Saturday, January 28, 2017

Full Service Top?

My Playroom—December, 2016

On all my hook up ads, I have called myself a Full Service Top from the very first.  Any causal reader certainly should agree that I know my way around an ass.  I have been told I’m an excellent fister.  I love all sorts of watersports—and I know how to use it for sensuous enjoyment or as a way to humiliate a sub.  I know how to flog.  I am adept at cock and ball torture having been tutored by a man who loved to have his balls beaten black and blue.  I am excellent at role playing—though I don’t get much call for it.  I have a number of things in my playroom to make nipples much more sensitive.  I am good to go if a husband takes me home to fuck his wife—or fuck him in front of her—or both. 

I know I have much to learn involving BDSM and I will be a willing student (are you reading this Derrick and Jeffrey??).  The one thing I knew I didn’t need to do was to feed scat.  I have had a number of men ask—and I thought I might go there at first.  I usually believe you need to try things to know if you like it, but I realized there was nothing sexual for me in that activity and  I was quite content to leave it alone. 

But you have something new?  Let’s talk about it.  At the top of December, I got an email…

He arrives ten minutes late.  I was on the verge of writing him off.  He rings the bell carrying an immense gym bag.

I let him in.  He is a good 10 years older than his pictures, but I merely sigh under my breath.  I could wish that it was only 10 pounds heavier than those same pictures, but no, it’s a good deal more than 10.  He starts talking and digging into the bag.

“Did you bring them?” I ask.

“I’m just getting them.  We need to sterilize the set.  You have a big pot?”

The “them” are sounds.  I have never done any urethral play but I’m more than willing.

I am picturing the short silicone ones I’ve seen for sale, that are vaguely the size of big golf tees.  So I get out a sauce pan that will hold them.  My new play partner arrives in the kitchen.  He hands me an immensely long leather kit.  I open it.  They are metal—and a good 15 inches long.

I find a jelly roll pan and we boil them on top of the stove.

I get them on a clean towel with a pair of tongs and— still too hot to touch—we go up to the playroom.

“Now,” he says.  “You want to try these up that big dick of yours?”

“I thought I was using them on you.”

“Sure, sure.  Just thought I’d offer.”  He hops in the sling. 

I put on latex gloves.  I kneel.  We start with the smallest sound.  I lube it up.  I am told to grip his cock (fairly typical in size—maybe slightly thicker) so my thumb helps push the piss slit open.    The end goes easily into his piss slit. I work it maybe and inch into him.  This is striking me as very medical…I mean, I’m the guy that looks anywhere else but at my arm when a nurse is drawing blood for my HIV test…

“Try the next one.”  I do the same thing.  He huffs poppers and is no longer telling me anything.  There is a bend to the sounds and I don’t know which side should be facing me.  So I ask.  I get no answer.  I get “Go deeper.”  I try.  Maybe two inches into him.  I am now feeling light headed.

“I don’t know if I this a good idea…”

“Skip the third one and get the fourth.  I want to feel it.”

I put the sound down and concentrate on the towel on the floor.  I stare at until I feel in control again. 
I pick up the fourth.  I lube it.  I have to really work to get this bigger tip into his small piss slit. 

“Now go deep,” he grunts.

I start down his dick.  Maybe three inches.  I stop.

“I want to feel it way lower.”

He takes it from my fingers and I watch it go in another inch or so.  I have to look away.  I get off my knees and sit down.  I don’t quite put my head between my legs, but it’s close.  I could easily pass out if I let myself.

I finally tell him I can’t do more.


We move on to my hands up his ass.  He has no interest in my dick.  And that’s likely a good thing.  He'd never have felt it.  The speculum, usually a tight fit in any man, falls out of him.  Literally, as I am reaching for a toy.

I am able to put both fists up him.  Together.

He goes home happy.

I think.

