Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fist and Fuck Party (con't): Joey and Roger

I was so involved with abusing Jack's hole, I paid little attention to what Roger was doing with Joey’s ass.  I would occasionally look over and note how deep Roger had gotten his small hands.  After I took a shot of my dick in Jack’s ass I snapped this series of pictures.

Notice the collection of toys off to the side which Joey had brought with him.  I really have no idea if they were ever used.

In no time Roger had both hands in him.

They moved to the bench when I moved Jack to the sling.

I spelled Roger, by fucking that well used hole.  His excellent muscle control still made for a tight fuck.

I went back to fucking Joey in the sling.  Soon we switched locations.

Roger now going for depth.

That used hole.  Just moments later, Roger cleaned off the excess Crisco, and asked if I wanted to eat it out.  Was he kidding?

It horned me enough to go back to Jack and think about cumming.  Roger shot all over Joey.  I shot deep in Jack's hole.


This picture is out of sequence, but I love all the detritus left by our play.  The gas mask that had been used to intensify popper intake.  The beer bottle emptied by Joey so he could give me a bladder full of piss.  The rope which had secured Jack.  One of the dozens of towels about to be laundered. 

I once said that a clue to whether you were having a good sex session was indicated by the number of towels in the laundry.

That night, there was not a towel left in the room.


  1. Great pics! Joey is gonna love them! - Jack

    1. They really show off his talent for size!

  2. FP-you never let your audience down!

    1. Thanks. And these two guys don't disappoint, either--they are great playmates--and so open to letting me use their pictures!

  3. Those two boys have amazing holes and are a lot of fun to play with! Can't wait until I get a chance to play with them again with you! Thabnks for posting the hot pictures!

    1. You're welcome. I think we need an early fall foursome....