Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Young…and Full of Cum

My Playroom—September, 2015

He’s 22.  Way younger than my average age of partner.  And he’s nervous—online and in person as he stripped in my bathroom. 

We’d talked on Asspig.  He’d taken a fist once and wanted to do it again.  He was from out of state—in Michigan for a quick trip.  He’d looked at where I’d lived and saw that my playroom was about halfway home.  Could he stop for a stretch?

His pictures showed a tall man with a fairly large frame.  He could easily have played football in high school.  His cock was above average.  And his ass made my cock jump.  A cute face framed with dark hair and lots of stubble of the same color.  Of course I told him yes.

And he showed up.  He showered and cleaned.  He walked up the stairs to the playroom naked, towel over his shoulder.  I followed.  My eyes never left his full, hairy butt…

Terry is a man who knows what he wants.  He climbs right up on the fuck bench, presenting me with his glorious ass.  I fall to my knees and dive in.  He’s steamy from the shower and the hair in his ass crack is damp.  I make him damper.

“Your tongue feels great,” he murmurs. 

I stand up and slap my now engorged (and lubed) cock on his right cheek.

“And you’re huge.  Go slow.”

I do.  I do know how to fuck.  Even slow—I can tell he’s hurting.  I pull out, add more lube.  I try again.  He’s so fucking tight.


I pull out again.

Terry gets up and goes down the stairs saying, “I need poppers.  They’re in my pants.”

But they aren’t.  As I start down the steps, he has his jeans on and is headed for the door—is he really leaving?

“They must be in the car.”  He’s shirtless, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be back.  I go back and sit on the bed and look at the porn.

He’s taking forever.  Did he actually leave?  No, there’s the door.  And Terry is back in the playroom, ditching his pants.

“Can we switch to the sling?  I think I’ll be better on my back.”

It’s fine with me.  I rim him again and stand up.  He’s certainly hot to look at, laying there, stroking his big dick.  I get some pre-cum in my mouth from his cock head.  I bend and spit it on his hole.
“Hot,” he hisses, taking a hit of poppers.

“You want it raw, right?”

“Yeah.  Fuck me with that uncovered cock.”

I get the head in.  Easier, this time.  Terry takes another hit—and I slide in as his ass opens up.

I hold still.  I start a slow fuck.  I only give him two thirds of my dick.  Once I give his a stroke of the entire shaft and he asks me to back off.

I fuck him hard--controlled and steady--but hard.  He’s good with it, but constantly stroking.  I bat his hand away from his cock.

I fuck still harder.  And knock his jerking fist away from his big cock again.

We break.

I grab the speculum.  If he wants my fist, he needs more stretch.  He really jerks his dick when he recognizes what I have slipped up his ass.

I crank it open slowly.  He strokes.  I admonish him and tell him to grab the D rings at the top of the sling.  He watches in the mirror above me as I add my cock into the spread speculum.  He can’t help himself and starts stroking again.  Rapidly.

And shoots.  Buckets of cum.  All over his chest and abs.  It just keeps coming. 

I pull out and ask.   “Are you done or can I keep going?”

“I’m done.”  He is sheepish and rather contrite.  He can’t look me in the face.  I quickly crank the medical instrument shut and remove it.  Terry gets up, dripping cum.  There is even more semen all over the sling.

He showers and leaves. 

Too embarrassed in person (or later online) to talk much to me.

I look at the clock—thirty minutes from stepping into the shower to clean out—and stepping back in to wash off all that jizz.

I’m blue balled and try to stuff myself into the jock as he dresses.

After he’s gone, I find a penny on the bathroom floor. 

Ah, well—a tip of sorts…


  1. I'm guessing u had no difficulty finding someone to drain those blue balls of urs Stud!

    1. Well, not that day...we all know there is rarely the right person on line when you need him...

      I think the load went into the current Devil's Dick slowly taking form in the freezer.

  2. Ah, the youngins... If you kept him hostage for another 15 mins he'd be ready again. ;-)
    So I tried a tactic where I hold onto their cock to stop them from jerking but even that fails to stop them from cumming... (Sigh)

    1. You are right about the 15 minutes, of course. I could have had great fun playing with all that cum he spewed out and he would have been hard again in no time, but he was sure he was done.

      I should have gotten those jerking hands into the the wrist restraints...