And I learn I have another limit.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"You Know He's Going to Want to Eat Your Hole"

West Michigan—December, 2016

I went to Derrick and Jacob’s beautiful home at the top of the month.  The tall bear and his cub were happy to see me.  Jacob met me at the door in tight leather chaps and a zippered vest.  His sizable cock was encased in a stainless steel chastity device.  I was shown into the study—where the television was showing a clip fest of Treasure Island bareback porn.  We usually chat for a bit in the living room before we head down to the play room.  Instead, Jacob started unbuckling my belt.  The boy was hungry…

I am naked but for my cockring, sitting on the couch.  Derrick has his arm around me.  We are in a deep kiss.  Jacob is on the floor, between our splayed legs.  He is currently sucking Derrick.  He soon pulls off him and goes down on me.  Damn.  He takes me deeper than usual.  He’s been practicing—and I tell him so.  I punctuate my praise with a slight thrust deeper into his mouth.  He chokes, pulls off, catches his breath and takes me as deep as he can once more.

“Get on my dick, boy,” growls Derrick.  I move slightly away to give them room.   Jacob clambers up on the couch, straddling Derrick’s thighs.  He lowers himself onto his partner’s dripping dick.  I slide off the couch.  I squirm between Derrick’s legs.  I lick his balls.  Jacob stops impaling himself for a moment and leans forward, so I can lick some of Derrick’s shaft going into his stretched hole.  They taste terrific.  I could stay there all day, but I pull off so they can get back to fucking.

I stroke, looking up at them from my position on the floor.  I love to watch their faces as they fuck each other.   Jacob’s thighs soon need a rest.

“Pull the bench over here,” Derrick instructs Jacob.  “You know he’s going to want to eat your hole."

Jacob slides a thin bench so it runs perpendicular with the couch.  He gets up on it and presents his wet ass to me.  I slide down between couch and bench.  I rim him deeply.  There is the taste of his hole—always delicious.  I can also taste some of Derrick’s pre-cum.  And some sort of lube I can’t identify.  I have to will myself to stop eating him.  I stand up and slide my cock in him.

“Ohhhhhhh!”   Jacob holds still and lets me set the pace.  But soon he can’t help himself, he’s bucking back on my dick.  “Fuck!  Yeah, fuck!!”  I slow the pace—I could actually blow a load right then—and I don’t want to do that.

I pull out and let Derrick fuck Jacob on all fours.  I go around and stick my ass juiced dick into Jacob’s mouth.  I listen to the rattle of the chastity device as Derrick plows into him.

“I need to taste your hole again.”

Derrick has stopped fucking.  I get Jacob up and lie down, face up, on the thin bench.  Jacob can stand on the floor, facing away from the couch, and slowly sit on my face.

Heaven.  It’s wet and hairy and all but seals around my mouth and probing tongue.  The jingle of all the chastity hardware is right by my ears.  I smack Derrick’s hand away from my dick or I’m going to shoot before I’ve begun.  I poke and swallow and tongue his hole.

We only stop because it’s a hard position for Jacob to hold very long.

“Take the device off, boy.”

I’m secretly glad—it means that Jacob’s cock will now be rampant—and he can help me fuck Derrick.

We head down to the playroom.  I suggest Derrick start in the sling, when I see Jacob’s hard on. For the next 30 minutes or so we alternate fucking him.  If we aren’t up his hole, we move to the side and stroke Derrick’s hard nipples.  Or cover his mouth with our now fragrant pits.

I am back fucking Derrick.  Jacob leans down and licks the head of Derrick’s dick.  I stop for a moment, kneel and taste the assault we’ve made on his hole.  Jacob’s fingers are holding Derrick’s balls.  As I stand up, two of them slide into Derrick’s hole.  I don’t stop my entry.  I push right in.  Derrick can feel he’s fuller.  I want him to know just what is happening.

“The boy has two fingers up there with my dick.  You feel so damn full.  Stroke my cock with your fingers, boy….”

The words trigger it.  Derrick pumps out a load all over his chest.  We stay locked in place until he comes back down to earth.


Jacob is in the sling.  Derrick is catching his breath on the couch.  Jacob has lost the vest.  My free hand roams all over his hairy chest.

“You feel so good in me,” Jacob half whispers/half whimpers.

“Milk my cock, man.  Let me know how much you like it.”

“Oh, yeah.  OH, Yeah!”

