Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plugged Hole

West Michigan—September, 2015

The very next night after the young man with so little self-control, I went back to the basement playroom of Derrick, the tall bear, and Jacob, his cute and incredibly hairy cub.  It was becoming a monthly meeting—and that suited all three of us.  We were dressed in our leathers.   Derrick lost his chaps early on as the room heated up.  I ditched my harness so Jacob had easier access to licking my pits.  I could just pull aside the strap on Jacob’s cod piece to get my tongue into his hairy butt.

We’d begun slowly—kissing whoever was closest and moving to the next mouth and back again.  I paused occasionally to just watch the other two.  How much they cared for each other radiated from how they kissed, how they touched and how they would turn their partner to my waiting mouth.  We were totally in tune.  Relaxed and horned.  At home, but on edge for the sex to come.

Jacob was soon on all fours, mouthing his Sir’s cock.  I was behind him, getting his ass crack as wet as I could make it with my mouth.  His hole gave way to my tongue easily.  I could slip right in.  So I tongue fucked him hard enough to make him pant around Derrick’s dick in his mouth.  We came up for air at the same moment…

“I’ve been horny all day,” Jacob tells me rather breathlessly.  “Ever since I knew you were coming I couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking me last time.”

I smile, not quite sure what to say.

“So I kept myself plugged while working and would fuck some toy up there into me whenever I took a break.”

“Easy access,” grins Derrick, sitting on the couch.  He tugs Jacob’s wrist. Jacob settles right on his lap, cock sliding right into hole.  I get back on my knees and spend a long time licking Derrick’s balls and the base of his shaft –well, when he pulled enough of it out of his boy’s hairy ass.

I need to get off my knees.  I get up, and move there wooden fuck bench into the middle of the room.  It is more of a padded sawhorse than my rather luxurious metal one, but we’ve never used it, and I don’t want the boy in the sling yet.

“Get up there, boy,” Derrick tells him. Jacob scrambles to kneel in place.  I dip a little to just taste how Derrick’s dick has flavored Jacob’s hole.  I am more than ready to fuck.  I sink into him.  One long stroke—and buried to the hilt.

“Damn,” Jacob all but croons.  Derrick moves around and sticks his cock into the boy’s mouth.   He lets me do the work.  I fuck Jacob hard enough that it all but impales him on Derrick’s cock on the other end.

Then we switch.   I’m in Jacob’s mouth.  He groans aloud at the taste of his ass on my dick.  That makes my cock head flare and likely drool.  I love watching Derrick fuck.  I reach across the boy and twist his partner’s nipples.  Derrick grunts his appreciation and increases the force of his thrusts…


We move to the sling.

We both fuck Jacob.

I fuck Derrick, too.

And then I am tossed into the webbing of the sling and have two mouths licking every exposed area of skin on my body.  Jacob remembers to find my mouth after each sortie into my pits…

We get Jacob back into it.  “I was hoping, with all my playing with myself, you’d try putting your hand into me.  Derrick’s is just too big.”

“I have medium hands,” I tell him, pausing in my rimming.

“I’ve only ever had one small one.”

Derrick bends down and hands me the Elbow Grease.  I keep eating, but lubing my hands under the sling, out of Jacob’s sight.   When they are covered, I stand up and insert my dick.   I fuck a few strokes.  Enough until he closes his eyes.  I work my right index finger in with my dick.  Soon I add another, and pull out my dick.  Now all four fingers are twisting into his worked out hole. 

I add the thumb. 

Jacob is panting and jerking his dick.  Derrick is beating off to the side, as he watches his boy submit.
A little pressure and I am in, his sphincter snapping shut around my wrist.

“Yes!”  Jacob grunts out. 

And sprays his jizz all over his hairy chest.  I work my hand out as Derrick mixes his cum with his partner’s.  I lean over and collect as much of it as I can in my mouth.

I spit the combined loads on my cock—managing to just get the coated dick into Jacob before I shoot where no one can see it…


  1. Love a guy that cums from being fisted! And imagining all that cum. I need to work myself up an invite. Ha!

    1. Oh, the three of us would make you feel VERY welcome....

  2. Hey, this is "Jacob" here! I'm getting off reading about your adventures up my hole, man! You're welcome any time, buddy.
    My sex Tumblr:
    Recon: kalamazooleather

    1. Well, I'm glad you like the reporting of our time together. I love playing with you two--I hope that comes through in my words.