Monday, July 13, 2015

Abusing Jack's Hole

My Playroom—April, 2105

We’d talked about it for a long time—Jack and Joey making the trip to my playroom.  Then, in early April it became a reality.  “Use me as roughly as you want,” Jack told me.  I knew then that I needed to get someone else to keep Joey busy.  With the way Joey’s ass can open for hands and large toys, I knew I had to introduce Joey to Roger, my expert fisting roommate from CLAW. 

I set up the bondage frame on the base of the fuck bench.  It is a T shaped frame with convenient places to secure men.

The guys arrived.  I changed into my leathers; the other three wore designer jocks.  We trooped upstairs. 

Roger instantly pulls Joey to the bed.  I pay little attention to them as I fasten wrist and ankle restraints to Jack. 

“Get on the bench.” 

Jack does.  Only then do I add the leather blindfold.   He only hears the clip securing his ankles to the bondage frame. 

He can only feel the rope looped around the restraint and the padded bench holding him in place—all popper use now at my whim.

And I sit back on my haunches and contemplate that ass.

Jack is breathing heavily in anticipation.  I cock slap his ass crack.  My dick is meaty and heavy.  It thuds nicely on his upturned butt.

I am sure he is thinking I’ll fuck or rim.  I don’t.  I spank his ass.  Hard.  It turns bright red and is warm on my cock, when I return to slapping him with my swollen meat.

And then I’m in.  No foreplay.  Just some spit on my dick.  I pull out.  And only then do I tongue his abused hole.  I love the taste of the lube his hole has swiftly manufactured to ease the onslaught of my invading cock.  I eat it out and spit some back into his gaping hole.

I stand and insert fully.

I look over at Joey on the bed.  Roger already has both hands in him.  

I lean over Jack, feed him some of his poppers.  As I see them hit his body, I enter him again and fuck him as hard as I can.  A ball slapping, hip smacking ass fuck.  Loud.  And Jack vocalizes the pain and the pleasure of it in a drawn out, wordless sound—his head buried in the padding of the bench.

“Do you want the sling?” I ask Roger.

“Go ahead,” he tells me.  “We’ll move to the bench.”

I undo Jack. 

He stands rather unsteadily, but I’m there to support him.  I have him walk around a little—making sure the blood is flowing back to his extremities.  I get him in the sling.  I fasten his hands together below him.  It’s a picture that sums up what he likes perfectly.

And look at his ass lips:  Stretched.  Puffy.  Waiting for more cock.  Hoping for a load.

I work his nipples some.  But concentrate on fucking.  No finesse.  Just a brutal taking of his hole for my pleasure.


We are back on the bench.  But Jack is secured to the T of pipes.  I am sitting on the bench behind him.  I pull him down onto my cock.  It’s an effective position.  I am deeper yet.  He has no control.  And I’ve never done it before…which makes my cock that much harder.

I fuck and Roger shoots more pics.

I decide I finally want some of Joey’s ass.  I plug Jack.  

I tie it in place and go fuck his partner, while Roger takes a breather on the bed. 


It’s time to send them home.  Roger has stretched Joey to the limit with hands and toys.  He shoots a load all over Joey’s chest.

I put Jack back in the sling.  I’m ready to breed him.  It’s definitely his turn for my load.  I fuck, eat, fuck and eat.

The feel of his puffy ass lips on my tongue sends me over the edge.  I just get my cock back into him to breed him deep.  I pull out…and look at the sperm ooze out. 

Tomorrow—the pictures of what Roger was doing to Joey.


  1. My holes wait patiently to fulfill your needs - Jack

    1. Writing about you two made me want you all over again!

  2. Very hot story and pictures. Jack has a talented hole and I loved the picture of your load oozing out of his ass. Looking forward to seeing Joey's ass next!

    1. Working on the post now. Not much writing as I don't know many details, but some pics that show off an amazing ass.

  3. Damn, that's a beautiful ass. I'm just sitting there with my chin in hand and sighing wistfully...

    1. Isn't it? The two of them both have glorious holes--that have unique talents. They are a great duo to play with due to how different their holes feel and what they like. And each man wants the other to have a great time!

  4. Sounds like we need to put another party together with more tops in attendance to use our holes? - Jack