And Jacob is spurting.  He shoots a massive load—that clings everywhere to this very hairy man.   He pants.  I keep my dick in place and lean forward.  I can actually lap up some it without pulling out.  As I reach down for the last drops, I pop out of his ass.  I now have a mouthful of his cum.  I kneel and push it into his fucked open hole.

He groans.  Derrick gets up and comes to watch.

“You know what I’m going to do, right?”


“I’m going to fuck your load deep into you.  Can you take a little more fucking, boy?

“I think…”

I don’t wait for the rest of the answer.  I push my dick into his now super slick hole.  I let out a loud groan and pick up the pace.

“It’s going to happen.  Boy, I’ve never shot in you—but you’re going to take my load tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Aw, fuck…”

“Shoot it!” grunts out Derrick.

I do.  My dick won’t stop cumming.   I grab the chains and hold on—spasming in his hole.  Derrick leans down to kiss his boy, telling him how proud he is of him.  Derrick straightens up and finds my mouth with his tongue—as Jacob milks every last drop out of me.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


No, these are not stills from my first photo shoot….

I love vintage nudes and vintage porn.

Since I don’t have time to write today, enjoy…

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spit Roasting Travis

Lansing—December, 2016

Travis was back in my inbox.  He was the tall man who spent 90 minutes of getting fucked in my playroom before we went off to the bookstore for his initiation of having two men in him at once.  (If you missed it, you will find that hot encounter here.) I saw him briefly in November.  That night, we had a quick fuck that stayed in my playroom.  On one of those earlier meetings, I had mentioned the bookstore/bathhouse-feel of the establishment in Lansing.  He was ready to explore it at the top of December.

A reminder:  this back room is set with some booths that have gloryholes between them.  There is a slurp ramp.  A sling and some other areas where you can bend over in relative comfort for public fucking.  It’s dark, and slightly cool with the December temperatures. 

We pay and go into the dark.  The televisions in the lounge are playing inter-racial straight videos.  We go towards the back.  There is another screen with a transsexual video.  We don’t linger.  I want to see the crowd in the back.  I lead the way and find a dozen men or so milling—unwilling to settle.  They walk the outer circuit of the room.  Or around the slurp ramp.  Or around the booths.  No one seems to be playing.

We decide to change that.  After a quick tour, we go behind the slurp ramp, where there is a good shelf for Travis to sit or lean on.  I go piss in the bathroom while I leave him to strip down.  When I come back, he is sucking some dick—standing at the back wall of the slurp ramp.  I let him get his fill.  When he turns back to me, he gets out of his pants altogether and tucks them under the bench.  He’s naked now, but for shoes.  I have him hunker down so I can eat that thick, hairy ass.  I revel in how he pushes back on my tongue.  This big man, football player big, is now grinding against me, all but demanding dick up his butt.

I don’t make him wait long.  I stand up and, once we can get the right height for both of us, I push into him.  The crowd has been forming during the rimming.  Now we have eight or ten people watching us.  A man I don’t know pulls out a beautiful dick.   Think my size, but in ebony.  I nod to him and he works around to Travis’ head and offers him his cock to suck.  Travis can’t get enough of these two massive dicks in him. 

The big dicked man takes a break.  I have Travis suck a second guy (I think the one he may have had on the slurp ramp).  He’s a daddy who loves the look of the younger man servicing us. He also can’t take his eyes off my bare cock fucking Travis’ spread cheeks.  He wastes his load by pulling out of Travis’ mouth and shooting onto the concrete.

We break.  I tell Travis to wander.  He does.  And I suck some cock.  A long, thin one poking through a glory hole…

We re-group in the back corner.  There are two chairs there that are useful to balance against.  The Tall One has arrived.  He has come to fuck Travis.  I warm Travis’ hole back up, as another man sucks The Tall One to hardness.  I lean across Travis and ask if he is really ready for another man to fuck him.  He assures me it’s exactly what he wants.  The Black man comes back into orbit.  He makes a beeline for Travis’ mouth.  He is getting his cock sucked by Travis as I pull out and nod to The Tall One.  The Tall One is all top tonight.  I watch his face.  He loves the feel of Travis clenching down on his dick.

