Friday, July 17, 2015

Late Night Snack

Near Home—April, 2015

You have likely read about my other exploits in April.  After this last four-way in the playroom, I was sated until I took off to CLAW.  Readers got my daily reports about that weekend with all of us leather boys in heat.  When I came home I, not surprisingly, didn’t want to play for a bit.  I was finally ready for more on the last weekend of the month.  I went to the bookstore--the one nearest my home.

I start in the smaller theatre, showing the straight porn.  It is Saturday night and the crowd of men are restless.  Whenever I have to park on the street instead of in the parking lot, I know that some straight couple has posted some sort of internet ad stating they are coming to the bookstore at some appointed hour.  Every seat but one is taken in the space.  I sit in the last vacant chair nearest the screen.  In no time a man in his 40’s arrives with his slightly younger wife or girlfriend.  Two men get off the couch and give them room to sit.  The couple watch the porn.  The men all watch the couple, who pretend to be oblivious.  Soon the man’s hand strays under the woman’s short skirt.

Flies open.  Cocks are produced.

She removes her top, her bra, her skirt.  She opens her legs wide, with nothing on but heels and a lime green thong.  His fingers disappear and work her until she’s trembling.

He stops.  “You.”  He points at one of the regulars who is stroking his medium sized cock.  “Let her suck you.”

The man eagerly gets up, holding on to his waistband with one hand and fisting his cock with the other.  The act of putting his hard dick in her mouth in front of a dozen men is too much.  He cums instantly. 

To her credit she swallows.

“You next.”  He points at another man I recognize.  I know he’s just a jerker.  The jerker shakes his head.

“You.”  He now points to the man next to me.

“I don’t stick my cock in some other guy’s cum.”

“Well, then you.”  And he points to me.  I stand.  My fully erect dick flops down.  The man actually gasps.  “She likes big ones.  Let her try.”

All eyes are now on me as I cross the room.  She jerks my dick for a moment, looking at it—sizing it up.  She ovals and tries to take me down.   She’s all teeth.  I won’t be able to take it for long.  She tries to go deeper.  And gags.  Truly retches in the back of her throat.

And let’s go of me.  The man holds up his hand—stopping me in case I thought I would get more from her.  I step away, shoving my cock back in my pants and go to the theatre where the mouths are bigger…as her partner asks for another volunteer.


I am on my knees in front of a naked man.  He’s lithe, toned, and maybe in his late 40’s.  He always sits fully naked, with his clothes folded neatly under his chair, in the back corner of the gay side.  He strokes, and when he is ready, allows someone to suck him off.  At least that’s all I’ve ever seen him do.  I’m the mouth of the night.

I pull off his dick and nuzzle his balls.  He murmurs his appreciation and takes a hit of pungent, cheap poppers.  I pull back his dick, lifting his balls and tongue under the hairy sack.

The door opens.  It’s the man I often play with here—40’s, blond hair (that actually is slightly greying when you are not in the dark theatre but in the florescent light of the store), a good body, a nice big dick and an ass almost always ready to take me.  He sits where he can watch me work the guy.  And my own dick—which I’m stroking in time to my sucking.

I figure they have to know each other.  I hear the new arrival’s zipper go down.  I work back up the cock in front of me.  I swallow him down.  My suckee holds my head still—and fucks his length into my mouth.  He lets me go, so I can come up for air.

“So you know, I swallow,” I tell him.

“You should tell your friend we’d rather fuck him.”

Well, yeah, we would.  And I’ll still get his load—just out of a hot ass.

I suck for another moment.  Than get up and go over to my fuck bud.

“He’d like to fuck you.  Do you…?”

I don’t get to finish the sentence.  He’s up and walking over to the corner and the man with the hard on.  His pants are off in a trice.  He leans on the back of another chair, presenting his ass to him. I want to eat it, get it wet for the man I was sucking.  But the top stands, spits on his dick and is in him before I get a chance.  I stick my dick into my bud’s mouth. 

Soon I kneel and watch the cock sliding home in long, easy strokes.

I am on the verge of asking the top to pull out so I can taste his dick, but he’s bucking into the smooth ass in front of him.  He’s shooting.  He doesn’t make any kind of sound at all.  A perfectly silent cum. 

He even denies he shot.  He reaches for a fast food napkin in his pants, telling my friend that it’s late and he needs to go home.  He quickly wipes away the last pearl of cum dripping from his dick. 

We watch him dress and go.

“Bend over.”

My bud leans over the chair again.

I bury my face in his freshly fucked hole. 

I settle down for a late night snack.

Making sure I refill him when I’m done felching… 

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