Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Wet Good-Bye

Chicago—November, 2016

One of my favorite people from the piss parties had left town.  For good.  The man I’ve always referred to as the Red Haired Young Man had left for points west with his partner.  (Now I feel odd for not ever having given him a name.  So let’s call him Jamie for this post…)

He was flying back to Chicago at the end of November.  He wondered if I’d like to come in for some fun at his hotel.  Of course I drove in.  He didn’t think his room would accommodate the sling, so since we are both voracious ass eaters, I brought the rimseat.  He met me at the car park and took the over-sized suitcase that contained the seat.  He explained that he’d invited a few other men I’d recognize from the piss party.  (As it worked out, only one arrived—a fun pig who Jamie had often spent long sessions wallowing with in the inflatable pool…)

I am first under the rimseat.  I have it sitting in the corner of this nicely upscale hotel room, with a tarp under it.  I am eating Jamie’s ass.  Without warning, the third man let’s go a full stream of piss on Jamie’s hard cock and my chest.  We revel in it for a moment…then get up and spread the tarp for more coverage.  It suddenly becomes an incredibly wet session of cock sucking and ass eating.

We all take turns on the seat and under the seat.  We are very wet and continually dry ourselves to keep the piss off the hard wood floor.

Jamie has been under the seat, eating my ass while I suck the third man’s cock.  He pulls out of my mouth and kneels between Jamie’s spread legs.  He gets Jamie’s shins up on his shoulders and sticks his hard dick into the wet hole.  It takes me a moment to realize that he’s not fucking him.  He’s filling his ass with piss.  I stand up.  I can’t take my eyes off them.

When the stream stops, Jamie rolls onto all fours.  “Either of you want this piss?”

I consider for a nanosecond.  I trust his clean out like few others.  “Sure, I’ll taste it.”  I get down behind him and lick his now slightly salty crack.  Jamie opens his hole.  Piss sloshes out of him.  I’m there, lapping it up…


We continue fucking, pissing and rimming for about 45 minutes.  The third man has to leave.  Jamie looks at me.  I’ve just finished fucking his piss coated gut.

“Do you want to stay here or go to Steamworks?”

“You know I’m easy,” I tell him.

“Let’s go, I’d love to have you felch a load or two out of me.”

We rinse the piss off and get dressed.


We have a great room by the slurp ramp.  Jamie feels he needs to check his clean out and tells me to go scouting.  I do.  I case both the third and second floors.  The third is empty and the second slowly filling, for a week night.  I find men near the glory holes located by the fuck bench on the second floor. 

A very furry young man in on the fuck bench.  I kneel and lick his furry ass crack.

“Fuck me, Sir!” he mumbles into the crook of his arm where his head rests.  I eat his ass.  I stand up and slap my thick cock on his hairy ass cheek.  The heft of it surprises him.  He starts to turn to look at me, but I reach down and hold his head still.  If he wants an anonymous fuck I’ll give him one.
I enter.  He gasps.  I fuck.   Loudly.  We draw a crowd.  A hugely muscled man starts stroking.  

Eventually, I ask if he wants a turn.  He does.  He fucks him hard.  I take my cock up to the furry boy’s mouth.  He cleans me off with a whimper. 

Mr. Muscle watches us as he fucks.  He shoots a load into the furry butt he’s pounding.

I want it—but the boy on the bench pleads for a break…so I go check on Jamie’s progress.

He’s ready.   We go back to the same area, but to the sling.

I get him in.  I eat.  I fuck. 

The furry boy arrives.  “Oh, my God, I took that dick?” he says as he watches me fuck.

“Yeah.  Pretty easily, too.”

“I’m vers—can I fuck your boy, Sir?”

I grin and pull out.  I spit on Furry Boy’s dick and he sinks it deep into Jamie.  I let him fuck.  And then stick my dick back into Furry Boy.

“You do the work,” I tell him.  “Fuck him on the thrust, yourself on the back stroke.”

A very cute 20 something watches.  Soon we let him take a turn up Jamie.

I go back in

Then a hot Latino fucks him.

Then Furry Boy again.

No loads, but lots of cock cleaning and hole stretching with varying sizes of cocks.

We break, thinking we’ll use a fuck bench, but both are filled.  (A good sign.)

We separate.  Jamie wants to steam.  I want to explore.

I find the cute boy (skinny and blond and maybe 22) who fucked Jamie, taking the dick of a hot 30 something guy in the bunk bed area.  The top obligingly pulls out and shows me his slender cock which has a thick PA—It is making the cute boy see stars.

“Do you want this Daddy to fuck you?” he asks the boy.

“I can’t take that cock.”

“Sure you could.”  The top speeds up and unloads in the boy.

“May I felch?”  I ask.

“Sure.  Eat my cum out of him.  But save some to help your big dick go in.”

I clean his cock—getting every drop around the PA.  Then I eat the boy’s tight hole.

“Fuck him,” the other top urges.

“I can’t take that.”

“Just shut up and do it.”  He says it playfully, but means every word.

I line my dick up.  I push on the creamy pucker.  Once.  Twice.  I’m in.

“Oh, my God.  Yes!”  The young man is holding on to the other top—but his ass is all mine.  I fuck him.  We can hear the slosh of the cum in him.  I pull out.  I need to save my load for Jamie.  I’m pleased that the other top leans down and cleans my cock every bit as lovingly as I cleaned him.

I go find Jamie.  I am ready to cum---and he’s ready to go home to bed.

We have a quick, loud fuck on the bench.  A number of men use his mouth as I use his ass.

I fuck.  And load his ass. 

We slept easily together—and ate ass in the morning.

Damn, I’m going to miss him…until I fly out west.

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