I fuck the man who was blowing The Tall One.  He’s eager, but nowhere near as talented with his hole as Travis.  I watch The Tall One fucking.  It’s fun and different for me to see him top.  Travis pulls off the big dick in his mouth and tells The Tall One that it is fine to load his ass.

I would like to fuck Travis again, but watching The Tall One, I can tell he’s on the home stretch.  I don’t interrupt.  I watch him grip those hips and buck ferociously into them.  He shoots.  Noisily.  He grunts and groans.  The Black guy pulls out of Travis’ mouth to let him enjoy the cumshot.  (Or for self-preservation, so Travis doesn’t involuntarily chomp down on him.)  The Tall One stays plastered in his ass.  You can see Travis flexing his ass muscles—milking the dick for all he’s worth.

I’m ready to felch.  But it’s not to be.  Things have gone bad.  They troop off to clean up.

Travis is terribly embarrassed.  I try to re-assure him that it happens to everybody at some point, but he goes off to get some air outside.

I play a little in one of the booths—first sucking.  I’m joined by a hot man who sucks me in an incredibly awkward position on the floor as I continue to suck through the glory hole.  Eventually the cute one gets my dick down his throat at a better angle when I stand up.  He swallows all of my cock.  He drops his pants.  And then backs up on me—using me like a suction cupped dildo fastened to the wall.  I can’t move.  He just fucks himself on me until he shoots.

I never get off.


“So are you glad you came?”  I ask on the way home.

“Yeah.  I loved it.  Until…”

“Stop beating yourself up.”

“At least I got his load.”

“He acted like it was a massive one.”

Travis just grins at me, nodding.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thanksgiving: Hunters in the Bookstore

Northern Michigan—November, 2016

I spent Thanksgiving with family members a few hours north from where I live.  Being the horn dog that I am, I got on line to see if I could combine the family trip with another sort of fun.  It worked out that even farther north there was a fisting couple that I had been talking with for over a year.  They were doing nothing special on the holiday, so after my family obligations I jumped in the car and went North on I-75 and found two pigs ready to jump in the sling.

They had a nice set-up consisting of a sling, a play bed and a video camera that showed the action to the person not in the sling at the moment.  I watched the top’s expert technique open his partner.  I fucked and fisted the bottom.  The top got me into the sling for a good ass eating.  I fucked and fisted the top as a thank you.

We finally retired for the night and did an abbreviated version of it all again in the morning after a delicious breakfast.

When I got in the car, I was wired.  I realized I wanted the one thing I didn’t get to do:  I wanted a cock to suck.  I drove to the bookstore in the area—where I had had great sessions on my trip back from Canada and the previous Thanksgiving. This is the bookstore where you pay one admission to be let into a back area that has a straight theatre, a gay theatre and 14 booths showing a different movie in each.   I got there right at lunch hour on Black Friday.  It started slow—but built into a very satisfying send off for the drive home…

I pass the gay theatre door.  It’s half open—never a good sign.  I check.  Nobody.  I look into the straight theatre.  There is one man in camouflage.  (Is it still hunting season this late in November?)  Both of his hands are clutching his knees—seemingly determined not to touch the nice looking bulge in his crouch.  I decide to make the circuit of the booths before I sit with him.

There is one man in the arcade.  He is leaning against the outer wall of the back corner booth, watching the gay video inside.  He pays no attention to me at all—either engrossed in the movie or not interested.  I look into the other back corner booth, where a straight vid is playing loudly.  When I look at the screen I can see why the woman is being so vocal.  She has two huge cocks plowing into her.  I go in and sit, leaving the door wide open.  I get my dick out and stroke, watching those magnificent pieces of meat work her over.

I am not alone for long.  The men are arriving.  A very tall man stands outside my door.  I nod to him.  He comes in.  He wants a blow job.  He admires my cock, but won’t even touch it.  He opens his pants.  The white underwear promises a bigger than average dick.  It turns out to be an average length, but fairly thick.  Just thick enough I have to really be careful to keep my incisors out of the way.  I swallow.  I lick.  I nuzzle.  I get him off the moment I lick his balls.  I get him back into my mouth just in time.

