Monday, November 23, 2015

Banging the Birthday Boy

Chicago—September, 2015

Rod sent me an email—he was throwing a birthday orgy for his partner Brice.  He wondered if I was available.  This is the couple who throw the sex party I attend every New Year’s Eve.  Of course, I’d be there.

There are the three of us: 

Rod—a silver fox with a big dick, Brice—bearded, hairy with Hebraic features, Me—thin, with my long, fat dick eager for hole.

We didn’t wait for the guests to arrive.  I had taken my padded fuck bench to set up right next to their sling and rimseat.  I put the birthday boy on the bench, ate his ass and, when I could finally tear myself away from eating his hole, stood up and worked the first dick of the night up his wet pucker. 

And the doorbell rang…

Rod answers and shows in a boy.   This surprises me.  These guys rarely ask young men.  I later learn this twinkish looking boy in a ballcap is actually 41.  (He keeps the hat on to cover up the receding hairline.)  Hat Boy can’t take his eyes off me fucking.  He leans over Brice to watch me ravage his hole.  I pull out ever so slowly to show off my full length.  The man’s eyes widen.  His mouth ovals.  And he strips on the spot.  His cock emerges rock hard and he shoves it towards Brice’s face.

A leather  top arrives from the changing room.  (I had eaten his hole in December and cleaned his cock of a lot of cum and butt juice.)  He smiles at me and whispers in my ear that he hopes I’ll tongue him again.  I do.  A couple of times.

His partner, a talkative mixed race man, arrives much later—but in time to load Brice.

A man in chaps saunters in behind the top.  In moments, the Leather Top is getting his dick sucked noisily by the guy in chaps.

A wiry man in an assless neoprene singlet enters the mix of bodies.   A visitor from Australia.  And a sex pig.  His first action is to clean my cock directly from Brice’s hole and spit the juices back into Brice.   I’m pretty sure I am going to be spending a lot of time with him.

The guests keep coming.

Another leather top who fucks Chaps after the Leather Top takes a breather.  He ends up using his fists the rest of the night on many willing holes.

A Black versatile is next.  Over the two and half hours, he shoots 6 loads in three different asses.  And he’s not faking the orgasms—I felched each and every load.

Dreadlocks, the Black man with at least 9.5 inches, and a favorite from NYE, comes in late.  He’s up Rod, working that huge dick into Rod’s ass at the same time Rod is fucking Neoprene.  And he’s good for 4 loads before the night is done.

A Latino arrives late.  He is window dressing.  He watches.  And strokes an uncut schlong. 
We fuck and suck and switch partners.   On the bed.  On the bench.  On the sling.  In twos and threes.  Sometimes more.  I get my cock in every bottom and versatile man there.

Two moments stand out.

Neoprene spends as much time under the rim seat as I do.  Maybe more.  He can’t stop eating my ass.  We both taste every hole at the party.   He is back up my ass, licking and squirming on the leather throw where the rimseat sits.  He is so sweaty now, he slides on the leather—out from under the seat as if he’s on one of those creepers used by auto mechanics—but his is nothing but sweat, lube and leather.  He attacks the underside of my balls with his hot mouth.  And then slides farther out and turns to suck my dick.  This puts his ass in the air.   He is loaded instantly by the short fused Black man.

“Eat my loaded ass, pig.”

We reverse.  I get under the rimchair.  He sits on the seat above my open mouth.  Cum is already dripping from his well fucked hole.  It’s an easy felch.  It slides right out of him into my mouth.   My probing tongue only makes him hornier.  He gets up and rides my rampant cock while I am still trapped under the rimseat.   Some other man sits down…and I eat the butt of I know not who as I fuck up into what’s left of the cum in Neoprene’s ass.


It’s winding down.  Chaps is proving to be every bit of a pig as Neoprene.  Brice has been loaded by so many—and I’m fucking in it.  The sling chains rattle.  Chaps is on his knees next to me.  I pull out—and make him clean my dick.  Then I push his face into Brice’s wet, puffy hole.

“Eat him out.”

Chaps grunts.

“Don’t swallow it all,” I tell him.  “I want you to kiss me.”

Chaps stands up. We kiss--a long, wet exchange of cum and spit and ass juice.

I break the kiss so I can fuck more.  Then we repeat the cleaning process.

Fuck.  Clean.  Kiss.

Fuck.  Clean.  Sloppy kiss.

I am ramping up the speed of my fuck.  Dreadlocks comes over to watch me churn his loads.  He stands behind me, twisting my nipples, his spent cock in my ass crack.  Chaps can’t take his eyes from my dick.

And I explode.   Deep and long.

Brice grunts:   “Fuck, I’m full…”

I pull out.  Ever so slowly.   Chap’s mouth is plastered to my dick, his tongue inching its way towards Brice’s overflowing hole.  I am out.  He swirls his tongue over my cock head—and dives for the cascade of cum flowing out of the birthday boy…


  1. Then I can go to bed happy...and erect...

    1. Very hot! Sounds like another great party by Rod and Brice. They are such fun guys to play with and load up!

    2. Absolutely--and New Year's is almost here!!

    3. Looking forward to it again!!