Saturday, November 14, 2015

Locked In the Bathroom

Northwest Indiana—September, 2015

It was time for the last house party of the year.  This is the man who hosts 30 to 100 men all over his house—in bedrooms, dark rooms and glory holes under the stairs.  (Click on House Party in the Labels list for other entries.)  He was stopping a month early this year.  He was not pleased with the actual attendance compared to the number of guys who asked for an invite.  And the crowd certainly was smaller—likely about 40.  I think it made some of us just play that much harder.

I played a lot in the dark area and the back bedroom.  There were a number of men on my dick—mouth and/or ass—but I want to talk mostly about just one.  Ryan, the blogger who writes ‘Spreading My Legs,’ has talked about this man quite often.  Ryan usually fucks him at his local bookstore and had tried to get me to meet him.  The young man had come to a group at Ryan’s, but we had not connected—just watched each other have a good time.   He is a young Latino in his early 30’s. He is cute and has a thick uncut cock.  And he loves to get fucked.  Ryan has called him Juan in the pages of his blog.  It is not the same Juan, the load collector, I write about so often, including the entry before this one.

Ryan told this Juan that I was coming to the party.  And Juan found me in the dark room.  After just moments of cock sucking he was bent over and taking my dick in his ass.  But his highly vocal response to my dick gathered a crowd—and Juan is not much of a showoff.  He wriggled away from me with a “Later” and disappeared.

Ryan and I tried again with Juan in the back bedroom.  Juan led the way to the back bathroom and I did something I never do at parties like this—I locked the door.

Ryan is on his knees, watching as Juan pulls his underwear off.  Juan bends, supporting himself on the closed toilet seat and thrusts his wet ass into Ryan’s face.  Ryan eats his freshly fucked hole.  My dick comes back to full hardness as I push it into Juan’s mouth.  Ryan grunts his satisfaction of how tasty Juan’s hole is after my dick has been there.  Juan is a good sucker.   I fuck into his face—only pausing for a moment as Ryan stands and inserts his dripping cock into Juan’s now wetter ass.

Spit roasted.

We all hold still for a millisecond as it sinks in—then the two of us begin thrusting into the boy.  He is grunting around my cock in his mouth.  I have rarely seen a man more turned on than Juan is right now with a dick in each hole. 

Ryan slams into him with a hard fuck.  The closed door rattles as men hear hips smacking ass and Juan’s pig noises around my cock.

Ryan stops himself from coming by pulling out.  I drop to my knees, barely able to so in the cramped bathroom, and taste Juan’s ass on his dick.  He lets me clean it, then squeezes by me to go feed it to Juan.  I sink my tongue into Juan’s ass.   He is very wet now.  I prod him with my tongue.  Juan squirms, pushing his brown ass into my face and beard.   I stand up and insert.

Juan gasps.  I hold still.  He adjusts to my size and I begin a slower fuck.  I build it.  I can’t help myself.  Juan’s ass is grasping at my dick, clinging to it with every stroke.   I feel I could cum, too.   I slow down and pull out.

It is Ryan’s turn to clean dick.  He does.  He slobbers over the ass juice on my big cock.  We squeeze by each other, and Ryan goes back to fucking Juan.  Juan hesitates for a split second about putting my cock back in his mouth—but lust triumphs.  He does.  And Ryan’s thrusts from behind drive Juan’s mouth down until all of it is lodged in his mouth.

Juan wants a break.  He stands up.  Ryan turns him towards himself and kisses him.  I take the chance to tongue fuck him again.  This makes him bend right back over.  My dick is up him.  I pound him hard, as Ryan supports him and kisses his neck.

I think about loading him right now and going home.  I am sure I am not going to find a better ass.  I am only stopped from doing so by another person trying the bathroom door. 

It makes us all stop.   Ryan and Jose put their briefs back on.   I fight a hopeless battle trying to get my hard cock slightly covered by my jock.


Much cock sucking later, I do find Juan in the back bedroom with Ryan and a 20 something blond.  Juan sits on the Blond’s dick, then the Blond holds Juan in place for Ryan.   Then it’s my turn back in the hot hole.  I fuck him hard, building to the moment I thought I had an hour ago.

I announce I’m cumming.

Juan pulls off me…and I spray a mega load over Juan’s ass and the Blond’s cock and abs.

Ryan's take on this party is here.


  1. That was a great way of finishing up the last party of the year there. Juan has such a hungry hole. I did meet him at the bookstore yesterday and threw another fuck into his ass. Hot!!

    1. It was. Glad I finally got into your Juan....

  2. that's hot, completely boned me. Thank you Stud!

    1. That locked-in-the-bathroom moment was everything I like about sex. I just wish it could have lasted longer...

  3. ah-ha! they're not the same juan. i recall ryan's post and was surprised that you guys haven't met before. now it makes sense.

    1. Yes. And to make it even more confusing, Ryan has fucked and bred "my" Juan when we were in Chicago together...

    2. Must be something about that name that gets my dick hard! ;)

    3. The fine ass of either Juan = a hard and dripping cock!