The next man into my booth is a 30-something with a great body who I recognize from a previous visit. 

He recognizes me, too. “I need your cock in my ass again.”

Well. Not exactly what I came for, but…

He gets naked.  We just have room to maneuver in the cramped space.  He bends over, hands on bench.  I can just fit between his ass and the TV wall.  I eat his hole.  I fuck it.  I fuck it until he shoots all over the grimy floor.

I wander.

I settle in the straight theatre.  (There is still no one in the gay theatre, but three are now in the straight theatre.  Two are in hunting gear and looking for a totally different kind of buck, it seems.)
I sit in the back row.  Two of the men are in front of me.  The man in the corner takes his dick out the moment he sees me.  One of the other men leaves, then I’m down between the hunter’s legs, sucking his cock. 

He keeps stopping me, wanting it to last.  He strokes my dick, but won’t suck it.  Our play has encouraged the other man to open his flies.  He strokes his cock openly as he watches us, but it never gets hard.

The door opens as I am standing in front of the man in the corner and he is stroking my dick.  He lets it go the moment the door knob turns, as if I am suddenly electrified.  A very young man, rather scruffy and cubbish, enters.  He must be home from university.  He sits in the chair I had been in, next to the man in the corner.

“I am so horny,” he announces to the room, unbuttoning the waistband of his pants. He unzips.  He takes out an average, but very, very hard dick.

“You should let this guy suck it,” the guy I’ve been playing with tells the kid, indicating me.

The kid nods.  I shrug and get on my knees.  I take him to the root easily.

“Damn, he’s good.  You love sucking cock, don’t you?”

I grunt and take his entire length again.

“Slow down.”  I pull off and he notices my dick for the first time.  “Jeez.  Let me see that thing.”

I stand up.  He leans forward and, to my surprise, takes me into his mouth.  The two other men in the room are beating theirs cocks furiously now.

I hold the boy’s head still and pump his face.  He loves that.  He stops touching himself as I face fuck him.  I let him go and step back.  I kneel and tell him to stand up and do the same to me.  He does, thoroughly enjoying the face fucking he gives me.  So much so, that he walks around me and feeds his dick to the guy who can’t get hard.  I go back to sucking the man in the corner.

We switch again.  I go back to the young man (in his chair).  The guy who can’t get hard sucks the man in the corner.  Finally even the man in the corner relents and sucks the young man’s dick.  But not for long.

“I gotta cum.  You want it?”  He’s talking to me, of course.

I do.  I kneel back down between his splayed legs.  It’s easily 7 to 10 spurts and very salty.

“That was great,” he tells me.  “Better than the turkey yesterday.”

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Wet Good-Bye

Chicago—November, 2016

One of my favorite people from the piss parties had left town.  For good.  The man I’ve always referred to as the Red Haired Young Man had left for points west with his partner.  (Now I feel odd for not ever having given him a name.  So let’s call him Jamie for this post…)

He was flying back to Chicago at the end of November.  He wondered if I’d like to come in for some fun at his hotel.  Of course I drove in.  He didn’t think his room would accommodate the sling, so since we are both voracious ass eaters, I brought the rimseat.  He met me at the car park and took the over-sized suitcase that contained the seat.  He explained that he’d invited a few other men I’d recognize from the piss party.  (As it worked out, only one arrived—a fun pig who Jamie had often spent long sessions wallowing with in the inflatable pool…)

I am first under the rimseat.  I have it sitting in the corner of this nicely upscale hotel room, with a tarp under it.  I am eating Jamie’s ass.  Without warning, the third man let’s go a full stream of piss on Jamie’s hard cock and my chest.  We revel in it for a moment…then get up and spread the tarp for more coverage.  It suddenly becomes an incredibly wet session of cock sucking and ass eating.

We all take turns on the seat and under the seat.  We are very wet and continually dry ourselves to keep the piss off the hard wood floor.

