Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spit Roasting Travis

Lansing—December, 2016

Travis was back in my inbox.  He was the tall man who spent 90 minutes of getting fucked in my playroom before we went off to the bookstore for his initiation of having two men in him at once.  (If you missed it, you will find that hot encounter here.) I saw him briefly in November.  That night, we had a quick fuck that stayed in my playroom.  On one of those earlier meetings, I had mentioned the bookstore/bathhouse-feel of the establishment in Lansing.  He was ready to explore it at the top of December.

A reminder:  this back room is set with some booths that have gloryholes between them.  There is a slurp ramp.  A sling and some other areas where you can bend over in relative comfort for public fucking.  It’s dark, and slightly cool with the December temperatures. 

We pay and go into the dark.  The televisions in the lounge are playing inter-racial straight videos.  We go towards the back.  There is another screen with a transsexual video.  We don’t linger.  I want to see the crowd in the back.  I lead the way and find a dozen men or so milling—unwilling to settle.  They walk the outer circuit of the room.  Or around the slurp ramp.  Or around the booths.  No one seems to be playing.

We decide to change that.  After a quick tour, we go behind the slurp ramp, where there is a good shelf for Travis to sit or lean on.  I go piss in the bathroom while I leave him to strip down.  When I come back, he is sucking some dick—standing at the back wall of the slurp ramp.  I let him get his fill.  When he turns back to me, he gets out of his pants altogether and tucks them under the bench.  He’s naked now, but for shoes.  I have him hunker down so I can eat that thick, hairy ass.  I revel in how he pushes back on my tongue.  This big man, football player big, is now grinding against me, all but demanding dick up his butt.

I don’t make him wait long.  I stand up and, once we can get the right height for both of us, I push into him.  The crowd has been forming during the rimming.  Now we have eight or ten people watching us.  A man I don’t know pulls out a beautiful dick.   Think my size, but in ebony.  I nod to him and he works around to Travis’ head and offers him his cock to suck.  Travis can’t get enough of these two massive dicks in him. 

The big dicked man takes a break.  I have Travis suck a second guy (I think the one he may have had on the slurp ramp).  He’s a daddy who loves the look of the younger man servicing us. He also can’t take his eyes off my bare cock fucking Travis’ spread cheeks.  He wastes his load by pulling out of Travis’ mouth and shooting onto the concrete.

We break.  I tell Travis to wander.  He does.  And I suck some cock.  A long, thin one poking through a glory hole…

We re-group in the back corner.  There are two chairs there that are useful to balance against.  The Tall One has arrived.  He has come to fuck Travis.  I warm Travis’ hole back up, as another man sucks The Tall One to hardness.  I lean across Travis and ask if he is really ready for another man to fuck him.  He assures me it’s exactly what he wants.  The Black man comes back into orbit.  He makes a beeline for Travis’ mouth.  He is getting his cock sucked by Travis as I pull out and nod to The Tall One.  The Tall One is all top tonight.  I watch his face.  He loves the feel of Travis clenching down on his dick.

I fuck the man who was blowing The Tall One.  He’s eager, but nowhere near as talented with his hole as Travis.  I watch The Tall One fucking.  It’s fun and different for me to see him top.  Travis pulls off the big dick in his mouth and tells The Tall One that it is fine to load his ass.

I would like to fuck Travis again, but watching The Tall One, I can tell he’s on the home stretch.  I don’t interrupt.  I watch him grip those hips and buck ferociously into them.  He shoots.  Noisily.  He grunts and groans.  The Black guy pulls out of Travis’ mouth to let him enjoy the cumshot.  (Or for self-preservation, so Travis doesn’t involuntarily chomp down on him.)  The Tall One stays plastered in his ass.  You can see Travis flexing his ass muscles—milking the dick for all he’s worth.

I’m ready to felch.  But it’s not to be.  Things have gone bad.  They troop off to clean up.

Travis is terribly embarrassed.  I try to re-assure him that it happens to everybody at some point, but he goes off to get some air outside.

I play a little in one of the booths—first sucking.  I’m joined by a hot man who sucks me in an incredibly awkward position on the floor as I continue to suck through the glory hole.  Eventually the cute one gets my dick down his throat at a better angle when I stand up.  He swallows all of my cock.  He drops his pants.  And then backs up on me—using me like a suction cupped dildo fastened to the wall.  I can’t move.  He just fucks himself on me until he shoots.

I never get off.


“So are you glad you came?”  I ask on the way home.

“Yeah.  I loved it.  Until…”

“Stop beating yourself up.”

“At least I got his load.”

“He acted like it was a massive one.”

Travis just grins at me, nodding.

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