Sunday, June 5, 2016

IML Sunday. New F-Buds and Old. The Old…

Chicago—May, 2016

(There are some pretty graphic pictures below…)

As soon as Dylan was gone, I got dressed and headed out for a sandwich.  On the way downstairs, I stopped at Jack and Joey’s room.  Joey let me in.  I found Jack naked, blindfolded and with hash marks on his ass.  He’d taken something like 6 loads from seven cocks.  The thought of that got me hard. 

Of course I tasted them and fucked in them.

And I invited them up to our 5pm playtime.

It was a good thing I did.  Our numbers were dwindling.  One guy had to work later on his IML shift.  Another had to work until the last minute and couldn’t clean out.  A top didn’t show.  Dylan couldn’t get back to us after all.  I knew it was bad, when Rod was feeling poorly and sent Brice without him.
But there was still plenty of fun to be had.

I am balls deep up Brice the moment he’s naked.  Marco had played with him while I was at the piss party.  Now it’s my turn to luxuriate in his warm hole. 

A knock on the door.  It’s Jack and Joey.  We regroup.  I get Jack in the sling.  I’m back to eating his loaded hole and fucking in it.  Marco and Brice can’t wait to see if Joey’s hole is really as “fistable” as I told them.  Marco starts working it.

One hand.  Then the other.  And both.  Brice snaps the pictures—and I keep fucking Jack.

The boys trade off.  Brice’s much bigger hands love the warmed up hole.  In no time he has both of his fists in the hole in front of him.

Jack needs a break.

It’s my turn up Joey.  I fuck.  I add my hand.  I stroke myself inside Joey.

This turns Brice on even more.  The moment I pull out, he’s hard and wants to fuck.  He does.  He fucks Joey until he loads him.

I want this cum.  I get Joey and his easy access ass on the rimseat.  He sits.  He stuffs his beginnings of a rosebud into my mouth.  The act of pushing out the cum also makes his bladder spasm.

“I’m gonna piss all over you.”  

As the cum drips into my mouth, his piss gushes all over my chest and the tarp below me. 

I eat and swallow.  Joey is shaking.  I finally have to stop.  We towel off and I see what Marco has done to Jack. He has tied him up in an intricate pattern of ropes.

I get behind him.  I am rock hard from the cum eating and blown out hole. 

I fuck my load into Jack.

I add a hash mark.

And we do one more stunt shot.  I have to contort my body, to keep my dick in Jack, while I stick a paw up both Marco on the left and Joey on my right.

And that was IML 2016.


  1. A fantastic time as always! I don't get tied up enough... - Jack

    1. Tying you up was such a happy inspiration of the moment. I'd never seen Marco's work on anyone other than how he wears his rope on himself. A potetial playmate wrote me on one of the hook up sites about it. He wondered if it was all planned as the rope matched your socks...

      Now, Marco had a ton of rope there--so he likely did choose it not to clash, but certainly no one knew you were going to get trussed tight and before being bred...

  2. Great story and pics (especially the last pic). Jack and Joey have wonderful asses and I can speak from experience as well. Your IML weekend sounded perfect in every way. Thanks for sharing!

    1. There were so many asses you would have enjoyed during IML!

      And it's been fun re-living the weekend...

  3. great pictures!

    1. Thanks--Fun pictures of some hot, hot ass!