Jamie has been under the seat, eating my ass while I suck the third man’s cock.  He pulls out of my mouth and kneels between Jamie’s spread legs.  He gets Jamie’s shins up on his shoulders and sticks his hard dick into the wet hole.  It takes me a moment to realize that he’s not fucking him.  He’s filling his ass with piss.  I stand up.  I can’t take my eyes off them.

When the stream stops, Jamie rolls onto all fours.  “Either of you want this piss?”

I consider for a nanosecond.  I trust his clean out like few others.  “Sure, I’ll taste it.”  I get down behind him and lick his now slightly salty crack.  Jamie opens his hole.  Piss sloshes out of him.  I’m there, lapping it up…


We continue fucking, pissing and rimming for about 45 minutes.  The third man has to leave.  Jamie looks at me.  I’ve just finished fucking his piss coated gut.

“Do you want to stay here or go to Steamworks?”

“You know I’m easy,” I tell him.

“Let’s go, I’d love to have you felch a load or two out of me.”

We rinse the piss off and get dressed.


We have a great room by the slurp ramp.  Jamie feels he needs to check his clean out and tells me to go scouting.  I do.  I case both the third and second floors.  The third is empty and the second slowly filling, for a week night.  I find men near the glory holes located by the fuck bench on the second floor. 

A very furry young man in on the fuck bench.  I kneel and lick his furry ass crack.

“Fuck me, Sir!” he mumbles into the crook of his arm where his head rests.  I eat his ass.  I stand up and slap my thick cock on his hairy ass cheek.  The heft of it surprises him.  He starts to turn to look at me, but I reach down and hold his head still.  If he wants an anonymous fuck I’ll give him one.
I enter.  He gasps.  I fuck.   Loudly.  We draw a crowd.  A hugely muscled man starts stroking.  

Eventually, I ask if he wants a turn.  He does.  He fucks him hard.  I take my cock up to the furry boy’s mouth.  He cleans me off with a whimper. 

Mr. Muscle watches us as he fucks.  He shoots a load into the furry butt he’s pounding.

I want it—but the boy on the bench pleads for a break…so I go check on Jamie’s progress.

He’s ready.   We go back to the same area, but to the sling.

I get him in.  I eat.  I fuck. 

The furry boy arrives.  “Oh, my God, I took that dick?” he says as he watches me fuck.

“Yeah.  Pretty easily, too.”

“I’m vers—can I fuck your boy, Sir?”

I grin and pull out.  I spit on Furry Boy’s dick and he sinks it deep into Jamie.  I let him fuck.  And then stick my dick back into Furry Boy.

“You do the work,” I tell him.  “Fuck him on the thrust, yourself on the back stroke.”

A very cute 20 something watches.  Soon we let him take a turn up Jamie.

I go back in

Then a hot Latino fucks him.

Then Furry Boy again.

No loads, but lots of cock cleaning and hole stretching with varying sizes of cocks.

We break, thinking we’ll use a fuck bench, but both are filled.  (A good sign.)

We separate.  Jamie wants to steam.  I want to explore.

I find the cute boy (skinny and blond and maybe 22) who fucked Jamie, taking the dick of a hot 30 something guy in the bunk bed area.  The top obligingly pulls out and shows me his slender cock which has a thick PA—It is making the cute boy see stars.

“Do you want this Daddy to fuck you?” he asks the boy.

“I can’t take that cock.”

“Sure you could.”  The top speeds up and unloads in the boy.

“May I felch?”  I ask.

“Sure.  Eat my cum out of him.  But save some to help your big dick go in.”

I clean his cock—getting every drop around the PA.  Then I eat the boy’s tight hole.

“Fuck him,” the other top urges.

“I can’t take that.”

“Just shut up and do it.”  He says it playfully, but means every word.

I line my dick up.  I push on the creamy pucker.  Once.  Twice.  I’m in.

“Oh, my God.  Yes!”  The young man is holding on to the other top—but his ass is all mine.  I fuck him.  We can hear the slosh of the cum in him.  I pull out.  I need to save my load for Jamie.  I’m pleased that the other top leans down and cleans my cock every bit as lovingly as I cleaned him.

