Monday, April 24, 2017

Hour by Hour -- In the Playroom

Western Michigan--March, 2017

Hour Two

Derrick looks at the boy—then at me.


I grab my bag—as I’ve brought some toys—and we head downstairs…

I’m the last one down.  By the time I close the door to the playroom, Jacob is already in the sling.  Derrick is fastening his wrists to the sling chains.

I speak up.  “We should blindfold him.”

Derrick points to where the blindfolds are kept, atop a high shelf by the leather sofa.  I get it, and put it on Jacob’s handsome face.  He looks totally helpless as he settles back into the sling.  And totally hot.

Derrick gestures for me to go first.  I kneel and start eating Jacob’s ass.  Jacob moans.  It’s no secret which of us is rimming him.  Derrick works his nipples.  It’s so easy to go deep with his legs splayed out and in the stirrups.  I make his hole incredibly wet.

I stand up.  My cock finds his just-beginning-to-gape pucker.  I push in.  Jacob begins to tremble.  I hold for just a moment.  And then my hips are pounding into him.  The sound of our coupling fills the closed, rather dark room. 

I pull out.

I taste his hole.

And fuck him again.

I give way and let Derrick have a turn.  He sits on the ottoman and begins rimming Jacob hungrily.  I move to the side and bend over Jacob.  I suck and chew each nipple.  I clean his exposed pit.  They have become incredibly fragrant.  I look to Derrick, he’s just stood up and is fucking.  I kiss him deeply, letting him sample Jacob’s pheromones on my tongue.  He groans and fucks Jacob all the harder.

I go the other side of the sling.  I repeat with my tongue:  nipple, pit, nipple, pit, Derrick’s mouth. 
I move around and replace Derrick between Jacob’s legs. 

It’s my turn to taste the now thoroughly fucked hole.  I lap up all the ass juice Jacob has been producing.  My dick drips as I go into him again.

I fuck him.  Trying to keep it slow this time.  But I can’t.  I just want to pound that beautiful, upturned butt…

Hour Three

I take a break from the fucking.  I’ve been up him three times, Derrick twice.

Derrick has found a glass dildo from the overflowing baskets of ass toys.  He lubes it up and begins worming it into the still blindfolded Jacob.  It has to feel incredibly cool after all the hot flesh.  It’s a good 6 inches—maybe more—of clear glass of inside him .  Jacob sighs.  He loves the difference in feel—how hard and how cool it is.  Derrick pulls it out.  He turns it around and pushes the thicker handle up his partner’s accommodating ass.

Derrick releases Jacob’s arms but keeps him blacked out.  I go to my bag and grab the toy I brought.  And a condom. 

It’s a vibrating bullet.  I drop into the tip of the condom and roll the latex down my shaft.  I insert.  Jacob thinks I’m just fucking him again, but then I hit the control button.  The tip on my penis begins to vibrate and throb.  Jacob groans and asks what it is.  I don’t answer.  I just turn it up a notch.  My cock loves it, but not as much as Jacob’s ass.  I fuck him slowly vibrating all the way in and all the way out.

I kick it up one more notch.  Jacob grabs his cock and begins beating it.  I slow the power down a notch.  Then off and pull out.

I grease up my hands.

Jacob gasps as he feels my Elbow Greased fingers begin a lateral stretch.  I work my right hand up him.  His ass pops shut on my wrist.  Jacob stops jerking, so as not to shoot.

I pull out and work my left up him.

I am able to begin a slow back and forth with my fists.

With a huge grunt and a massive spurt, Jacob coats himself with jism.  I pull out carefully and bend to lick some up.

We help a panting, spent boy out of the sling.  Jacob sits on the couch as I help Derrick into the stirrups.

Hour Four

I kneel and begin to eat Derrick’s ass.  We’ve been sweating.  I clean his pits as well.

I fuck him as he jerks.  Jacob come over and smothers Derrick with his armpit.  Derrick tongues it—jerking even harder.  Jacob moves around to the other side.

I pause. Derrick looks at me quizzically and I nod—our need for food is greater than our need to get off. 

We clean up and head out to eat…

To be continued…

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