see them hit his body, I enter him again and fuck him as hard as I can.  A ball slapping, hip smacking ass fuck.  Loud.  And Jack vocalizes the pain and the pleasure of it in a drawn out, wordless sound—his head buried in the padding of the bench.

“Do you want the sling?” I ask Roger.

“Go ahead,” he tells me.  “We’ll move to the bench.”

I undo Jack. 

He stands rather unsteadily, but I’m there to support him.  I have him walk around a little—making sure the blood is flowing back to his extremities.  I get him in the sling.  I fasten his hands together below him.  It’s a picture that sums up what he likes perfectly.

And look at his ass lips:  Stretched.  Puffy.  Waiting for more cock.  Hoping for a load.

I work his nipples some.  But concentrate on fucking.  No finesse.  Just a brutal taking of his hole for my pleasure.


We are back on the bench.  But Jack is secured to the T of pipes.  I am sitting on the bench behind him.  I pull him down onto my cock.  It’s an effective position.  I am deeper yet.  He has no control.  And I’ve never done it before…which makes my cock that much harder.

I fuck and Roger shoots more pics.

I decide I finally want some of Joey’s ass.  I plug Jack.  

I tie it in place and go fuck his partner, while Roger takes a breather on the bed. 


It’s time to send them home.  Roger has stretched Joey to the limit with hands and toys.  He shoots a load all over Joey’s chest.

I put Jack back in the sling.  I’m ready to breed him.  It’s definitely his turn for my load.  I fuck, eat, fuck and eat.

The feel of his puffy ass lips on my tongue sends me over the edge.  I just get my cock back into him to breed him deep.  I pull out…and look at the sperm ooze out. 

Tomorrow—the pictures of what Roger was doing to Joey.