I go find Jamie.  I am ready to cum---and he’s ready to go home to bed.

We have a quick, loud fuck on the bench.  A number of men use his mouth as I use his ass.

I fuck.  And load his ass. 

We slept easily together—and ate ass in the morning.

Damn, I’m going to miss him…until I fly out west.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Talk About Anal...

Near Home—December, 2016

Kurt, the man who used to take most of my arm up his ass, is pulling back from all that mass going up him.  He’s concentrating on dick.  He asked for another public fuck at the bookstore.  It worked out quite well.  I was given exquisite head by a young African American to get ready to fuck Kurt’s very white ass.  I did.  Cam, a local top, happened to be there and filled Kurt’s mouth with his dick as I fucked him.  Cam gave Kurt a load to swallow.

Kurt pulled off me and went to one of the other men watching us fuck.  He sucked the guy and made him shoot.  Kurt came back to me, drooled the load he’d just taken onto my cock and had me fuck it deep into his gut.

It was a mind fuck—and Kurt came very fast as I churned that cum into his ass.  He left after cleaning up.  And while all that was hot and fun, it was another moment at the bookstore I want to write about…

I stay behind.  I am not even close to getting off.  The young African American guy returns and hunkers down between my legs.  There is a very buttoned down man watching us.  Early 40’s, suit pants, shirt and tie.  He is visibly fighting the urge to knead the front of his expensive pants with his left hand.  In his right he holds the wastebasket Kurt has just tossed his clean up napkins. 

Button Down comes and stands to my left.  I’m hoping I’ll be blowing him as I continue to get the hot young mouth on me.  But no.

Button Down sets the waste basket down in front of him.  Precisely.  He squares it so the long side of it is resting right at the tips of his beautifully polished shoes.  He undoes his belt and unzips.  He rolls the waistband of his pants down his legs so there is a very little of his suit pants touching the floor. 

His tie is loosened.  Just.  It is thrown over his left shoulder.  He unbuttons his shirt.  The tails of which are tucked into the side waistband of his skimpy designer underwear.  Only then does he pull the front of his underwear down so the waistband is under his balls. It’s a small cock.  With bigger balls.

His right hand finds the tiniest bottle of lube I have ever seen in his shirt pocker.  It’s in a tiny Ziploc bag.  He opens the bag, leaves the bottle in the bag and opens it in there.  Two tiny squirts of lube go on his dick.  The bottle and bag are sealed and stowed away.

His right hand connects with his lubed (just) dick.  He watches the movie.  He watches me getting sucked.  He has done maybe a dozen strokes on his cock.

He does a small plie that allows him to pick up the wastebasket with his left hand.

It’s his trigger.  His cock erupts—firing directly into the held basket.  Maybe three jets of cum.  He puts it down and finds a linen handkerchief in his shirt pocket alongside the encased bottle of lube.  He cleans himself up daintily.

The shirt is buttoned.  The tie tightened and the pants unrolled, still holding their crease.

He picks up the wastebasket and returns to its usual place under the fire extinguisher. 

I’d like to say he smiles at us as he leaves the room.  But no.  Eyes straight ahead, now that he is sated, he lets himself out the door, catching the handle so it doesn’t slam shut. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

“Well, Hell, Fuck Me Then.”

Chicago—November, 2016

It was piss party day.  I drove into town, this time with the sling in my trunk.  I got it set up in the back corner of the bar.  I stripped down, paid my entrance fee and handed my bags to the cute otter who runs the coat and bag check.  He grinned at me.  I was hoping he was remembering my fucking the cum out of him in September.  He turned back from putting my bags on the highest shelf, grabbed my neck and pulled me into a kiss.  Yeah, I think he remembered…

I fill my now empty Gatorade bottle.  I sit and watch the porn as the crowd slowly filters into the bar.

I get some head as I sit there. 

I return the favor with a regular.  We agree to do that again when we both have some piss to share.

I refill my bottle. 

I suck a newcomer’s cock in the dark corner by the sling.

