Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"You Know He's Going to Want to Eat Your Hole"

West Michigan—December, 2016

I went to Derrick and Jacob’s beautiful home at the top of the month.  The tall bear and his cub were happy to see me.  Jacob met me at the door in tight leather chaps and a zippered vest.  His sizable cock was encased in a stainless steel chastity device.  I was shown into the study—where the television was showing a clip fest of Treasure Island bareback porn.  We usually chat for a bit in the living room before we head down to the play room.  Instead, Jacob started unbuckling my belt.  The boy was hungry…

I am naked but for my cockring, sitting on the couch.  Derrick has his arm around me.  We are in a deep kiss.  Jacob is on the floor, between our splayed legs.  He is currently sucking Derrick.  He soon pulls off him and goes down on me.  Damn.  He takes me deeper than usual.  He’s been practicing—and I tell him so.  I punctuate my praise with a slight thrust deeper into his mouth.  He chokes, pulls off, catches his breath and takes me as deep as he can once more.

“Get on my dick, boy,” growls Derrick.  I move slightly away to give them room.   Jacob clambers up on the couch, straddling Derrick’s thighs.  He lowers himself onto his partner’s dripping dick.  I slide off the couch.  I squirm between Derrick’s legs.  I lick his balls.  Jacob stops impaling himself for a moment and leans forward, so I can lick some of Derrick’s shaft going into his stretched hole.  They taste terrific.  I could stay there all day, but I pull off so they can get back to fucking.

I stroke, looking up at them from my position on the floor.  I love to watch their faces as they fuck each other.   Jacob’s thighs soon need a rest.

“Pull the bench over here,” Derrick instructs Jacob.  “You know he’s going to want to eat your hole."

Jacob slides a thin bench so it runs perpendicular with the couch.  He gets up on it and presents his wet ass to me.  I slide down between couch and bench.  I rim him deeply.  There is the taste of his hole—always delicious.  I can also taste some of Derrick’s pre-cum.  And some sort of lube I can’t identify.  I have to will myself to stop eating him.  I stand up and slide my cock in him.

“Ohhhhhhh!”   Jacob holds still and lets me set the pace.  But soon he can’t help himself, he’s bucking back on my dick.  “Fuck!  Yeah, fuck!!”  I slow the pace—I could actually blow a load right then—and I don’t want to do that.

I pull out and let Derrick fuck Jacob on all fours.  I go around and stick my ass juiced dick into Jacob’s mouth.  I listen to the rattle of the chastity device as Derrick plows into him.

“I need to taste your hole again.”

Derrick has stopped fucking.  I get Jacob up and lie down, face up, on the thin bench.  Jacob can stand on the floor, facing away from the couch, and slowly sit on my face.

Heaven.  It’s wet and hairy and all but seals around my mouth and probing tongue.  The jingle of all the chastity hardware is right by my ears.  I smack Derrick’s hand away from my dick or I’m going to shoot before I’ve begun.  I poke and swallow and tongue his hole.

We only stop because it’s a hard position for Jacob to hold very long.

“Take the device off, boy.”

I’m secretly glad—it means that Jacob’s cock will now be rampant—and he can help me fuck Derrick.

We head down to the playroom.  I suggest Derrick start in the sling, when I see Jacob’s hard on. For the next 30 minutes or so we alternate fucking him.  If we aren’t up his hole, we move to the side and stroke Derrick’s hard nipples.  Or cover his mouth with our now fragrant pits.

I am back fucking Derrick.  Jacob leans down and licks the head of Derrick’s dick.  I stop for a moment, kneel and taste the assault we’ve made on his hole.  Jacob’s fingers are holding Derrick’s balls.  As I stand up, two of them slide into Derrick’s hole.  I don’t stop my entry.  I push right in.  Derrick can feel he’s fuller.  I want him to know just what is happening.

“The boy has two fingers up there with my dick.  You feel so damn full.  Stroke my cock with your fingers, boy….”

The words trigger it.  Derrick pumps out a load all over his chest.  We stay locked in place until he comes back down to earth.


Jacob is in the sling.  Derrick is catching his breath on the couch.  Jacob has lost the vest.  My free hand roams all over his hairy chest.

“You feel so good in me,” Jacob half whispers/half whimpers.

“Milk my cock, man.  Let me know how much you like it.”

“Oh, yeah.  OH, Yeah!”

And Jacob is spurting.  He shoots a massive load—that clings everywhere to this very hairy man.   He pants.  I keep my dick in place and lean forward.  I can actually lap up some it without pulling out.  As I reach down for the last drops, I pop out of his ass.  I now have a mouthful of his cum.  I kneel and push it into his fucked open hole.

He groans.  Derrick gets up and comes to watch.

“You know what I’m going to do, right?”


“I’m going to fuck your load deep into you.  Can you take a little more fucking, boy?

“I think…”

I don’t wait for the rest of the answer.  I push my dick into his now super slick hole.  I let out a loud groan and pick up the pace.

“It’s going to happen.  Boy, I’ve never shot in you—but you’re going to take my load tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Aw, fuck…”

“Shoot it!” grunts out Derrick.

I do.  My dick won’t stop cumming.   I grab the chains and hold on—spasming in his hole.  Derrick leans down to kiss his boy, telling him how proud he is of him.  Derrick straightens up and finds my mouth with his tongue—as Jacob milks every last drop out of me.

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