I offer my dick to the man who always sits on the brass footrest that runs along the bottom of the bar.  I lean over the bar and talk to the bartender and drink up as the man below me sucks me deep into his throat.  I let him work over my cock, feigning no interest in the intense sensations he is giving me.  Finally, I pull all but my cock head out of his mouth and begin pissing a massive gusher down his throat…


It’s two hours later.  I have had continuous oral fun, but no one is ready to get fucked.  I saunter over to the coat check counter.

“I don’t know if I should have bothered to bring the sling.  It’s gotten no use at all.”


“I know,” I tell him.  “I must be losing my touch.”

“Well, hell, fuck me then.”

It’s my turn to say “Really?”

“It’s kinda quiet tonight.  Let me just tell the bartender to keep an eye on this and I’ll meet you back there.”

I head off to the sling.  In moments the Otter arrives, having shed his clothes but for a designer jock.
“Go slow,” he reminds me as he hops into the sling.  “I don’t get fucked much.”

I find this all but incomprehensible, but nod and drop to my knees.  His lightly haired ass is right in my face.  I drill right into his hole.  He groans.  I eat his hole.  I poke deeply with my hard, pointed tongue.  I lick his crack from top to bottom.  I stand up and piss all over the ass crack I’ve just licked.  This makes him take his dick out of the jock and start jacking it.

I go back on my knees to lick his now dripping ass crack clean.  It feels like I wring out every hair on his butt with my tongue.  My cock is swollen and red.  I have to fuck.  I stand up and spit still more saliva on it.  I begin to worm my cock head into him.

“Hey, can I fuck him when you are done?”  I look at the speaker—a man to my right and just behind me.  He’s a newbie I don’t know—somewhere between 35 and 45, well built, with sandy colored hair and a very hard, but significantly smaller dick.

“He’s really tight,” I tell this new top.  “Why don’t you open him up.”  I look at the Otter.  “You want him to fuck you?”

“Fuck, yes.”

I pull out and move to the side of the sling.  I bend and find the Otter’s mouth with my own as the new man glides easily into the ass I’ve prepped.  I can feel his jack rabbit fucking of the Otter as we continue to kiss.  When I pull out of it, my one hand strokes my cock, the other rubs his nipples.

“Oh, fuck?!?”  The top sounds genuinely surprised.  “I’m coming.”

“Fill me, stud,” the Otter grunts out.

The top’s full body shakes as he thrusts the last few times.  He grinds his dick into the Otter as deeply as possible.

“Don’t pull out,” I tell him.  I move around until I am next to him. I kneel.  “Now pull out and stick it in my mouth.”

He does and I taste his cum and the Otter’s ass juice.  I clean every inch of him, then all but push him out of the way so I can bury my face into the Otter’s dripping ass.  I felch for long minutes—but I’m too boned not to fuck.  I can’t believe my good luck:  Not only am I going to fuck him, but I’m fucking him loaded.  And I know that this time I’m going to shoot my first load into him.

His hole is slightly puffy from the fucking.  I enter him easily.  I watch his eyes go from locked on mine to rolling up into his head.

“Fuck me. Fuck ME.  FUCK me!”  he chants.

I do.  Long slow strokes—the opposite of what he’s just taken.  My cock is gliding on oceans of cum and spit.  I pick up the pace. 

Now I am fucking full force.  A chain rattling fuck. 

I pull out.  My dick slaps his balls.  I give one squirt of piss that arcs up and covers his chest.  I plunge back into his steamy ass.

I am building to my own orgasm now.

I pull out one last time and taste the cum dripping from his battered hole. 

That does it.  I stand right back up and drive into him.

And explode.

I grab the frame above my head and hold on.

The Otter gives his dick three strokes and his cum shoots out and mixes with the piss on his chest.  I bend, swab up a mixture of cum and piss on my tongue and find the Otter’s mouth…

And in December, I just bent him over his work station and fucked him there!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

What we all should have been doing at Midnight last night!

As this posts automatically, I will hopefully still be in bed.  I will have spent the night under the rimseat, felching load after load during our annual New Year’s Eve orgy…

Thank you, readers for making 2016 a banner year for From My Side of the Sling…the number of men reading these posts has never been higher. 

Happy New Year!